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Quantity 4 Colors 6 Colors 6 Colors 6 Colors 12 Colors 240 Pcs
Volume 0.53oz (15g) x 4 0.53oz (15g) x 6 0.53oz (15g) x 6 0.53oz (15g) x 6 0.25 fl.oz x 15 0.25 fl.oz/7.3 ml
Top Coat
Base Coat
Matte Top Coat
Manicure Tools
Nail Lamp
Nail Decorations

Features & Specifications

  • FAST EXTENSION: 6 essential poly gel colors to provide base for all kinds of gel polish colors with precise color labels on the tube for better using experience.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 6 poly gel colors of 0.53oz (15g) each + nail lamp + top coat & base coat + manicure set. Beginning all-in-one poly gel nail kit to enjoy the nail art from the comfort of your own home!
  • TOXICS FREE: Lower odor compared to traditional nail polish. All ingredients in strict compliance with FD&C Act and SGS certified.
  • LONG-LASTING: Last around 4 weeks if properly prepped the nail bed and applied base coat under poly gel. Any problems, send us an Amazon message and we will nail it!
  • TOP-NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE: Whether technical problems or product issues, our professional after-sale service ensures you a trouble-free shopping experience.

Pros & Cons


Very decent kit for most beginners. Note: This was my very first time doing a polygel kit and I have never done an acrylic set so I have nothing against which to compare it. Pros: Fairly easy to use if you follow the instructional video. It really is as easy as they make it seem for the most part. Make sure to put the gel on your nail. I tried to start by putting it in the duo form and it was an absolute mess. Mine came with the slip solution but I preferred propyl alcohol. For the most part all of the tools you'll need are in the kit. However, I can't see many of them lasting beyond one good set. A great kit to see if its something you want/can do. Cons: All of the polygels are clear or pink. I have dark skin and was attracted to the "neutral nude" but as you can see in the photo it's also really a pink. The UV lamp isn't really strong enough and I bought my own. The brush it came with is already frayed after my first set and I'll have to purchase another. You really need a nail drill. You could get away filing by hand but this will only work it they come out of the form perfect. A nail drill makes filing much faster AND makes it possible to free add gel and sand it smooth. It's not really possible to sand a freehand gel application smooth by hand. Despite being a novice, I had to free hand on the sides of my thumbs because I have larger nail beds and the "0" duo form, the largest in the kit, was not large enough to cover my thumbs. Not cons, but additional suggestions: A bigger UV lamp, nail drill, and nail clips would really make it easier to do your nails. If you have large nail beds, you may also need more duo forms. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I loved how it turned out for my first time. A great little kit for my first time and for any beginner. Having done it once, I will probably buy pieces separately in the future as opposed to buying another kit. The gel quality seems great and there was no smell. I would definitely buy from GAOY again.

I am impressed! I am a licensed nail tech, but I don't currently work in a salon. I'm looking for easy and inexpensive ways to design press-on nails to sell while working on my masters degree. I have only used monomers and polymers for sculpted nails until today. I found this product pretty easy to use. It is a little messy, but much quicker than acrylic sculpting. It is definitely worth the money. It takes a little practice to figure out the right amount of poly gel to put on the nail form, but I had it down after 2 nails. An electric drill is necessary to get excess gel from under the nails and around cuticles if you want. Overall I would give it 5 stars, except the slip gel was open and leaking when I got it. The seal was halfway broken and the box exterior was dirty. The box was sealed and didn't look tampered with and the brush was clean and didn't have an odor or else I would've returned it. So, I would give 4 stars because I am very particular about new items arriving in new condition.

Shockingly easy for beginners and great quality! I recently started a new job and now I only have one off day on Sunday so naturally I decide to relax. I had the same set of acrylic nails going on two months with no refill and some had fallen off. Idk about anyone else but if I’m not looking good I don’t feel great. I decided to maximize my time at home and save money so I looked up at home mail kits and this came up. I am really pleased with how simple it is to use and the results for my first time are phenomenal. I’m hooked and will definitely continue to do my own nails. I highly recommend this kit!!!

