Baby Lounger Parent

Baby Lounger ParentBaby Lounger Parent

Baby Lounger Parent

Companion of the crib or bassinet:

It is a great companion for the crib or bedside bassinet. The adjustable size ensures it will be a wonderful partner to growing up with your baby.

  • Materials: cotton, polyester
  • Dimension: 34.5 x 19.6 inches(88 x 50cm)
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs(1.6Kgs)

Cosy Nation – Baby’s cosy bed and Mom’s competent helper

Comfortable for baby, relax for mom.

Cosy Nation baby lounger is designed for providing sweeter sleep for the baby while delivering the most comfortable and safest materials for infants. Hundreds of team members are either father or mother who wants to provide better care for the baby. Every detail of the product is focused on gives the baby a comfortable and soothing sleep environment.

  • Cotton-based cover and polyester-based fillings.
  • The womb mimic concept gives your baby a sweet sleep.
  • Easily assemble & disassemble.
  • High quality hidden zippers make a neater and safer baby sleep bed.
  • Compressible and portable for travel.
  • Great Baby bed for 0 to 12 months infant.
  • Adjustable drawstring to change the size of the baby nest.
  • Ideal for co sleeping.

Baby Lounger Parent

Baby Lounger Parent

Baby Lounger Parent

Easy for Baby:

1.6 Inch thick mat plus soft all-round bumper – It is hard to disturb the baby’s sweet dream. A high resilience mat provides better care for the baby’s spine to growing naturally.

Easy for Mom & Dad:

Hand over the job to the washing machine to helps you clean the stains or poops on the cover which makes your life easier.

Moving Baby Bed:

“All I need is this for wandering!” – The Baby. 2 handles on the top and left sides to ensure the portability for travel.

Baby Lounger Parent

Baby Lounger Parent

Baby Lounger Parent

Multipurpose Baby lounger:

Suitable for most baby crib or bassinet, the floor for tummy time, adult bed for co-sleeping, outdoor activities for napping.

Decent Newborn Shower Gift:

Such a fantastic baby lounger for a baby. As well as a perfect and decent gift for expectant or newborn’s family. Who will not love it when it received?

Packaging for Better:

Cosy Nation adopts vacuum packing on our baby nest, ensures you will get an intact product without any worry about contamination.

Baby Lounger Parent

BEWARE of your pet

“I love this bed!!!” – Such a wonderful bed. Get ready to get a second one?


– Dimension: 34.5 x 20 inches(88 x 50cm)

️‍♂️ – Weight: 3.6 lbs(1.6Kgs)

More feature of this baby lounger:

– Wipe to clean polyester-based fillings.

– Womb mimic concept provides sweet sleep for the baby.

– Easily assemble & disassemble.

– Hidden zip makes neater and safer baby sleep bed.

– Compressible and portable for travel.

– Suitable for all season.

– Adjustable cord to change the size of the baby nest.


1. In the first use, place the cover & pad & baby bumper in the ventilation area to fully fluffy it.

2. We recommend to clean the baby bed mattress regularly. Wash by hand and dry under low heat.

3. When washing the cover, please tight up the ribbon in case it slides out of the coverlet.

Features & Specifications

  • 【Certified in high standard】CPC certified and beyond Cpsia regulations, Oeko-Tex Certified Class I (Highest Level) Product. All of our baby loungers are manufactured under strict supervision and a meticulous quality control team to ensure the lounger for the baby meets all standards.
  • 【Breathable & comfortable material】: The nest for baby adopts 100% breathable cotton fabric as the cover sheet, super soft and breathable fiberfill for the bumper filling, 3D breathable polyester for mat filling. Keeps baby in cozy and parents do not have to worry about any allergic issue to the baby's sensitive skin
  • 【Bionic notion & better sleeping】: Adopts bionic design to imitate mom's comfy womb which gives the little one a comfortable environment and a familiar sense of security. The soft bumper around the baby lounger protects the newborn from collisions and rolling out of the bed. 1.6 inch thickness mattress provides longer and deeper sleep for your baby. Our newborn lounger is a great spot for you and the baby to enjoy Tummy Time!
  • 【Growing companion for baby】: The U shape safe bumper around this infant nest is adjustable, loose or tight the drawstring to fitting your baby's figure. Our infant lounger is suitable for newborns from 0 to 12 months. It is a decent baby shower gift for expectant parents or newborn parents.
  • 【Full detachable & Easy to Clean】: The sheets of our baby sleep lounger can be easily removed with the hidden zipper and thrown into the washing machine for cleaning. The pad and bumper are water-resistant, making it less likely for liquids to seep in, and can be cleaned with just a wipe, making your chores easier.
  • 【Portable for you on the go】: Our in bed bassinet weighs only 3.6 pounds and comes with 2 convenient handles to ensure your portability on the go or to simply move from room to room. Make it a comfortable and convenient lounger for your baby anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Enthusiastic service】: All our products are backed by a lifetime after-sales support. No matter how far away, no matter when, we will promptly solve the problems you encounter.
  • Weight: ‎3.5 pounds

