fushikang Baby cam

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Used to be worried what’s going on by home but now you’ll so relieved because of the cute Cam, you exactly know what’s happening when you’re away.


Promise Safety, Witness Fun

We are committed to producing smart home products with Multi-Creativity, Multi-Scene, Strong Social attributes and more.

  • Image Resolution: 2MP 1920*1080
  • Pan: 355° Tilt:110° Zoom: 8X
  • IR Distance: 10m / 32 feet
  • Size: 69X69x112mm
  • Video compression: Smart H.264
  • Power: DC5V-1.2A
  • Lens: f: 3.6mm, 2MP

Winees wireless Smart IP Camera 1080P Full HD

This Camera is the newest series of Winees, which has elegant appearance and advanced AI algorithm to provide with high cost-effective enjoyment.

Relying on various cloud platforms, our products can not only connect your smart devices anywhere, create a safe and convenient living environment for you, but also witness and record every wonderful moment in your life!

Tips on how to restore to factory settings——Press and Hold the RESET button for 10s, you will hear “Restore the factory settings successfully”, then wait about 1min until hear a chime (Do not power off during the procedure).

  • What’s included:
  • 2x Smart Wifi Home Camera
  • 2x USB Adapter
  • 2x Quick Installation Guide
  • 2x Cable (be plugged in while working)
  • Mounting Accessories (Bracket, Screws)


fushikang Baby cam

fushikang Baby cam

fushikang Baby cam

Face Recognition, Human, Motion Detection

When movement/ human/ sound be detected, PTZ Cam will give out alarm sound and send Notifications in time. Gives you Day & Night fully protection. (All this can be customized in the App.)

Smart Alert & Timely Motion Tracking

Keep an eye on your cats or baby when you’re not at home. After enabling the automatic motion tracking function, IP Camera tracks and shoots video of movements.

SD Card & Cloud Storage with 2.4G

Winees indoor security camera supports Micro SD card storage up to 256GB (SD card not included). And using Cloud Storage can avoid the risk of losing footage from SD card.




8X Zoom In

Want to see what your pet is doing on the couch far away? no problem!

Smart 2-Way Audio

Offers such peace of mind being able to check on your babe without going into her room. And multi-users function let you enjoy real-time streamings at the same time.

Compatible with Alexa

Also no trouble connecting with Alexa and ask it to show you the living room or attic anytime.


More Questions you might care about?

Q: APP can’t receive the alarm notification?

A: Winees indoor security camera has motion detection and alarm function, but it needs MANUAL Setup. Steps: enter the camera “settings”, select “Notifications”, enable the motion detection feature and save the settings.

Q: After inserting the SD card properly, why does the camera still not have any recorded videos?

A: IP wireless camera needs to be inserted when the camera is OFF. After the camera is inserted with SD card, the video recording function needs to be turned on MANUALLY. Steps: Settings–SD Card–Activate. Then set up for recording in Settings-Record-Continuous Recording/ Motion-Detection, enable the recording and save the settings.

Q: How can I see the recorded video? Can I put the SD card in the computer to playback?

A: For your privacy and security, video files are encrypted, it must be playback through mobile phone App or computer App, and it cannot be played DIRECTLY on the computer. You need to export the video through SDtool, a special video export tool, which can be downloaded.

Q: What if this home security camera cannot connect to Wi-Fi?

A: 1.Check if your Wi-Fi password contains special characters such as spaces, commas, periods, etc. which may not be recognized by the camera. 2.Keep your mobile phone as close to the camera as possible, and keep your camera as close to the router as possible. 3.Poor Wi-Fi signal may result in some failure. You can use a Wi-Fi Range Extender to extend the Wi-Fi signal and wireless coverage of existing wireless networks. 4.If still fail to connect the camera, please restore the camera to factory settings and try again.