Great do-at-home gel nail kit. I was a Nail Tech for 14 years, but used Acrylics. After retiring, my natural nails weakened and I had to stop using any product, even glue for glue on nails caused more damage. I'm giving this product a chance, and definitely love it all. The UV Lamp is wide enough to cure 5 fingers at a time, the "slip" product is amazing for correcting mistakes before curing. And I absolutely love the sized nail tip forms that pop off after, and are reusable. I just did this set, so will have to see how long they actually last. So happy with the permanent shine the gel top coat gives. I would've used these professionally out of my shop, they are that good! Might take longer your first try, but easy to redo mistakes. Great for beginners or pros! And you can't beat the price.

Use extension nails! Don’t normally write a review unless it can help someone else. First off I love Polly nails I have been doing my nails since a little girl with regular acrylic and then ventured off to power nails. However power nails just never made the cut as I had issue with cracking. Polly just makes it so much more easier to control. If you’re have issue with them popping off like I have read in other threads, please use nail tail tips/ extension nails. That will be the glue you need to keep them on. I’m currently on day four and I have done all of my normal day to day routines with these nails even cleaning with bleach. And I would recommend a drill as it helps make the process smoother. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Pretty Good Not Perfect. It came on time Everything was here The slip solution is fine you just have to wipe off the product every so often and reapply solution to the brush The dual forms are different than the picture I recommend getting the ones that are actually in the picture separately “Rossi nail tips dual forms” are good I recommend getting an electronic file to even underneath I recommend buying a dehydrator and ph for bonding All in all it wasn’t hard to use and I’d say I did pretty well all things considered for my first time.


I like them but they fall easily. I really love them, you can make so many styles plus it’s so easy to make! The only bad thing is they fall so easily. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this is just the way this are. I’ve done at least 10 set of nails and the longest they last was almost a week

Buy electric nail drill as well. Ok so I'm definitely a beginner and I can read but before you use this product you might want to invest in an electric nail drill to smooth underneath the nail if not it looks messy. If you don’t put on enough they will break.

Meh. The light isn’t powerful enough to dry polish or set the poly gel and the slip solution sucks but the poly gel itself is good quality if you have a separate lamp and better slip solution

Popped off pretty easy :(. I was super excited about this product. I’m pretty savvy in general with beauty products and just don’t have the money to be paying to get my nails filled often, and these seemed a lot easier than acrylics. There was definitely a learning curve to this. For one, you really only a need a teeny, teeny bit on you nail, or it will ooze all over the place. Also, the colors are pretty translucent. While I had originally applied the pink, it was weird seeing my natural nail and I ended up painting over it. A lot of people said their lamp didn’t work. Initially, mine didn’t either. But, after using my own charging cable and plugging it into the wall, it worked quite well. After spending HOURS on shaping them perfectly, I was SUPER happy with them. I was doing them for the first time right before a vacation and wanted to look snatched. Well. The next morning, the first nail popped off at the airport. And after that one, it was just one after another. I ended up peeling off the rest by the time my plane landed, which was easy enough, as I only had about 5 nails left. I tried the kit again two other times. The second time, I wondering if the base was the cause of it popping off. So I didn’t use the base. Well, that made zero difference. They popped off the next day. The third and last time, I only applied them to the length of my actual nail. I figured it wouldn’t be as easy for them to pop off, right? WRONG. Three fell off at work the next day so I just peeled them right off, just as easily as the first time. I’m super bummed. I would have dealt with the complications and the time consumption if they lasted a few days, but they literally couldn’t last a weekend. I’m grateful I didn’t spend a lot on it, because I would have even more disappointed.

Requires some practice but overall I'm pleased with my product. Definitely not easy to use..the right basecoat matters...the amount of gel to use..the cleaning up of the excess on the sides and underneath was problematic to say the least..the length of time under the uv light was confusing.but I feel with practice it can be nice.

Uv light sucks. UV light sucks have to unplug then plug back in to turn light on . But good quality poly gel, nails looked great

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