Kibiy Electric Razor for Men

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head shaver

Type C charge


5D Floating Heads

5D floating head helps to enlarge the contact area and reduces irritation, giving you an efficient and comfortable shaving experience.

Fitting facial contour, shaving without dead ends, difficult parts can also be easily shaved.

Cordless & Rechargeable

Enjoying 90 mins of cordless running time after just 1.5 hours of fast charging. It is rechargeable with computer, power bank, car charger and other USB device, more secure and convenient. The mens electric razors is very suitable for use at home or travel

Smart LED Display

Smart LED reminds you of the power level to charge the electric shaver. The travel lock avoids additional power consumption. And the cleaning reminder informs you to clean.

bald head shaverelectric razor for men

head shaver electric shaver head shaver replacement head head shaver case
MS-672 KB-580 MS-672 MS-672 Replacement Head Head Shaver Hard Case
Product Upgrade 5-in-1 Bald Head Shaver 5-in-1 Bald Head Shaver Upgrade 5-in-1 Bald Head Shaver, Blue Replacement Head for Kibiy Razor Head Shaver Hard Case
Areas of Focus Sideburns & Face & Nose & Ear Sideburns & Face & Nose & Ear Sideburns & Face & Nose & Ear Face Head Shaver
Features Type C charging; LED Display; Power Status Indicator; Travel Lock; USB charging; LED Display; Power Status Indicator; Travel Lock; Type C charging; LED Display; Power Status Indicator; Travel Lock; Portable
Protection IPX7 Waterproof IPX4 Waterproof IPX7 Waterproof IPX7 Waterproof
What’s Included 4 detachable heads, trimming guards, cleansing brush, protection cover, type-C cable 4 detachable heads, Trimming Guards, Cleansing Brush, USB Cable 4 detachable heads, trimming guards, cleansing brush, protection cover, type-C cable

Features & Specifications

  • Electric Shaver Razor 5-IN-1 & Trimmer Sets - The multifunctional electric razor comes with 5 attachments: rotary shaver, hair clipper, nose/ear hair trimmer, facial cleansing brush, face massage, and 3 limit combs(3mm/5mm/7mm). All-in-1 kit is ideal for shaving.
  • 6 Flexible Shaver Heads - Upgraded 6-blade design increases shaving area and saves shaving time. 5D precise & sharp rotary blade heads fit the facial contour and ensure shaving more hair with every pass, resulting in smooth and close shaving. A good choice for men’s bald head shaving.
  • IPX7 Waterproof Dry & Wet Safe to Use - IPX7 waterproof satisfys both wet and dry use, supports shaving with foam or water, even in shower. Cleaning the shaver directly under the running water. Note: Please flip up each blade to clean out the hair.
  • USB Type-C Fast Charging - Cordless mens head razor with a built-in battery supports 90 minutes of shaving after 1.5 hours of fully charging. Charging the razor with a PC, a power bank, a car charger or direct power connection, etc. Easy to find a Type-C charging cable. Suitable for home and travel using.
  • LED Intelligent Display - Smart LED reminds you of the power level to charge the electric shaver. The travel lock avoids additional power consumption. And the cleaning reminder informs you to clean. Note: Head shaver is protected by self-locking due to full beard storage, please long press the on/off button for 3 seconds to unlock the device.

Pros & Cons


He Loves It! I purchased this as a gift for my significant other. This is what he had to say about this particular shaver: Faster and easier than a traditional razor. No nicks and cuts. Hugs the contour of surface while shaving. Feels sturdy and comfortable in the hand. Less awkward to hold than other clippers and shavers.

Good razor! Let's start off with I have cancer in my neck and was told not to shave with a regular razor. They told me I had to get a electric razor. I bought the Kibiy electric razor because you can use it wet or dry. I have no regrets and recommend to anybody in the same situation. I do think I will keep using it after all treatments are done. A few weeks after trying to use the electric razor. I stopped using it to shave. They asked of a positive review so I get a credit. If you use a 5 blade stay with it or try the electric razor. I'm on chemo and radiation and try not to shave but once a week for its to painful. Maybe that's why I use my 5 blade hand held razor. Good luck with trying the electric razor but it didn't work for me

Awesome shaver and awesome price! This thing is awesome! It’d been 6 days since I last shaved my head and I thought for sure I’d have to buzz it first. Put my shaving cream on my head and figured I’d try. This thing did awesome. I had a different brand before and after 4 days I’d have to buzz my head before it could shave. It’s easy to clean too, even twisting the middle blade out is an easy task. Really nice that it’s usb c for the charger not some weird one.


