Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel Review

The best seller I am going to introduce to you is the Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel, which you can find in the Beauty & Personal Care on Amazon. If you have any interest in buying this, here I may share what I have reviewed for it with you, so that you can know some useful information like features, advantage or disadvantage of the product before you purchase it. I hope you will find this helpful and share this article if it does help you.

Say goodbye to foot files, razors, pumice stones, and harsh chemicals that only offer a temporary fix. With baby foot an easy-to-use home remedy you’ll achieve softer, smoother feet.

Rediscover your baby soft feet! Baby foot is designed to remove the unsightly, dead skin cells on your feet that build up over time and can contribute to numerous problems associated with the soles of your feet.

For High Heel and Foot Health

Best for high heel wearers baby foot can help take care of your dry, cracked feet so you can enjoy your high heels. Not only does baby foot exfoliate away unwanted skin, it treats foot odor, athlete’s foot, dry, rough, cracked skin, and helps with blood circulation.

High Moisturizing

It contains 17 kinds of natural extracts which have a high moisturizing power and astringency, thus the sole becomes smooth after peeling. Baby foot not only peels the dead skin cells from your feet, it also maintains the grain of the skin and adds moisture to the skin.

Easy Three-step Process

  • First: Take out foot peel mask and cut along the dotted lines. Use the provided tape to secure booties.
  • Second: Leave the foot mask on for 1 hour. You can wear socks on top so you can freely walk around.
  • Third: Remove mask and wash feet thoroughly.

In about 4 to 7 days foot should begin to peel and you’ll start to notice the difference. Wait the full 2 weeks for the peeling process to end.

After Care Treatment

Bathe as usual and do not add lotion if possible. If your feet become too dry you may lightly add an oil-free moisturizer. Not required, but the peeling process will be enhanced if you can soak your feet daily. Use product every 2 months for best results.

Do Not Use If:

  1. You are pregnant or nursing.
  2. You are a Diabetic (Consult your doctor).
  3. You have hyper-sensitive skin.
  4. You have any open sores or cuts on feet.
  5. You have eczema.
  6. You are allergic to any of the following ingredients.


Features & Specifications

  • The Original Baby Foot Peeling Mask Made with 17 natural ingredients and botanical extracts
  • The most favorite foot mask for aged Calluses and Dead Skin. Easy to use: a simple three-step process: open, apply, and then wash away. No pain at all, just tender smooth feet.
  • It takes only one week to remove the dead skin cells from the sole which means only one application to make your sole like a baby’s
  • This foot mask is great to share with your family and friends. Let them enjoy baby soft, healthy feet like yours. Baby Foot easy pack 1.2 fl oz.(30ml) per foot X 2
  • External use only
  • Cruelty Free
  • Women’s size (4-12); Men’s size (4-13)
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep in a cool area
  • 1 pair of booties in box
  • One time usage
  • Do not forcibly remove dead skin, let skin peel off naturally.


Pros & Cons

Pros: Natural; Easy to use.

Cons: Not very good results (results may vary for different situations) for all people, it might not work for you as expected, some consumers reported.



Baby Foot Exfoliant foot peel pack is an easy three-step process: apply, soak, then wash away – it takes only one week to remove the dead skin cells from the sole which means only one application to make your sole like a baby’s.

Anyway, generally speaking, this is a great product that earns many praises and is highly rated by real life customers, making it as one of the best sellers of Beauty & Personal Care on Amazon. I highly recommend the Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel to you if you are looking around for such a kind of product for making your sole like a baby’s.

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