Features & Specifications

  • 【24 x 7 Absolute Protection for Your Family】- Winees WIFI security camera provides 8X digital Zoom, 1080P HD clear picture quality with 350°horizontal and 100°vertical rotation range, covering every corner of your home. capturing more detail of distant objects without impairing image quality while zoom in and out. Advanced Night Vision with IR Distance up to 32 ft, also let you can keep an eye on your home anytime anywhere.
  • 【Motion/Sound/Face Real Time Alarm】-Indoor home security camera supports motion,face and sound detection, when a person or baby crying is detected, the APP will push an alarm message and 10s video, let you know whether your baby or pet is crying or whether someone is breaking in.
  • 【2 Way Audio Communication & Work with Alexa】-Built-in anti-noise 36dB microphone and speaker, allowing you to keep in touch with your baby, family or pet anywhere anytime. Also, the security camera can be compatible with Alexa, ask Alexa to show anywhere you have this Wi-Fi camera. (please noticed: the home camera works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks, Not 5GHz Wi-Fi).
  • 【Extra Large 512GB SD Card & Cloud Storage Method 】-The security camera have Senior Encryption Video storage methods for choice: microSD card (max 512 GB, memory card not included, only supported sandisk c10 sd card) and Cloud Storage to avoid any possible risks. Built in Smart H.264 technology, saving more than 5-Times the storage space than other cameras. Operating Temp: 14 °F~131 °F.
  • 【Widely Application& Device Sharing】The surveillance cameras is widely used in home/office/store surveillance. Also it's a good choice for your baby care/elder care/pet care when you are out or busy. Smart app supports multiple indoor cameras and displays 4 live videos on one screen simultaneously, helping view all things directly on the iPhone & Android easy for your family protect your home and property and share camera with sweet memories.
  • Weight: 1.59 pounds

Pros & Cons


Easy to set up. Very happy with pur hase. Got 3 of them to set up for elder care. Fully set up in 15 minutes.

The perfect camera. It even works great in night vision mode!!! So clear and easy to install, just download the app!

Works great-. Works great!

Ok. Works as advertised

Peace Of Mind!! This baby monitor is a great way to keep an eye on your precious little tot. 1080p allows you to get a vivid image of what’s most important to you, as they sleep in a crib in the other bedroom. The WiFi let’s you position the camera the way that most fits your needs, and the clarity of the night vision lets you see almost as good as you do in the daytime. Plus, the motion detection gives you that extra peace of mind, as you take a brief moment to catch your breath. The app is a godsend and convenient and being my cellphone is never far away, I’m always sure of what’s going on. This baby monitor not only looks good, it makes the chore of always bing able to monitor so much easier.

Functions well. Better than good camera, it's actually a great little camera and I'm pleased. Great picture quality both day and night vision. I am able to see everything clearly. Good sound quality, I can hear very clearly as well. It was easy to set up and I control everything from my cell phone. I can set the motion detection level to my liking to even include no detection at all.


Bad connection. Camera doesn't stay connected to the internet. We have too restart every other day

Don't buy this piece of garb....... The instructions are so complicated that you have to have a degree in Harvard to use it!!!!! I decided to buy this camera because I thought it was to be easy to configure it but it turned out to be a nightmare and finally I decided to quit and see if I return this hard to use camera. Not recommended for anybody with no degree in IT knowledge.

Doesn’t work. Box came damaged, they Should have packed it in a box. Can’t get it to connect to the app returning it

Confused!!!!! I was under the impression that there would be a monitor with this item. I got the camera. That is why I had 2 orders for a camera. Why does it show a camera and a monitor if only the camera?? Guess I am just confused or misunderstood.

Impossible to set up. Impossible to set up. I entered my e-mail and it kept giving me the message "invalid e-mail". Returning it. My wife tried with the same result.

This camera didn't work at all.... Took forever for the code to be scanned and then after getting it connected to my wireless, you could only move it left and right, would not move any other direction and would get stuck facing the ceiling. The app didn't work properly. Had to throw this in the trash as it was so poorly made.

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