FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirror Hollywood Mirror Vanity Makeup Mirror with Light Smart Touch Control 3 Colors Dimable Light Detachable 10X Magnification 360°Rotation

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Perform your makeup routine before this Hollywood style vanity mirror and enjoy a fantastic and healthy life. This makeup mirror has 12 LED light bulbs with adjustable brightness, including warm yellow, daylight and cool white 3 different lights , allowing you to accomplish a flawless makeup even at night. Boasting smart touch control and 360-degree swivel design, this lighted makeup mirror provides superb flexibility and convenience when putting on tricky winged eyeliner or eyebrow line. This Hollywood makeup mirror is durable and large enough to serve as the centerpiece of a desk, dresser or vanity table in your bathroom or bedroom. Look no further than this makeup mirror to lend a touch of luxury to any interior decoration.

vanity mirror with lights12 light bulb mirror

mirror with lights

vanity mirror with lights

vanity mirror with lights

smart screen touch

Detachable 10X Magnifying Mirror

Detachable 10X magnifying for applying makeup and other beauty treatments that require more precision extra precision, such as applying contact lenses and eyebrow tweezing, and facial care,you can also stick it on the wall when you are taking a shower.

Dimmable LED light bulbs

Save electricity , fashion and environmental protection. Superior reflective mirror are built to last including pre-installed LED bulbs with 25,000 hours life span,waht’s more, bulbs are plastic cover,they won’t easily crack and cut your hand.providing you enough lightings for a happy makeup.

Free rotation design & Power supply

free rotation design to give you the perfect viewing angle,No matter how high your dressing table is,You can choose a suitable angle when you make up.,powered by a 60″ extra long 12V UL certified adapter,it’s long enough for every outlet close to your makeup table.

Touch sensor control

Simply turn on/off the light up mirror and adjust the brightness by touching the sensor switch on the screen. Fully meet the needs of all your different makeup with 3 different lighting options (warm yellow, daylight and cool white), such as the makeup for daily, party, business and so on.

vanity mirror makeup mirror vanity mirror vanity mirror
Black White Rose Gold 2530-White
Color Black White Rose Gold White
Mirror Size 11.81″ * 16.14 11.81″ * 16.14 11.81″ * 16.14 9.84″ * 11.81″
Color Temperature 3500-7500K 3500-7500K 3500-7500K 3500-7500K
Dimming type 3 Color Temperature Adjustable 3 Color Temperature Adjustable 3 Color Temperature Adjustable 3 Color Temperature Adjustable
Light Source LED LED LED LED

Features & Specifications

  • Tinplate
  • Fenchilin makeup vanity mirror with lights is an idea vanity mirror that fits all sizes of your dressing table,13.97" X 18.9" size, solid with metal frame and base, built to withstand heavy use on your desk, the high-definition mirror makes your makeup more clearer
  • This tabletop hollywood mirror for makeup has 12pcs non-replaceable LED bulbs, providing a large and bright viewing, adjustable brightness and 3 lights color modes(day light, cold light, warm light), helping you to finish a flawless professional makeup suitable for any occasions
  • Smart Touch Control Mirror for life: Sensor switch on the screen, simply turn on/off the LED light of makeup mirror by the power button, adjust the brightness by long pressing "P" button, "M" for changing the lighting mode. Memory function can return to the same lighting brightness of you last using when you turn on the light
  • 360° Free rotation and detachable 10X Magnification mirror:360-degree free rotation can fix at any position, give you the perfect viewing angle, detachable 10X Magnification mirror helps you to see every detail clearly and apply delicate makeup for eyeliner, eyebrow and lipstick
  • Safe and durable: This Hollywood mirror with lights is powered by 12V UL certified adapter, designed with 12 non-replace bulbs with 50000 hours life lasting, no worry about the replacement. Unique drop-proof packaging guarantees mirror in a good condition. We promise 30-day free refund or exchange, 1-year warranty period.
  • Dimensions: 16.14"L x 11.81"W
  • Weight: 7.54 pounds

Pros & Cons


JUST BUY IT ALREADY! Don’t think about it - JUST BUY IT! I am absolutely in love! When purchasing it I was worried it wasn’t going to be big enough to my likely - but I’m so glad I bough it - it’s perfect! Great size (bigger than you think), bulbs a nice and bright (all three dims working!), also nice clean and clear mirrors (definitely not an el-cheapo kinda mirror)(come with a mini mirror that’s great for up close)! The black finish is definitely a nice classy chic & sheek look! I definitely recommend if this is your first really good vanity mirror & you’re not wanting to spend an arm and leg for one! The seller shipped fast & the mirror was packaged good and tight!

Different light settings. The media could not be loaded. Product is very well made and sturdy. Buttons on mirror are easy to use and the light bulbs are very bright. I opened it and am waiting for my desk to be built so I can set up my station. Can’t wait to do my makeup using this mirror soon.

