JolyWell Night Lights for Kids with Stable Charging Pad, Touch Control&Timer Setting, ABS+PC Baby Egg Lamp for Breastfeeding,Pink

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baby night lightnigth light


What’s in the Box:
  • 1 x Baby Night Light
  • 1 x Charging Base
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable (Adapter is not included)
  • 1 x Carabiner
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 20 x Stickers

Make Your Night Great

Our night light shines warm, soothing light to create a safe & comfortable atmosphere, get your baby sleep deeply throughout the night. Never wake your baby up even while breastfeeding.

  • Materials: ABS + PC
  • Light Modes: Warm light & Cold Light
  • Touch Controls: Easily tailor your light
  • 1 Hour Timer & Memory Function
  • IP65 Waterproof & Eye-Caring Light
  • Charging Time: 6hrs
  • Working Time: 6 – 200hrs

night light

night light

night light

Night Light Mode

Hold the top for 1.5s to enter night light mode (when the light is off on standby mode)

1 Hour Timer

Tap the logo twice to set a 1hr timer, the LED indicator will turn green when successfully set

Power Button

Press the power button to cycle through different brightness levels and SOS white light mode.

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Night Lights for Kids with Stable Charging Pad, Pink Night Lights for Kids with Stable Charging Pad,White Night Lights for Kids with Stable Charging Pad, Blue Night Light for Kids,White Night Light for Kids,Natural Wood
Night Color Warm & Cold light Warm & Cold light Warm & Cold light Warm & Cold light Warm & Cold light
Memory Function
Night light mode
1 Hour Timer
SOS Mode X X

Features & Specifications

  • Easy & fun Touch control: touch The top for 0.5 seconds to enter night light mode for breastfeeding at night
  • Baby-safe night light: 100% safe for your baby to learn and play thanks to toy-grade ABS and PC materials; anti-blue light LED won’t flicker or hurt the eyes of your child
  • Convenient charging base: offers a stable way to charge and prevents toppling over mode; connect directly to the micro-USB cable for powering out of the house
  • Customizable light: rechargeable battery lasts 200 or 6 hours in dimmest or brightest settings respectively
  • Indoor & Outdoor usage: built-in silicone handle and an IP65 waterproof build make for the perfect camping or hiking light; SOS mode signal your or your kids' Location in case of emergency
  • Dimensions: ‎3.66"D x 3.66"W x 4.61"H
  • Weight: ‎10.9 ounces

Pros & Cons


Simply the Very Greatest. Like plenty of other folks you'll find in the reviews, we discovered these and never looked back. If your family is even remotely like ours, these will bring such good things to your life with zero regret. If it isn't, then I imagine you can find similarly glowing (hah!) reviews from other use cases. Our three differently aged young kids typically used socket night lights plus cheap flashlights for bedtime reading. There were the basic "can't find" and "he has mine" and "stopped working (when I took it apart and tried to put it back together one too many times)" situations, but all in all not too bad. Or so we thought, because we didn't know how great it could be. On one replacement cycle, we thought we'd let the kids each choose a fun night light on the idea that they'd be more likely to take care of them than the socket night lights they just couldn't resist messing with. Two went with etched-glass bedside designs, and our middle child chose this one. We went for it even though it was on the more expensive side. It very quickly became apparent what a great world we had stumbled into. These things are perfect in too many ways to cover properly. In just a couple of months we realized it was worth having one for each child. They are so great. Charging is super simple; a standard USB size port on either the charging plate or the light itself. So if you lose the base plate, you're not locked out of using it. The battery life is hours and hours long, definitely enough for a whole overnight cycle and definitely speedy enough charging charge fully during daylight hours; just put it on the base in the morning if you've had it in bed for reading (which is what the kids do with it). If you find you didn't charge it and it ran out on you, you can plop it onto the base plate and go right on ahead and use it powered that way; you only lost out on portability (and if you really wanted, the base plate is so small it would be worth moving to another electrical outlet). (It may be worth noting that if you do lose the base plate that option doesn't work quite as well because of the angle of the charging port underneath the light.) Speaking of reading; the light can get pretty bright but is so smoothly dimmable. The lantern style means it lights up a whole area but the light is soft enough not to be a huge nuisance. It's perfectly portable. And I mean perfectly. Not small enough to get lost easily, large enough to be found easily if you manage it anyway. Touch and button features to be sure you can get just the result you want. And on the bottom there's this perfect little silicone thing that if you don't need it just sits nested in a space on the bottom where you don't notice it, but if you need it is a handle for carrying or hanging lantern-style. They thought of everything. Everything. Our kids were just old enough for it not to be an issue, but it's designed with no sharp anything. There is a power button and silicone-covered charging port underneath the light, but no buttons or anything anywhere else on it. I know you forget what it's like to have a baby in the house after all your own kids grow past it, but it seems like it would be perfect for that age room. We quickly found there was almost literally nothing the kids could find to complain about. Our kids aren't complainers, but you know that thing where they aren't really wound down enough to sleep and so everything either positive or negative is interesting and a way to get a little stimulation. Anything to take apart or fiddle with or decide is too bright or not bright enough or your room-sharing sibling is doing to bother you. These give you all the flexibility to have just about any light situation you need, without any of that. The rest of our particular story is, we never looked back after each of the kids had one, everyone one hundred percent satisfied. That was a couple of years ago. But in the meantime we parents went through a divorce. It was a no-brainer to immediately buy another set for the second house they'd be in. If I didn't already have everything I need in a bedside lamp I would not hesitate for one instant to purchase one of these for myself as an adult. In between the two purchases, we found that the products were branded differently, but they were identical products. The original listing we ordered wasn't on Amazon anymore as a result. I don't remember what the other brand was, but the second purchase is "Vava." When I was looking to make the second purchase I was able to confirm in the questions and reviews that the products were the same. I imagine if this happens again you'll be able to find a similar situation in the comments for whatever listing replaces this one as representing the same product. As you can see I can't recommend these highly enough. If you have any reason at all to think these might be the thing for you, I cannot imagine being disappointed.

