AZUREBEAUTY Color Changing Dip Powder Nail Kit Starter, Fall Winter Grey Blue Green Pink 12 Pcs Dipping Powder Liquid Set with Base Top Coat Activator for French Nails Art Manicure DIY Salon Gift

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Starter Kit

AZUREBEAUTY 12 PCS All-in-One Starter Kit

AZUREBEAUTY Color Changing Dip Powder Nail Kit Starter, Fall Winter Grey Blue Green Pink 12 Pcs Dipping Powder Liquid Set with Base Top Coat Activator for French Nails Art Manicure DIY Salon GiftAZUREBEAUTY Color Changing Dip Powder Nail Kit Starter, Fall Winter Grey Blue Green Pink 12 Pcs Dipping Powder Liquid Set with Base Top Coat Activator for French Nails Art Manicure DIY Salon GiftAZUREBEAUTY Color Changing Dip Powder Nail Kit Starter, Fall Winter Grey Blue Green Pink 12 Pcs Dipping Powder Liquid Set with Base Top Coat Activator for French Nails Art Manicure DIY Salon Gift

Durability & Long-lasting:

AZUREBEAUTY Nail Dipping Powder Kit has long-lasting system, don’t need to worry about your nails chipping in 2-3 weeks+.

AZUREBEAUTY Color Changing Dip Powder Nail Kit Starter, Fall Winter Grey Blue Green Pink 12 Pcs Dipping Powder Liquid Set with Base Top Coat Activator for French Nails Art Manicure DIY Salon Gift

Healthy Nail Art:

AZUREBEAUTY Dipping Powder makes with natural formula, it feels and looks natural, is lightweight, and has impeccable shine.


AZUREBEAUTY Dip Powder doesn’t need a nail lamp to cure, no harm to the nail beds saves money and time.

How to Remove AZUREBEAUTY Dip Powder:

Polish the nail surface with polishing files.

Soak the nails with nail remover wraps for about 5-10 minutes. (Or apply nail polish remover on cotton and apply on nails.)

Remove the nail polish with a cuticle pusher.

Clean the nail surface with a nail brush.

Wash your hands with soap and water.

AZUREBEAUTY Color Changing Dip Powder Nail Kit Starter, Fall Winter Grey Blue Green Pink 12 Pcs Dipping Powder Liquid Set with Base Top Coat Activator for French Nails Art Manicure DIY Salon GiftAZUREBEAUTY Color Changing Dip Powder Nail Kit Starter, Fall Winter Grey Blue Green Pink 12 Pcs Dipping Powder Liquid Set with Base Top Coat Activator for French Nails Art Manicure DIY Salon Gift


Please avoid prolonged contact with skin and read the instruction carefully before you use this dipping powder starter nail kit. Remove it immediately if redness or any other signs of adverse reactions occur.

Please make sure your nail is clean and smooth before you use this kit.

As the BASE is easy to dry, please prepare the powder first before you apply base coat.

When applying BASE, please avoid to getting product on cuticles.

Please dip at a 45 degree angle.

After dipping powder, please use a nail brush to remove excess powder from around the nails surface.

Brushes may harden or pick up color powder during application. Please switch them between BRUSH SAVER for easy cleaning & workability.

Be sure to clean the neck & rim of bottles immediately after dipping a full set of nails. Tigten caps & store in a cool environment away from heat & direct sunlight. Without proper care , BASE and TOP may become difficult to open.

