Beetles Gel Nail Kit, 2 In 1 Nail Glue Gel with False Nail and U V LED Nail Lamp for Easy and Fast Nail Extension DIY Nail Art

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Beetles Gel Nail Kit, 2 In 1 Nail Glue Gel with False Nail and U V LED Nail Lamp for Easy and Fast Nail Extension DIY Nail ArtBeetles Gel Nail Kit, 2 In 1 Nail Glue Gel with False Nail and U V LED Nail Lamp for Easy and Fast Nail Extension DIY Nail ArtBeetles Gel Nail Kit, 2 In 1 Nail Glue Gel with False Nail and U V LED Nail Lamp for Easy and Fast Nail Extension DIY Nail ArtBeetles Gel Nail Kit, 2 In 1 Nail Glue Gel with False Nail and U V LED Nail Lamp for Easy and Fast Nail Extension DIY Nail ArtBeetles Gel Nail Kit, 2 In 1 Nail Glue Gel with False Nail and U V LED Nail Lamp for Easy and Fast Nail Extension DIY Nail ArtBeetles Gel Nail Kit, 2 In 1 Nail Glue Gel with False Nail and U V LED Nail Lamp for Easy and Fast Nail Extension DIY Nail Art

Features & Specifications

  • Beetles Nail Tips & Nail Gel Kit: Our new Nail Tips & Gel Nail Kit includes a UV LED Nail Lamp, 7.5ml Nail Gel, 240pcs Nail Tips, Nail File and Nail Tips Clipper! You can easily extend your nails and enjoy the fun of DIY Manicure! The Newest, The Fastest, Most Professional, Nail enhancement in 2023 New Nails.
  • 2 In 1 Base Gel & Nail Gel:This Multi-functional Nail Gel is not only for nail tips adhesive, but also can be used as Base Gel! Let it do the magic with you! 9 Toxin Free Ingredient makes it healthy and low odor. No harsh ingredients or adhesives that lead to damaged nails
  • Break Resistant, Super Strong: Extend your nails in a mere 3 minutes and show them off for more than 21 days! Our developed formula Nail Gel provides the best break resistant support to your extended nails.
  • Compatible with All Kinds of Gel Nail Polish: Portable Nail Lamp can cure all brands’ base coat, top coat, nail gel, hard builder gel, poly nail extension gel, rhinestone gel etc.
  • Premium Quality Nail Tips: Made with high quality ABS material, they are breathable, lightweight and durable, makes your nails looks natural and nice. There are 240 pcs artificial nails tips, includes 10 different sizes with 24 nails of each size, which is individually numbered 0-9. Easy to choose the suitable size for every finger

Pros & Cons


Great for beginners! Good quality nail. Please note, these are soft gel nails not acrylic. They will bend if used during lifting or over use. The glue lasts about three or four full days before the nails start to break/fall off. For longer use, I recommend using nail/super glue to reattach. Overall, beautiful product and even better when paired with beetles gel nail polish to add design/detail. These were pre-shaped gel nails but are easy to shorten and shape if too long. The LED light is perfect for setting each nail but does burn when the nail is held too close to the light.

You’re gonna save hundreds!!! Absolutely love love love this!!! I bought this with a gel nail kit that also came with a drill to learn to do my own nails before I went to college and I’ve had so many compliments it’s crazy. I’m gonna be practicing on my friends and stuff for free for the experience but for my first time I did a damn good job. This is so worth the investment to save hundreds to maybe even thousands on getting your nails done. I think next I’m gonna buy a pedicure foot tub to do my own pedicures as well. IF YOURE CONTEMPLATING JUST DO IT!!! JEWHITENY Gel Nail Polish Kit...

So far so good! These nail tips were HUGE. I need to buy some xxs tips because I had to do a lot of filing on these “small” ones. This was my first attempt at gel-x and I think I did okay? I’m going to try them a bit longer next time, but this was my practice round and I think this kit is pretty good so far. The lamp is very lightweight and unstable. Will update after I see how long these last.

Love it. My first time trying this kit out and it was very simple to use. Learning how to work the glue will take a couple times getting use to because of how you need to push the nail in a way so the glue can cover your whole nail and hold it all under the light. It is well worth the purchase! I always go and try to get my nails short because that's how I like them and the lady's always laugh at me and tell me it's not worth it to do them that short. So they always go longer than what I want. I did them myself and they came out just how I wanted them.

