BIOBOO Hands Free Breast Pump

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BIOBOO Breast pumpMode IntroductionProtable On the GoNo Leak, More MilkSuitable for Most Chest ShapesNew Mothers Friendly happy mommy

Features & Specifications

  • Hands Free- BIOBOO wearable breast pump is a small, discreet unit that sits entirely inside your nursing bra. It is lightweight and wireless, allows you to pump anytime and anywhere, even when driving, traveling, etc.
  • New Mothers Friendly- BIOBOO wearable breast pump has 3 modes & 9 levels. Easily to install and set a suitable suction level. It helps to get more milk in a shorter time, and brings a comfortable & pain-free pump experience.
  • No Leak, More Milk- Double-sealed flange design prevents milk leakage and protects every drop of the mother's breast milk. BIOBOO electric breast pump has a capacity of 180ml, and the recommended optimal breast pumping volume is 120ml.
  • Optimum Comfort- Portable breast pump accessories are made of food-grade silicone, unique petal design with mode to make you more comfortable breast sucking, increase the milk yield, and reduce the pulling and pain of the nipple.
  • Portable On the Go- Move about freely. Light weight, long battery life, complimentary storage bag, 1200 mAh capacity battery, a full charge can be used about 7-8 times.
  • Suitable for Most Chest Shapes- The silicone massage petals are designed with curved cups and open curves up to 140° to ensure maximum fit.

Pros & Cons


Great buy. I absolutely love this hands free pump! Only downfall is the screen is difficult to see/read. It’s so convenient no freakin tubes I have to worry about. Easy to clean easy to charge. Sits in my bra comfortably. Compact easy to pack.

Pretty good! Suction on level one is INNNNTENSE. Fair warning. Use warm compresses before pumping to ease the soreness you will have haha. Also the battery indicator light does not go down as you use it. It’s just green or red (and pump is dead).

Handy,No mess, super clean, Almost like apple product. We bought this for our cousin's new born baby, she told us on the 1st day that this is way better, handy, works smoothly, and a great asset when she is out. She is very happy with the product. She mentioned it like an apple product, very different then the one she got from her sister baby was done with her baby, which had too many wires and cables, etc. this product is great for home and on the go.

Perfect suction. If you are like me, the momcozy/tsrete pumps are too strong and hurt, and the elvie stride is too “soft.” This is the perfect in between for me. Im a 21mm, so the 18mm flange insert it comes with doesnt matter to me, but its nice they add it for women who can benefit from it. Wish they had different sizes to choose from. If you have the nenesupply brand of inserts for elvie stride, then they work great for this pump. They are are on the louder side, similar to how momcozy/tsrete pumps are.

Best for on the go moms. As a working mom, I find it very convenient to carry and use. The pair of breast pumps comes with two cute bags which is super handy. The max amount each breast milk container can hold is 6 oz / 180 ml.

They are great pumps, very convenient and very useful. They have great suction and helped me a lot. These wearable pumps are game-changer. I used them while cleaning, washing the dishes and doing laundry. They are so much better than the traditional ones. Highly recommend!


Pump Came Broken. Just got this in the mail today and one of them is broken. It won’t charge, initially it blinked red when I plugged it in like it was glitching while the other blinks green but now it won’t do anything when plugged in. I’ve tried everything, different plugs, different outlets, different cables, nothing worked. Super upset because I needed these for tomorrow.

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Customer Ratings

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Customer Reviews

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On the whole, this is a pretty nice product that earns many praises from real life customers, being listed as one of the best sellers of Electric-Double-Breast-Pumps.

We highly recommend the BIOBOO Hands Free Breast Pump to you.

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