Awesome little light! This little night light is perfect! It’s super cute and so easy to use. Just takes a couple of taps to turn it on or long press to change the brightness, etc. Love that you can just pick it up and take it with you and plop it back on the charger when you’re done. I have a newborn and we keep this on in the hallway at night to help with going down the hall for nighttime diaper changes and avoid turning on any big lights!

I wish it was more sensitive to touch. I had a different brand that was awesome but I used to put it on the edge of my rocker when I breast fed my baby and as she grew, she used to kick it and it after falling a bunch of time, it broke. I looked for it to rebuy it, but it was discontinued. All this to say, this one is not as great. I have to double tap it two or three times before It actually turns on. I am being picky though, the product itself is an ESSENTIAL for night time routine. And the tap really isn't too bad. I like that I can control the brightness for night time diaper changes, breast feeding, and setting a warm ambiance while rocking my baby to sleep.

Essential New Parent Gift! My husband and I received one of these as a gift when we had our first baby, and it has turned into our mandatory gift to give first time parents! Makes it so easy to check on baby, or move around your room/house while not disturbing the baby. Stays charged a long time and love that you can change the brightness and white/warm lighting.

Love this light. I use this light as a night light. It stays on, on low, 24/7 and lasts weeks! I bought a second one for the bathroom and as a backup for when I forget (for weeks) to charge the one in the bedroom.

Works with Vava chargers. I wanted some more egg lights that would be compatible with my two Vavas and these are them.


Good Product, the touching part is finicky. We love this light at night, the only problem is that the touch feature is finicky, and I often find myself retouching and playing with it to get the right option spending more time than I would want. Also, although many mothers recommended this for breastfeeding in the middle of night, until you have a strong latch, which occurs for some mothers weeks after birth (it takes time and you must see your babies mouth well when securing the latch) it's a little dim for that, and I end up using my room lamp.

Has a mind of its own. Started out loving this light HOWEVER we are about 5 months into using it and it is turning on by itself (waking up our son in the process). It does this both connected and disconnected from the base and will be random. Sometimes it’s a constant light, sometimes it’s blinking. Scared me so bad when I went in to get my son crying and the light that I never turned on was on. IMO, a product like this can’t have that malfunction and still even chance being used. It’s not worth risking a middle of the night wake up.

Worked great until it didn't... Purchased this in April as a nursery light. Loved the fact that it could be turned on/off and dimmed with a tap. Also loved that it was rechargeable. Except... here we are in January, not even a year after purchasing and the light will no longer charge. It won't charge via the inductive pad and it won't charge directly connected to USB. Super disappointed as this was a lifeline for nursing my daughter at night.

Loved it but didn’t last too much longer than a year. Purchased just over a year ago. I used this daily in my kids room, charge life was awesome. Never had any problems until now. Unfortunately my kid shook it and detached the sensor from the top of the inside so you can no longer control the brightness. Really sucks as I did like it a lot, seems like it should not detach from a toddler shaking it.

Second time buying and it still is broken. I’ve bought this product twice and both have broken. They will not charge or turn on. When it did work for the few minutes, it’s a cool nightlight. I wish it would work.

It was good until it wasn’t. Bought this item in august 2021. The light was perfect for night feedings. Everything was working fine until two nights ago, when the battery died. I tried charging it, as I have in the past but this time it was dead for good. I left it charging for more than 24hrs and I still can’t get it to turn on.

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How to Choose Your JolyWell Night Lights for Kids with Stable Charging Pad

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the JolyWell Night Lights for Kids with Stable Charging Pad. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


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Existing Customer Reviews

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