Pros & Cons


LOVE. Don’t bother buying a “co-sleeper” bassinet thing. My baby ONLY wanted to sleep in the bed with me. I tried everything to get her out of my bed but falling asleep and staying asleep only happened if it was in our bed. This was a much safer option of letting that happen without the worry of rolling on to her. I have a huge bed, so I just stick her in the further top left, I’m in the middle and my husband is on the right, and I still sleep pretty comfortably. Getting in and out is the trick, but rolling left or right wasn’t happening while pregnant anyways, so I’m used the to crab walk down the bed. Either way, make sure you can send that bassinet back. EVERY baby is different. So this is just MY experience with my first baby girl. She’s 7 weeks old and she only wakes up once between her 11:30 feeding and 8am wake up since I’ve let her sleep in the bed, and this hasn’t changed that trend. We are both safe and happy to wake up to cuddles and smiles :)

Give it a shot! I like to call this the “Knock-A-Tot”. This product is so similar to the DockATot but 1/3 the price! We love this for our 7 week old. She has been sleeping through the night in her swing since she was born but we wanted to get out of that swing sleeping habit ASAP. So we have put her in an arms down swaddle in this co-sleeper in our bed for 4 nights and we have now transitioned it into the bassinet. Once she’s comfortable with that for a week or two, we’ll move it into the crib and hopefully remove it altogether! Might as well buy it and give it a shot! If it doesn’t work, return it or sell it on Facebook. Side note: I do place rolled up blankets on either side of her (nowhere near her face, of course) so it helps her feel snuggy in there.

Better than the Dockatot Deluxe. We were gifted the Dockatot and this co-sleeper. I can honestly say this one's quality is much better than the Dockatot and it's half the price. The Dockatot over time (about a year later) got flimsy in some areas but this one's shape was still nice and firm. The only thing is I wish this brand also offered options to buy extra covers like the Dockatot. When you want to wash the cover, you have to wait for it to dry and then use it again which is inconvenient. Overall this brand holds up better and lasts longer than the Dockatot. I recommend to save your money and get this one instead.


Worth the $40 in my case- DOES not cause hair loss. Like many didn’t want to spend the money on a dockatot. Have had for a few weeks and baby sleeps well in it although it’s not safe sleep rated. One wall is already lumpy but it’s a cheap pillow but worth it for the cost. Even if we get two months out of it I’m happy. Case is annoying to change but oh well. Mattress is somewhat firm which made me feel better about using it as we know it’s not safe for an infant to sleep in. We broke the safe sleep rules. It fits perfect in the halo. ****Someone above posted it caused hair loss to their baby. That person is using the pillow wrong. The zipper is on the opposite side they lay on. That person is clearly using this pillow incorrectly. They either put the cover on wrong which I’m not sure how or are having their baby sleep on the wrong side. The zipper is NOT on the same side the baby lays on. That review almost made me not purchase ours and I would have missed out. I hope that persons sees this and reads the directions again for their babies sake.

CAUSES HAIR LOSS ON BABY!!! - seriously. **CAUTION** this product can cause hair loss on your child! The placement of the zipper is on the inside of the sleeper between the two pads. My baby likes to move her head side to side while sleeping and her hair was being pulled out by the zipper! It took me a week to realize this was why her hair was falling out all of a sudden, but as you can see from the picture there are clumps of hair stuck on the zipper! Do yourself a favor, spend the extra money and just buy the Dock A Tot!

Bumper too soft - returned. Bumper is not firm at all and therfor not safe for baby as it is a suffocation hazzard. Returned and bought a DockAtot even though the price is so much higher, the bumper is so much firmer and safe. Hope this helps others make the decision what to get!

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