Features & Specifications

  • 【What U Get】 AZUREBEAUTY 12 PCS gentle all-in-1 dip powder nail starter kit—4*10g color powder(milky white, light&dark mauve, champagne glitter), 3*10ml liquid set(base coat/activator/topcoat), 2*liquid brush replacement, 1*nail brush,1*nail file, 1*dip powder recycling system.
  • ⏱【Superior Quality & Long Lasting】AZUREBEAUTY dip powder nail kit is long-lasting and anti-chipping, anti-peel off. The color is full and natural-looking, light, and has an impeccable shine finish. It can keep the nail art gorgeous and shiny for more than about 21 days with proper application.
  • 【Healthy & Nail-Friendly】AZUREBEAUTY dipping powder is made of Non-irritating ingredients, a unique healthy formula complex of rich calcium and vitamins, which is paraben & cruel free, safe & harmless & non-odor, would not damage your nail bed and available for air-dry. But please avoid prolonged contact with the skin.
  • 【No Need Nail Lamp Curing & Easy Application】AZUREBEAUTY dip powder nail starter kit doesn't need an LED nail lamp to cure, and dry faster and is skin-friendly, which can avoid turning skin black and damaging nails. Easy to apply, suitable for beginners and professional nail salons.
  • 【Attention】① Avoid direct contact with skin, remove immediately if you feel any discomfort❗ ②The effection of dip powder may show differently in different people, 2~3 base coats while using will be the best. ③There might be unexpected issues that happen during shipping, If you have any problems, contact us directly, we guarantee satisfactory service.

Pros & Cons


Beautiful and lasting; INCREDIBLY difficult to remove. Color shown in manicure here is 386. Swatches on the Amazon listing are pretty close to what they look like in person. To start: This is not the first brand of dip powder I have used.I needed new liquids and wanted to add some new colors to my kit, so I purchased the Fall/Winter color collection. I received the correct colors. The added tools are very nice; you’re mostly ready to go upon opening the box. The only thing missing is a clear base powder. There are no instructions, you will have to look that up elsewhere online. Like other users have complained, there are no forms of color swatches included, just numbered jars. Powders are not at all indicative off finished colors, so I was frustrated that I had to use up so much product and time to make my own before even starting. The liquids are a good consistency and don’t lead to thick or clumpy application. With the exception of the black glitter, the colors are highly pigmented and applied easily. I was never able to get the black glitter opaque; I gave up after maybe six coats. It’d be fine topping another color, but sure isn’t what’s advertised. The jars provided are very small. There is a tray provided to pour over rather than dipping into, as the size makes dipping difficult, especially after they have been used. One jar contains enough powder for maybe 3-6 manicures, depending on length and thickness. I’m very frustrated that you can fall in love with a specific color, but there is no way to reorder a single color from this kit without reordering the entire kit. I’d much rather follow this order up with ordering 2oz+ jars or my favorite colors rather than another batch of a dozen colors I’ll never use just to get one more half ounce of the color I want. The dip powder, once applied, held up well. I had no chips. I have thin, peeling nails and was concerned if I’d even be able to wear dip powder before starting it, worrying my nail might just flake apart from underneath. Once I removed the dip after a couple weeks, I had a noticeable positive difference in the health of my nails. They were thicker, stronger, and for the first time in ages were not peeling. The dip definitely protected them. Compared to acrylics, this is much easier for a diy manicure. I’d recommend this for a beginner wanting to do their own nails at home. Its easier to use and you can remove them at any time without damaging your nails. The other complaint I have with this brand is that, compared to others I have used, it is INCREDIBLY difficult to remove. I filed off most of the powder with my e-file, used 100% acetone, and it still took a couple hours to remove.

It’s not bad. This stuff works well ONLY if you apply at least 4 coats. If you don’t, and you follow the instructions (saying only 2 coats of dip) then you will get only a week out of your dip mani if you’re lucky. Maybe even a few days. And at that point you may as well use regular polish and skip the hassle. I was about to throw this in the trash, but finally on my fourth try I took someone else’s advice and did 4 coats of dip. Now I’m on week 3 with no chips. Otherwise it’s pretty easy to use after I’ve been watching my nail tech do it for years. It’s easy to get it off too, as long as you take the proper steps. File off the shiny stuff, then take a tiny piece of a cotton ball soaked in acetone, place it on the nail and wrap your fingertip with foil. Repeat for each nail. Wait 30 min and remove. Now I figured it out, I may purchase more colors. Minus one star for bad instructions

No UV light needed! This a wonderful beginners set! I have very thin nails and was looking for something I could easily do at home that would give my nails some strength and this is perfect! I ordered the Nude Pink Glitter kit. I applied the translucent powder and I love the results. It its easy and gives my nails the strength and natural look I wanted. Added plus, you do not need a UV light to cure the product. The products supplied are small but it's perfect for someone that wants to try it out to see if it's a good fit. For me it's a game changer. I will be buying full sized products going forward. The only thing I would say you need is a fine file to smooth the nail prior to the final top coat. The file provided is too coarse for my liking.

