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Quocdiog Baby Walker

Quocdiog Baby Walker

Why Quocdiog Baby Walker?

Cleanups are quick and easy with this baby walker’s machine-washable padded seat and easy-wipe snack tray.

The circular bottom and 8 universal wheels 4 sturdy stainless steel legs are great for kids to navigate.

The baby walker is ready for your baby have fun while learning to walk!

Foldable Anti Roller Infant Toddler Walker with Wheels Adjustable Height for All terrains for Boys Girls 6-18Months.

Quocdiog Baby Walker

Quocdiog Baby Walker

Quocdiog Baby Walker

Quocdiog Baby Walker

Quocdiog Baby Walker

Large Snack Tray

Flat tray, recessed design, prevent items from slipping and soup outflow.

Silent & Smooth 360°Wheels

Move around in any direction on wooden floor as well as on carpet.

High Back

High seat back provides additional support and comfort for your baby to recline.

Quocdiog Baby Walker

Quocdiog Baby Walker

The baby walker combines quality, convenience and fun for you and your little one. It is deserved to have one.

Quocdiog Baby Walker

Quocdiog Simple and Space-Saving Baby Walkers

  • Featuring a removable and washable seat pad,four different height adjustable seat and walker body five height adjustable,easy-fold frame design
  • Stable structure to prevent rollover A cone structure with a large bottom and a small top, the chassis is a perfect circle, effectively preventing rollover
  • The baby walker combines quality, convenience and fun for you and your little one. It is deserved to have one.
  • Simple and space-saving, after folding, the high only 3.1in free to store, do not occupy a place.

(Note): Please use the product under the supervision of an adult.

Quocdiog  Baby Walker Quocdiog  Baby Walker Quocdiog  Baby Walker White Quocdiog Baby Walker Seat Replacement (Grey) Quocdiog Baby Walker Seat Replacement (Blue)
Foldable Adjustable Height Baby Walker for Boys Girls Foldable Adjustable Height Baby Walker for Boys Girls Foldable Adjustable Height Baby Walker for Boys Girls Foldable Adjustable Height Baby Walker for Boys Girls Quocdiog Baby Walker Seat Replacement (Grey) Quocdiog Baby Walker Seat Replacement (Blue)
Age Range 6-18 Months 6-18 Months 6-18 Months 6-18 Months
Available Colors Blue Black Pink White Grey Blue
Assembled Size 25.6×17.7×17.7 inches 25.6×17.7×17.7 inches 25.6×17.7×17.7 inches 25.6×17.7×17.7 inches
Convertible Modes N/A N/A N/A N/A
Compact Fold
Adjustable Height
Developmental Toys/Music
Machine Washable Seat Pad

Features & Specifications

  • 【High quality】Baby walker made of Eco-friendly original raw material PP plastic, High quality cushion, Baby mobile dining table with safer and Non-toxic easy to care for, Wearable cushionportable and breathable & comfortable design for babies.
  • 【9 Height Adjustment】Five walker heights and Four seat heights, Suitable for Baby of Different Heights. Grows with your baby to make sure your child stay safe as They begin to crawl and Explore.Baby maximum Load 20 kg.
  • 【Easy Fold&Unfol】The baby walker can be folded down,no other tools required Installation Free.It is a small size and easy to carry and store.
  • 【Round Desing】- With 6 x 2" large universal wheels, smart and multidirectional, so easy for the baby to move himself around 360°, it's extremely easy for him to move around furniture, walls and other obstacles.
  • 【Wheels and Legs】Round design with 8 universal wheels work on floors easy moving. 4 Strong stainless steel legs. Your child let them embrace the wonderful world.Unfolded dimensions: 25.6 "(D) x 14.17—17.71" (H)Suitable for toddlers aged 6 to 18months.Before buying, Please make sure your baby is height.
  • 【Note】You will receive the product within1-3working days if you choose Quocdiog for delivery. Because we have inventory in Los Angeles.
  • 【Note】: Please use the product under the supervision of an adult.
  • Weight: ‎8.18 pounds

Pros & Cons


Best walker out there, but beware…. I’d give this 10000 stars if I could, it’s smaller than the joovy walker I currently have that both me and my kids run from the joovy because it eats ankles and feet. This one? Doesn’t hurt and no more screaming to run from the baby. A bonus is that it has more room for baby to actually stand instead of always sitting like in the joovy. Not to mention the wheels allow for more natural movement, and it’s a fraction of the price of a joovy. I will say there was one issue that I ran into in the 3 days I’ve owned it. I placed my son in it as i have and carried about my business. That’s when it happened. My son farted more then just a fart. My toddler started yelling “poop!!”….I will say 10/10 recommend because despite baby poop going on the floor and the wheels rolling through it a few times, it didn’t track across the house. Next time I’ll make sure to have my son in more then just a onesie. shorts required.

Awesome walker with one exception. My 8 month old absolutely loves this! It’s easy for her to move and rolls very smooth. The only issue is that the bottom bar hits right at ankle height so look out for babies that like to follow you around because it is painful to get ran into by this thing.

Perfect. No assembly required. Easy to adjust, loves how he can easily spin around and works great on carpets.

Easy to adjust. My grandson is growing fast and this is easy to keep lifting as he gets taller. Rolls easy on hardwood floors.

Easy glide even on carpet. Granddaughter loves to be able to get around the house even on carpet.

Great Walker!!! Love this walker. The height is adjustable and it’s super easy for my 10 month old to move around. It allows him full range of movement. The wheels roll easily on wood floors. It rolls pretty decent on carpet and even a little bit on grass (though he does get stuck on the grass). It does not go over carpet thresholds very easily, which is fine as it helps me keep him confined to certain areas.


Good buy for minimalistic approach. Good buy for a very basic walker. I'm not a big fan of the mechanics though. I always pinch my skin when adjusting or putting it away.

Slipping out baby. I contacted seller to see if maybe this should be a recall. I bought this for my granddaughter she is 8 months and this is how my daughter says she falls every time she turns . I mean she loves it but she is getting a little scared to use it now . Overall it's a great walker just that this is a safety concern

Seat is not safe. We had to sew in extra straps on the seat so she didn’t fall through. If the seat was better it would be a great walker. Should only be half the price though

Baby Walker. Because this item came not as advertised on Amazon’s produce the baby seat color is totally deference with I expect to buy ,on Amazon app the color is gray but it come with black one .also the box has some hole and broken .so I’m not very happy about that

Sadly, I must return it. I thought this was the most ingenious Walker ever. I needed every wheel to be rubber so my wood floors wouldn’t get scratched, something compact, easy for her to move in, and so on. I bought it in green bc I’m a firm believer in gender neutral colors for big items you’ll reuse for the next kid. My husband looked at it and was so mad that I bought something that has no safety regulations. He’s making me return it for that sole purpose. It also had a TERRIBLE plastic/chemical smell to it too. That was alarming for me. So that’s why I gave it 2 stars, no safety approvals and the horrible (probably cancer causing) smell. Oh! And the gigantic leg holes…the seat needs to be better for smaller babies

Small cute walker. I like the wheels on the walker. Easier to maneuver around on carpet. I dislike the sturdiness, it looks a bit unstable. Cheaper material and wider leg openings that the child can slip out of.

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On the whole, this is a pretty nice product that earns many praises from real life customers, being listed as one of the best sellers of Baby-Walkers.

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