Kasa Smart 2K Security Camera for Baby Monitor Pan Tilt, 4MP HD Indoor Camera with Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (KC410S)

Kasa Smart 2K Security Camera for Baby Monitor Pan Tilt, 4MP HD Indoor Camera with Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (KC410S)

Get the full picture of any space in your apartment, dorm or home with the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt. Capture more delicate details and vivid colors than 1080p with sharp and crisp 2K HD. Provides outstanding image quality even when you zoom in with more pixels. Receive instant alerts and live stream 2K HD video to your smartphone, Alexa or Google Assistant supported display. The Spot even provides HD video up to 30 ft. with Night Vision. KC410S continuously records and stores footage on a local MicroSD card up to 256 GB (MicroSD card not included). Premium cloud storage options are available.

Features & Specifications

  • Person/Motion/Sound Detection in Real-Time. Day or Night: With cutting-edge AI algorithms, KC410S can detect people, motion and sound to notify on your smart phone even at night with the night vision (30 ft. away in the dark). Customize up to 4 activity zones around areas which are important to make most use of cameras for home security as a baby monitor, pet camera or nanny cam.
  • Secure Your Videos Locally or with AWS Cloud: As an indoor security camera, KC410S continuously records and stores footage or video clips on a local MicroSD card up to 256 GB (MicroSD card not included). Premium cloud storage options are available with industry-standard 128-bit AES end-to-end encryption on AWS.
  • Enjoy a Smarter Home with Smart Actions: Set your lights to turn on when your camera detects motion with Kasa Smart Actions. Smart Actions allows you to create interactions between your Kasa camera and other Kasa devices to make your life simpler.
  • Voice Control: For additional ease of use, pair the Kasa wireless camera with Alexa echo or Google assistant. Use a simple voice command to ask Alexa or Google Assistant to view your live camera feed on compatible Alexa or Google devices.
  • Dimensions: 3.23 x 3.23 x 4.43 inches
  • Weight: 14.9 ounces

Pros & Cons


No subscription required for EC70 camera. Get the EC70 with a 64gb sd card and you'll be all set.. no need for paying for cloud service.. you can view the live camera view and the recordings over cellular network and over other people's Wi-Fi through TP-LINK's Kasa app so you don't have to be on the same network.. I replaced all my Amazon cloud cams because their paid service was horrible and was required.. if you get the EC70 with SD card support then you are not required to pay a subscription of any kind.. I have been very happy with these cameras so far. I have five of them and I've had no problems.. Thanks TP-LINK P.S. This camera seems to go on sale consistently at $34.99 and that's a really good deal when it does..

Cat Vision! I just finished ordering a second Kasa indoor camera. The first one is almost a year old now. I mainly use it for monitoring our cat when we travel and to check on the cat sitting service we use. I put a 64G SD card into them, it stores adequate motion detection for my purpose. I usually leave the camera off when we are at home, I don't need videos of us sitting around watching TV. Some people complain the camera makes a loud grinding sound when you pan and tilt the camera. In reality, the camera is very quiet when you move it, but it does have a 2way speaker mic, and that picks up the sound of the motor which sounds loud in your phone's speaker. In person it's very quiet. Another reviewer claims you need to be signed up for cloud service and have your phone on the same wifi system as the camera to use it. That's not true, you can view the camera anywhere in the world as long as the camera is on a WiFi network and your phone has a signal, network or wifi. An SD card stores alerts. 64 gig has been adequate for my needs. To access the SD slot, rotate the camera lens to the top, it's hidden near the base. I'm adding the second camera to watch my cat in another room she likes to hang out in, I'm going to also set it so it has a view of my front door, the pan/tilt/zoom work very well. No need to sign up for cloud storage, in my opinion. If that is something you need, Kasa has it available. I've been very pleased with all of my Kasa devices. For the price, you can't beat the Kasa camera.

Wonderful camera. I have a lot of cameras in my house do to having a spectrum child And this one so far is one of the best clear picture I went out of town and was calling my daughter she wasn’t picking up I opened the camera saw her in the kitchen pressed the microphone and told her look at your phone I’m calling you and she looked at the camera and went and got the phone loud speaker clear picture wonderful night vision it’s perfect and you could rotate the camera from your phone great camera great price I recommend it


Decent camera but records even with recording setting off. I had ordered this as it is less expensive than the baby monitor that my wife wanted that was overpriced at $200+. Camera itself -It works great, just a slight delay on sound/movement. -Sound sensitivity is very good, it can hear me making noises downstairs with the doors open of course. -it makes a clicking noise when it turns on or night vision turns on. So if you don’t have it on 24/7 I suggest turning it on first before placing your baby as it may wake them. Camera settings Easy to use settings, I bought it for monitoring and not recording. It does have an option for cloud storage or your own SD card. **Further info** Like I said I bought it not for recording, I had the settings off for recording BUT FAILED to notice a detail that it STILL RECORDS clips based on motion detected by x amount seconds and will start recording. I found out in the activity option that it had been recording us the whole time and RECORDING saved on KASAcloud, which I do not even subscribe to. I tried to download it but it said it was no longer available. But the clip image still visible and that I removed after. TO DISABLE it, do not enable motion sensor or person detection. Honestly felt robbed of my privacy as a recording of my newborn and us were recorded without our knowledge, when the whole time I thought having recording off would have been enough. Who knows who had access to it or if it is really deleted and not stored elsewhere.

Not as expected ... New EC70 version! Second camera ... returned first camera because it would not engage ... returned second camera because no instructions on how to use micro SD card; specifically how to share and/or save video clips (what was listed was totally incorrect and very misleading). After several phone calls to Amazon Support AND TP-Link Support, I finally received answers on how to address this issue. To share/save video clips, the micro SD card has to be removed from the camera and inserted into the adapter - then place the adapter into laptop or desktop computer to send/share info via email ... REALLY. I found this step to be an awkward annoyance for a new and improved version. I am familiar w/the original version 110, so thought the newer version would be a major improvement with the addition of SD card ... NOT SO‼️

Crippled with 10 minute streaming timeout !!! The following is a statement from TP-Link/Kasa about this policy, as implemented in the KC410S: "The way it currently works is that if you view the camera remotely on Kasa or on a device such as Firestick (even on the same Wi-Fi network), there will be a 10-minute view length." This applies to all Amazon Alexa Echo (& Google Nest Hub) display devices as well, even if on the local network. However, if you view the camera on your smartphone while on the same Wi-Fi network as the KC410S, there will be no timeout. There should be no reason for timeouts for totally LOCAL network usage, PERIOD. It can't be a hardware overheating issue, if Kasa allows an unlimited connection to the phone. This camera is advertised as a baby monitor. That means continuous, long-term monitoring from another location. Everyone understands (or should) that Kasa doesn't want to provide long-term connections that involve Kasa's servers. However, that should not affect totally local network connections. I have 32 Kasa devices installed in my house, & like them.  I also have some TP-Link routers, & like them  They show no indication of a greedy company. I have on order, from a different company, a different security camera. However, it has been out of stock for a while, so I thought I would try the KC410S, & if I liked it, cancel the order for the other camera. I really like the Kasa camera, ESPECIALLY the low-light performance.  However, the KC410S is going back to Amazon, & I will wait for another camera.  Especially when there is no notice in the advertisements for the camera of this important limitation.

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