Easy to apply, last pretty long! The dip is easy to apply, I had 2 broken nails and this saved me from having to cut them all down. I purchased the clear just as a patch for my broken nails and to keep the rest strong, that was I could also change my color with polish as needed. I need more practice because I did have some edges break off, but I was still happy with the purchase! The file that was included was horrible and it flaked apart within the first use, so I just used my own nail file. Practice makes perfect, unless you are just really talented don't expect perfection the first time! It is pretty hard to remove, as some others have mentioned, but I'd say about the same as a nail salons. I may try some of the colors when I feel more confident!

No more daily nail breakage :). I work in a grocery store, and my nails tend to be nonexistent as a result. This kit (and another product called Bag Balm) made it possible to have normal looking hands during my off hours. For some reason the colors didn't work out for me, but maybe I just needed more patience. The clear, though, is exactly what I was looking for. The manicure with three coats lasted for two weeks, no more, no less and it did chip twice. I now use four coats, but considering that I file and shape after each coat it is probably more like three coats. The only thing is that the polish has a very faintly blue cast to it, but I paint as a hobby, so probably it isn't really noticeable (except that I can't unsee it). It really is very difficult to remove, so I ended up filing it down and then using polish remover with clips. 100% acetone would probably work better than the cheap stuff I used. This does take a while to do, but at least you don't have to wait forever for it to dry like with standard nail polish several coats in.

Easy to Use! Fantastic results. I’m a tomboy and have little experience with fingernails, but this was very easy for me to apply. The directions were clear and simple to follow. The kit includes everything you need such as a soft brush and a corse/fine file. I used my own cuticle pusher and alcohol wipes to clean my nails before applying the base. The smell of the activator is a bit strong, so I may suggest wearing a face mask while applying and filing nails before the top coat. My nails look great! Smooth, strong, and professional-like quality. This is also great if you have thin nails, as it adds a few layers of strength. My nails are strong, but the coats are not too bulky at all. I plan to buy more colors in the future.


Packaging has no color set label. I have nails that naturally bend, split, and break. I don't have the time for nail salons to get acrylic, and I dislike them besides. When I heard about dip nails, I thought I'd give it a go to see if it would help protect my nails. I ordered the Azure Beauty kit with 20 dark autumn colors (photo included of what I bought versus what I actually got) but what arrived was a box of frosty pinks, purples, and silvers. I looked all over the box to see what color set I had actually reveived and it's no wonder I didn't get the right colors! The package has no label indicating the color of its contents. I have NEVER bought any other cosmetics (eye color, lip color, foundation color, or nail color) that failed to reflect this information *on the box*. So do NOT trust them to get you the right colors. There's no way the order fulfillment people could even tell. All irritation about the colors aside, this was my first try with dip nails. If the manufacturer skimped on packaging details, they kept that trend going with a lack of meaningful instructions. Thank God for YouTube. Once I learned from YouTube how to use all these awful colors, it turns out that I was delighted at how awesome my nails actually looked afterwards! It was very easy to do, it dried super fast (so no need for lights or being helpless for 45 min while my nailpolish dried) and it did not stink. Sweet. I suck at regular nail polish, admittedly. But this stuff made me look like I knew what I was doing, even if my nails were shimmering an obnoxious glittery pink when what I wanted was dark color. The colors do deepen significantly when you add the activator and again when you gloss. So what you see in the jar is much lighter than what you'll see on your hands. I highly recommend watching a tutorial so you can avoid clumping around your cuticles. Also, the brush they included for dusting excess powder off your fingers after you dip disintegrated the first time I cleaned it. It had gotten globs of combined base+dip on the bristles and would not come off with just soap and water. This stuff HARDENS. As soon as I dipped the bristles in a tiny bit of acetone (the only thing that will remove this stuff aside from 180 nail files and Dremel type nail tools) then rinsed and dried them, they ALL came out at once. I have LOTS of makeup brushes that I clean regularly that have never fallen apart from being washed, even vigorously. I think the acetone was just too much for the adhesive, but since acetone is the only chemical that will break the stuff down, then finding a better way to make the brush or providing INSTRUCTIONS would sure help (if there was a better or recommended way, Azure Beauty sure as hell isn't telling anyone - what do I know? I'm new at this!) My nails have not chipped. Not after bathing, cleaning house, moving furniture, playing with my dogs, or even testing to see if I could chip them. So, they DO strengthen the nail quite a bit and the color stays put. Overall, this set made me decide that I really like dip nails. Just not Azure Beauty's.

