ZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with Lights

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ZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with LightsZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with LightsZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with LightsZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with LightsZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with LightsZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with Lights

Features & Specifications

  • 【Simple Style Perfect Size Makeup Mirror】This vanity mirror has a perfect size 32"L x 22"W, Large enough to provide a perfect upper body view. Simple style lights layout provide a clean and bright reflection allow you to get the most natural application of makeup, even in the evening.
  • 【Brightness Adjustable and 3 Color Lighting Modes】HASIPU lighted makeup mirror surrounded by 50,000 hours life Max 6000 Lumens high brightness LED Light Strip, with warm /natural /cold white three-tone settings, adjustable brightness 0%-100% can meet your personal makeup requirement.
  • 【Smart Touch Control & Memory Function】This makeup mirror with lights has 3 smart touch buttons, turn on/off the light by touching the sensor switch, Press left button to change the color modes, long press right button to adjust the led brightness. This lighted makeup mirror is specially designed memory functionfunction keep your lights setting like your last use.
  • 【Detachable Mirror Base & Pre-installed Screws】Table Top design meet your different needs.Warm tip: In order to prevent the loss of screws, we no longer pack extra screws, but pre-installed the screws of the vanity mirror at the connecting rod of the mirror and the base. You just need to remove the screws and you can install it.
  • 【Perfect Gift & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee】This vanity mirror with lights is very suitable as a gift for girls who love beauty. Especially on birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.We offer 12-MONTH Exchange or 30-DAY Money Back Warranty Unconditionall. Please feel free to contact us if you have any product problems.
  • Dimensions: 32"L x 22"W
  • Weight: 4 Pounds

Pros & Cons


Cannot be wall-mounted... UPDATE: Seller responsive! The mirror I received is apparently the previous batch inventory that Amazon may still have in their warehouse, so beware if purchasing the round edge model you *might* get the older version. Seller confirmed that the square edge ones are the newly developed models and match the listing description, so I will be exchanging for that model. ORIGINAL: I purposefully purchased the rounded edge mirror based on the information in the listing which states both in the description AND in pictures that it can be wall mounted. This is NOT true!! There is no mounting hardware either included or on the mirror itself (i.e. a cleat, keyhole or d-ring). Additionally, I assumed based on the images of the square edge mirrors, that the plug in would be on the side of the mirror, but the plug in on the mirror I received is in the back and sticks out of the mirror about 2 inches so even if mounting hardware had been included or was possible, it would not work anyway with how far the plug sticks out! I otherwise really like the shape and color of this mirror and that it's one of the few listings I found which also list the lumens and so I am trying to determine whether to return it and continue my search for a different brand, return and replace with the square edge version with plug on side (also, no way to know if that is also is an accurate description) which is $20 more or just keep and somehow try to figure out a way to make it work. I am very disappointed.

Stunning addition. This mirror is a stunning addition to my vanity desk. Super luxurious feel when you turn the LED light. Easy touch to adjust for on/off, brightness, and light settings. May need to a stand below it to have mirror elevated to comfortable height, other than that, it’s gorgeous.

Nice Mirror. I bought this for my daughter’s room to be placed on her desk. It’s the perfect height for the desk height which was very important. It’s bright with a dimmer so that you can adjust the intensity of brightness. Also has the option to adjust the type of light it emits, ie LED, soft light, and day light. It has a USB port for charging (an added plus). It came extremely well packaged with no damage. The base easily screwed right on in minutes. I would definitely recommend it.

Not the Brightest but Otherwise Perfect. As other reviews note, the max brightness level could be better. But honestly I use a handmirror for super close detail work anyway and think medium light for doing general hair & makeup works fine. Everything else about it is perfect- nice clean look, no damage, functions exactly as promised, super easy setup. Good value.

Great option for the price! I’m using this for my business. It really does light you well… but you will probably have to turn it all the way up. I use it with the stand, and it’s a tad wobbly. It might get taken down with an earthquake.

Mirror does not mount. If you’re looking for a vanity mirror to mount on your wall, this mirror is not the one. It does not come with the mounting holes as described, and the power connection is on the back of the mirror so it will not sit flush against the wall. However, the mirror came in good condition. Sad to be returning this product.


cute! but.. amazing mirror it really makes your vanity look complete, only down side when it came, half of the mirror wasn’t glued onto the case but i fixed that problem just by gluing it back down myself. another problem was that it’s quite wobbly. it might just be me since my room is on carpet and upstairs but even trying to press the button to turn it on it ends up wobbling. even though these are minor complaints, i do like the mirror overall but the build quality is very

Not bright enough. The size and quality of the mirror are great but the lights aren’t anywhere near bright enough. For the price though it is great. It is bulky and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning it so I bought an $18 set of stick on lights to make it brighter and it works great.

Large but, not bright enough to illuminate details. The mirror's construction itself is great in terms of build details, but I was a bit disappointed with the luminosity of the light bar built into the mirror. If you need to rely on the color temperature function for accurate details in a dark room where it solely needs to be the light source, the illumination is practically equivalent to a 15" laptop monitor with a white screen if you're directly in-front of it. If you're doing your hair or other macro-specific details this is fine, and it can be supplemented with additional room lighting as long as you don't need something color accurate, and you'll get a great price for the size of mirror for your vanity. However if you're looking for color accuracy with the lighting function or even trying to get close details (due to how the light bar works, it's 'darker' up close), you'd be better off with a smaller, projected-bulb mirror, or one with significantly more LEDs for the equivalent mirror size since this is a big mirror. You could also supplement this mirror with light strips to overcome the lack of brightness. Overall, it's a good buy for the size if the illumination issue doesn't bother you.

Not Bright. Pretty but not bright enough

Mirror came broken. My mirror came broken I’m so sad

Not bright! The mirror is large, set up was easy but the light is not bright. I will be returning to purchase somewhere else.

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How to Choose Your ZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with Lights

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the ZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with Lights. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


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Existing Customer Reviews

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This is a basic wrap up for buying ZAW9002 Vanity Mirror with Lights online. We hope you will find this helpful. You can follow this shopping guide to get the possible best deal for your own online.

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