Exceeded my expectations. I knew I’d be happy based on others’ reviews, but it’s even better than I thought it would be. First, it’s huge! It’s not so big that it’s obnoxious, but it’s perfect for my needs. Second, I love the lights. There are plenty of them, and I love that it remembers my settings. I don’t have it at full capacity because it’s crazy bright. I also like the different light settings, but I stick to the white light because that’s what I’ll look like at work. Third, I’m incredibly happy that it plugs in and doesn’t require batteries. That could become very expensive, and it’s too big to be easily portable. I know that may not be ideal for some, but it’s perfect for at home use. Finally, it’s great quality, especially when you compare this to the price of most others. It’s metal base is very sturdy, and the mirror is flawless. The lights are placed well, and I’ve not had any problems with any part of it. One little perk is that I can put my eyeshadow palette on my vanity and slide the cover between the mirror and the base, so it stays flat and isn’t cumbersome. I still have plenty room for other things on my vanity. I searched for weeks to find what I wanted without breaking the bank, and this is perfect. I read tons of reviews, so I hope this is helpful to some.

Lovely. So far excellent! Quick Delivery..... if this screen is broken its not the sender!

Better than I expected. The media could not be loaded. I read the reviews before making this purchase and was pretty confident. When I got the mirror, I was not disappointed. It’s actually better than expected. The touch screen and setting are really nice. I can’t wait to use. I was also happy that I didn’t need a screwdriver for set up, just out the box and ready to go.

Best mirror at an excellent price. If you are on the fence let me assure you, this mirror is awesome. I have bought 3 mirrors prior to this purchase and they've been plastic, too small bulky and just not useful or pretty but this mirror checks off all the boxes. It's huge, I'm glad I didn't get the smaller 49.00 one!!! I love that it's made of metal, sleek, the lights change colors and dim, also the plug is barely noticeable. If you go to bed bath and beyond and see the prices of their comparable smaller mirrors, you'll see what an awesome value and quality. I also think the rose gold finish is beautiful but I'm sure the other finishes are just as nice. I'm a prime member and my mirror came in two days.


Strobe Show While Putting on Your Makeup. The media could not be loaded. Right after the return period expired on this product, it immediately starting either switching to different colors, or turning off (See video). I would be midway with either eyeshadow or foundation, but would have to stop to turn the lights either back on, to the correct color, or both. I just want the mirror to illuminate my face so I can put on my makeup in the morning.

Update to Extremely Disappointed!! Update to my original post back in May of 2020. Since than Fenchilin reached out to me personally and said [promised] they would send me another one for free. With several emails for updates it has now been 9 weeks since there first email and nothing. Also i posted a review at there own web site and they have since removed my negative review. The amazon reviews looked great. So much for amazon reviews. Looking at the reviews more carefully we saw a lot of customer with exactly the same issue. So much for quality control. So we bought one. After taking it out of the box and setting it up it never worked correctly. The power button worked when it felt like it taking several touch's to make it turn off or on not to mention other times it just shut itself off. The 3 color button also took several touch at a time to work. The Dimmable button too had a mind of its own, sometimes working most of the time not. So what did we do? We returned it to amazon and got another one. Guess what? The second one did almost the same thing! So I will be returning this one also to amazon for a refund [not exchange, already tried that] and will find another make up mirror made by someone else that I can give my money too.

Bad review and great review! My friend and I each bought one of these to do youtube and facebook product & DIY reviews. We both ordered them from this seller. Mine came in a day before hers did and works fantastic! I love it. Hers worked great the first time we used it but ever since then we have to turn it on about 20-40 times before it will stay on! After that it works great! Would have sent hers back but hubby disposed of the box! So, one works great, the other one is aggravating! It takes about 10 minutes of turning it back on before it stays on.

Makeup mirror. I purchased this mirror for $54.95—8/9/21. Loved the brightness, height, and weight. March 2022, I turned on the mirror and a few seconds later it turned off. I am heart broken and cannot recommend buying a product that failed to last even 1 year.

Do not buy! Very bad quality. Item would be a 5 star, but it was defective. Touchscreen worked fine, but would randomly turn off while doing makeup. This would be random (sometimes seconds after turning on, or minutes and this would happen constantly while doing makeup). The dimming option would also get brighter then lower while turning on and off. I returned item back to amazon and got a replacement. The replacement item had the SAME issue. I tried different plugs around the house and it’s not that. I DO NOT recommend this product.

You get what you pay for. This FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Hollywood Mirror" delivered to my house pretty fast. its extremely affordable. Looks very expensive. I loved it and put it to use as soon as it came out the box. However after a weeks uses. I noticed whenever I'll turn it on, It will automatically turn off by itself. and This issue was happening pretty often. overall its a great product!

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