I so wanted to love this product. I wanted to love this product so much and for the first few days I did. The application was easy and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. It takes a bit of practice to get the nails looking perfect but for a beginner like me who has only ever painted her own nails, this kit was perfect in terms of ease of application. The colors are lovely as well. I applied this dip to my natural nails, I wasn't really looking for long salon style nails, just something that would allow my natural nails to grow without spliting and breaking. And since I don't like the look or feel of acrylic nails that are too thick, I did a total of 2 to 3 layers of dip depending on how thick it went on, filed, and applied 2 coats of the top coat. I was proud of the look I achieved, nice and even and not too thick but I think that may have been were I messed up because about 3 days after applying the nails started to lift at the cuticle, after that it only took washing the dishes for the nails to start coming off completely. I've watched a few YouTube videos where it is recommended to do 3 to 4 layers to prevent chipping and lifting so perhaps I will try again in the future once my nails recover cause this will do some damage to your natural nails.

Only used once, so review may be skewed. I used this product once in December 2022. It was easy to apply, but due to the small container, it is probably best to have plastic utensils near you so that you can drizzle the product onto the nail and not risk spillage of the powder outside of its container. Also, even using the dipping basin that you'd dip your nail into, there is a risk of spillage still present. Secondly, I did notice that it did come out lumpy in some areas, but that is most likely a user error. Third, the gel top coat did chip a bit. I work in a library, so I do have to use my hands daily. I recommend referring to YouTube videos for various methods that may work for you. I know there are those that would like to save money than go to the salon (like myself), so do not be afraid to buy this set and try it out. Make sure you have a free day so that you do not have to rush as I did.

Top Coat not great. Everything about the kit is fine except for 2 things: jars are too tiny and you have to have a dish of some sort to poor into that didn’t come with the kit. -The top coat kind of absorbs into the mail instead of making it shiny it made left it very matte and rough; this is a dealbreaker for me. I have been doing my own dip nails for 4 years and that top coat wasn’t good. The actual colors are great and gorgeous. I will have to take them off for sure.

Great item but beware when lifting begins. I don’t have a before picture, but was happy with the product and how my nails looked and they lasted two weeks. I was tired of my nail polish chipping before with regular polish so gave this a try. Going on a little over two weeks and started to tell and feel that it was beginning to lift. The end results almost feels like acrylic nails. They started lifting and decided to remove them. That’s when I noticed a couple of green spots on three of my nails on my right hand. Apparently you can get bacteria underneath the dip nails when they start to lift causing green nail syndrome. I didn’t know this could happen but after reading, it is a common thing with acrylic and fake nails, etc. So just be careful and take care of your nails. Not gonna use this product anymore.

Decent, but missed the mark. The colors and fluffy brush are amazing. The liquids I did not like, the brush head for the activator is smaller than the one in the base bottle and I had to apply the activator many times to coat the entire nail. The smell is what I could not handle, it was terrible. I will use the dip powders but my liquids...nope.....the smell was unbearable. This is merely a personal preference.

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