VTech RM7764-2HD 1080p Smart WiFi Remote Access 2Camera BabyMonitor, 360° Pan&Tilt, 10X Zoom, 7” 720p HD Display, HD NightVision, Soothing Sounds, 2-Way Talk, Temperature&Motion Detection, iOS&Android

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The VTech RM7764-2HD Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras allows you to check in on your little one from virtually anywhere—at home or remotely on your smart device. Watch your child in real time on the 7” parent unit in High Definition, or on the MyVTech Baby app. When viewing on your iOS or Android device, experience crystal-clear, high-definition video. The camera pans up to 360 degrees side-to side, tilts up to 80 degrees up and down, and zooms up to 10 times with mobile app or 4 times from the viewer. This camera features soothing sounds and lullabies that play right from the camera unit to help baby sleep tight. Even after dark, you’ll be able to see your baby clearly thanks to automatic infrared night vision. Plus the built-in temperature sensor will let you know with an alert if the nursery is getting too hot or cold so you can adjust the thermostat.

Features & Specifications

  • [1080p FHD Remote & 720p HD Local viewing] - The cameras transmits 1080p high-definition video, so you can clearly see your little one on the parent unit. Included 7-inch color (720p) LCD screen to clearly see every single move right from the parent unit.
  • [Plug & Play Direct Mode. Remote Monitoring on iOS & Android Devices] - This advanced monitor system is configured for local monitoring right out of the box. In the same time, enjoy the remotely listening and viewing on multiple devices, even outside the home. This system allows for remote viewing via internet through the MyVTech Baby Pro app with no fees or monthly subscriptions.
  • [360 degree Pan & Tilt with 10X Zoom & 110 degree wide-angle lens] - Achieve 360 degree panoramic viewing and view as many as 100 degrees up and down. Zoom in up to 10X to feel close to the baby.
  • [HD Night Vision Camera] - Enhanced night vision technology allows you to clearly see your baby with automatic infrared night vision.
  • [Motion Detection & Triggered recording] - The camera unit has motion detection by video which can alert you when required. It also can trigger and save up to 30 video clips which can be accessed/played through the MyVTech Baby Pro app and even shared with anyone if required.
  • [Soothing Sounds & Temperature Sensor] - Create a comfortable and pleasant environment for the baby with right temperature and natural sounds/lullabies to soothe the senses.
  • Local and Remote Two-way, talk-back intercom] - Sometimes all your baby needs is to hear the sound of your voice. Comfort your infant from any room with the built-in intercom on the portable parent unit or from anywhere using the MyVTech Baby Pro app on smartphone.
  • Dimensions: ‎0.76 x 7.87 x 4.28 inches
  • Weight: ‎2.74 pounds
  • Warranty: ‎1-year warranty

Pros & Cons


This monitor is amazing.. when it works. I bought this monitor after our hello baby monitor went out. I wanted something better than the hello baby and this one does beat it for sure. I love this one because the motion detection is spot on, picture quality is fairly decent. It doesn’t take forever to pull video up after pushing the button, almost instantly. It also blocks out white noise that otherwise would keep our old hello baby monitor on due to sound detection. Our furnace is in our sons room and when it kicks on and runs, it’s really loud. It will kick the monitor on but then drowns it out and the monitor goes back into sleep mode. The only issue I have is sometimes the monitor will be stuck in sleep mode and won’t wake up when pressing buttons. I have to manually push the reset hole on the back with a paper clip to get it to do anything. There’s been a couple nights when the monitor was frozen and I didn’t know it until morning so I never was aware if my son was crying or anything during the night.

Great quality. Great picture easy to install and loud enough to hear through monitor

Overall love it! So i bought this for my living room and my daughters bedroom so I can see her at night, and not have to drag her to the bathroom with me. The picture is so clear the knly problem is night vision is a little little less clesr and has about a 5 second delay. But that could be bc i live in a rented basment. Overal i love the montion and sound sensors they make me feel so much less anxiety when going to bed or cooking a meal when i dont want to bring my 1 yr old with me. I 100% reccomend this product to anyone having kids or wants indoor security easy to use and set up on phone as well!

So clear!!! If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I absolutely LOVE this monitor so far. The picture is so unbelievably clear I can actually see my baby’s chest rise with each breath. It gives me such piece of mind. I love it so much more than my daughter other vtech monitor. The app will also connect to more than just the two cameras. I have three connected on the app and it still gives me the option to add more. I will never recommend any other baby monitor to anybody ever again. A million/5 stars from me!

1000% worth it. I’ve gone through 4 very expensive baby monitors, this being only the 2nd Wi-Fi enabled monitor I’ve purchased. And let me say I am IMPRESSED. This monitor is nearly tablet sized which I love. Battery life is gonna be low but if you’re stepping away monitoring through the app has you covered so short battery life isn’t too big a con for me. Picture quality is superb. And connecting cameras to Wi-Fi was so simple, unlike the previous one i purchased. Honestly wish I bought this sooner.

Best camera! I bought this camera due to recommendations from a mom group on FB. I had just returned the Infant Optics which was over $300 due to the picture quality not being great and the night vision being awful. The Vtech checked all my boxes •non Wi-Fi option •great night vision •zoom option for bedtime •wide angle for the playroom. The screen is huge and it splits so I can see both rooms. I can also use it as a sound machine and talk to her. And if I do choose, I have the option to connect to my wifi and use the app as well. And to top it off it was $100 cheaper than the Infant Optics and I didn’t have to buy and extra lens for the wide angle. BUY IT! Everything has scary reviews, but the good reviews outweigh the bad on this one and per my mom FB group it’s a favorite among parents.


Monitor. The quality of the screen will come and go, sometimes it will freeze. When turning on monitor you have to be near camera or it will not connect. The camera will unlink from your phone constantly and you have to use the monitor to relink it. Battery life quickly goes down hill with holding a charge

Delay, 2 way talk doesn’t work, volume low. After a few years of having our other monitor it was time for a new one. I was looking forward to this but I will be returning it. The volume is very low, I cannot hear the kids sound machine which I grew very used to with our old monitor, the 2 way talk does not work at all and I use that feature regularly for our older kiddos so it’s a must, there is a huge delay with picture and sound. Very noticeable and annoying. I love the screen size and the picture is nice when there is no movement but if there is movement it’s very distorted.

Audio Sucks. Audio doesn't come through on monitor device and does not work well at all on the cameras. With this brand, I was hoping for better quality and I am disappointed.

Was great until one camera stopped working. One camera stopped connecting and everything tried would not get it back online, initially they were great.

Not great for the price. This is the second time we bought this. With much hesitation we purchased this newer versions thinking all the kinks would be out but its just like our other vtech. Night vision is terrible and the picture quality is fine but you would think for the price it could be a little more clear. Haven't had a problem with the battery life on this new one.. Yet. Have only had it a week so we will see. It looses signal with us just being in the next room

Great cameras, useless parent unit. The cameras are great. Excellent picture quality, good range, easy to set up. The parent unit is useless - it disconnects constantly and, when it does, beeps loudly. It probably disconnects 10-12 times a night. The app is much better in that regard. I wish you could adjust the brightness of the parent unit as well, but we’re just going to stop using it so I guess it doesn’t matter.

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