Great beginner kit. It’s a good beginner kit, the gel is a bit more liquidy than I like for gel x but it’s still good. You need to use a lot less than you think. Also just to let you know the curing lamp in this is NOT a full cure lamp it is a flash cure lamp so you need a full cure lamp. Not fully cured gel can give you contact dermatitis and once you get this you will be allergic to gel forever. The nail tips in this are amazing as well. With proper nail prep my nails with this gel last 3+ weeks!

A Decent Starter Kit. The tips are pretty good and have a nice curve to them. They fit my nail beds nicely. These won't work if you have flat nail beds though. We test fit them on my husband for fun and there's no way they'll fit right on flat nails. They're just too curved. Everything that came in the kit worked well but the lamp is ridiculous. It's quite difficult to keep a steady pressure on the tip and get it under the lamp without knocking the fairy-sized lamp over. The lamp is simply too small. Sure, it flash cures the product well if you can get the product under the lamp. I suggest buying a much taller flash curing lamp and the tips separately. This kit is mediocre simply because of how ridiculous the lamp is. I purchased the pre-etched medium coffin tips. The tip has been trimmed in my photo to be shorter.


Easy application. I love the idea of this product. I love the shape of the nails, how easy the application is. However, maybe I’m too rough with my hands at work, these dang things won’t stay on. They just pop right off during the day. I’ve tried the glue that comes with it and I’ve tried regular nail glue. I have tried to file the nail inside first and it still pops off. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or like I said maybe I’m too rough with my hands working retail.

Best bang for your buck compared to quality, but nail tips are not great. I wanted the beetle brand light and nail glue, but buying them separately was actually more expensive than just buying this set that came with nail tips included. I went ahead and tried the nail tips to see what I thought about them. I have very small nails and was able to find a good width for all of my nails with what is included so that was good. What I DO NOT like is that the nails have very high arches. No matter how firmly I pushed when curing I was only able to get the glue to cover the top and side of my nails. Because of this, my manicure only lasted a few days because the glue did not cover the entirety of my nail. Maybe this is just an issue with my nail anatomy, but I have not had this same issue with other brands. Another complaint with this set is that the light is supposed to turn on and off after sensing your finger underneath. This works mostly, but sometimes when plugged in it will turn on and off randomly by itself. Bottom line, this set works but with the marketing around this brand I thought I was getting something higher quality than a lot of the knock off/foreign brands available on Amazon. Unfortunately I don't feel that this is the case. It's just a higher cost because of the marketing

Good and bad. The glue is hard to get right. The lamp is little, but works better than the other two I have even if you can only do one finger at a time. The nail tips didn't last very long. Honestly now I just put the glue on my real nails without the tips and then I cure it before nail polish. The glue helps protect my nails. I'd say don't get it if you're a beginner. The nail tips are also very curved so they didn't fit my nails making it even harder to use, but I don't know if it's because my nails are weird. It's not a horrible product, but I've had better.

Burns like placing a hot pan on your nail when curing under LED light. Idk why I haven’t seen any reviews saying this but for myself and my mother, curing the plastic nail to our nails, under the LED, BURNS. Yeah, that’s right, it burns. Like you placed a hot pan onto your nail. It burns for about 10-15 seconds. Once the nail has cured it no longer burns. But I’m past pain is beauty so I’m hesitant to use again. Another thing is the nail doesn’t stay on your finger unless you cure it so you have to hold it down while it’s under the light or it just falls off.

Takes Forever to Do Nails! I love this kit however, it takes FOREVER to do my nails. The UV light only has a spot for one finger at a time. This makes finishing my nails very time consuming. I do enjoy all of the tools the kit comes with. The only thing I wish it had was cuticle cream.

Todo esta perfecto. Lo único que me preocupa es el pegamento me dio una alergia en los dedos y uña horrible

Why Online?

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How to Choose Your Beetles Gel Nail Kit

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the Beetles Gel Nail Kit. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


First, check the price tag for a possible best deal. You can make a price comparison between different sellers or platforms and choose the one that you are satisfied with.


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Existing Customer Reviews

The last thing to check is customer reviews. No matter how many the features are, no matter how powerful the specs are, you must verify that by lookig into existing customer reviews generally listed right after the features and specs, or before the bottom of the page. See what they say about the products, how they feel and probably an update after one or two months' use. Finally, make a decision to buy or not to.


This is a basic wrap up for buying Beetles Gel Nail Kit online. We hope you will find this helpful. You can follow this shopping guide to get the possible best deal for your own online.

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