It's all in a name (brand). UPDATE TO THE ORIGINAL UPDATE FLASH!! NEW UPDATE 4 MONTHS LATER!! NEWEST UPDATE 2/26/22 - BEWARE!! I've used this replacement razor maybe once a week since I received it in December. Everything has been okay until I used it in the shower 3 days ago. You can see in the attached photo that one of the little white blade connector/drivers broke rendering the razor useless. I emailed the person who intervened right after my initial bad review. She sent me a replacement "upgraded" razor in return for updating and improving my review. Well, I'm back now to pretty much rescind my review update. Sure, they refunded my money and replaced the razor but if it is only good for a couple of months I am compelled to write back to complain that you only get what you pay for. While initial customer service was exceptional their follow up after a short while is unacceptable. Buy the Remington razor, which is what I will be doing very shortly. NEW UPDATE: I received a replacement Kibiy razor a couple days ago. It was a shiny new blue one looking just like the silver one that didn't work. WOW! What a difference! They offered to send me a replacement razor after my initial review saying they were now using a different manufacturer. Again, what a difference!! I used it in the shower this morning and it did a much better job than the first one. In fact, it did a better job than the "name brand" Remington razor. I plan now to return the Remington because I certainly don't need two and this replacement Kibiy does a great job. I just can't say enough good about how responsive the people at Kibiy are. They were immediately on the scene once my negative review posted and they went out of their way to make it right. Good Job, Kibiy!! UPDATE: Kibiy reached out to me to offer a replacement from their new manufacturer. I do appreciate their superb customer service and their willingness to make things right. As a small business they are doing everything they can to keep their customers satisfied. Nice job! I will update this review once I have an opportunity to use the replacement unit. Initial review: I was very excited to get this razor. I have shaved my head for over 15 years and most of the time in the shower with a Gillette razor. For those rare in-between times I would use my trusty 25 year old Norelco 3-head shaver. Getting older and lazier I figured technology had improved so that getting one of these fancy dancy 7 blade razors would be the answer to my quest. First, I tried it dry. Disappointment. Then in the shower with gel, a little better but still not worth the time or effort. I went back on Amazon to see if there might be a "name brand" multi-blade razor on the market. I found and ordered the Remington Balder Pro Shaver. It arrived this afternoon and I immediately put it to the test. The Remington razor did the job not only easier but the result was very near what I get using the Gillette razor with gel in the shower. Do yourself a favor and scroll way past all these 5, 6 and 7 blade bald head razors and buy the Remington Balder Pro shaver. These fancy multi blade bald head razors come with a bunch of useless attachments that you will likely never use. The Remington Balder Pro shaver comes with a plug to recharge it, a travel case, a small brush, and oil for the blades. That's all you need. Buy the Remington.

Good razor, but has flaws. The shave I get from this razor is pretty much on par with what I would get with any other electric razor. No better, no worse. The battery life is amazing. I really like that it tells you how much time you have left. At full, it's 90 minutes and my usual time to shave my head is 3-5 minutes, so it doesn't need to be charged too often since I only shave my head every 2-3 days. I'm super happy with that. Now for the bad. This razor is extremely hard to hold on to in the shower. It's basically just smooth plastic. Some rubber somewhere would have been very beneficial. I've dropped it twice so far and thankfully, it's survived (so far) It's also extremely loud, which is a real downer when shaving around my ears. All in all, it's okay and I'll continue to use it, but I can't say I'd buy it again.

Made me break out in a bad rash. So, I've used electric and blade razors in the past with no issues. I currently use a blade to shave my head, and no matter how rushed or haphazard I am with it, the worse I'll suffer is a little nick or two. I always wanted an electric razor, but none were shaped properly to shave the head. When I saw this, I jumped at it and couldn't wait to try it out. On the plus side, it did a surprisingly good job at getting all the hair on my head. I thought it would leave patches of hair, but it really didn't. It did take a bit longer to do, but since it's waterproof I just added it to my usual routine when showering. And I got a shave that was as close as if I had used a razor. Now the bad. No matter how gentle, no matter what soaps or creams I would use, wet or dry, it would ALWAYS make the back of my neck break out with a pretty sore rash. I couldn't figure out what was going on, as it didn't affect the rest of my head. It felt like bad rug-burn, and was very noticeable. After giving it multiple attempts, I had to return it as it was useless to me. I didn't want to return it, though, as I really wanted to like it.

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