Baby Play Mat, Extra Large Foldable Foam Floor Play Mat for Babies,Toddlers, Infants, Reversible Waterproof Baby Crawling Mat, Portable Baby Playmat with Travel Bag for Indoor Outdoor (71″ x 79″)

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Baby Play Mat 79*71*0.4 Baby Play Mat 79*51*0.4
Size 79*71*0.4 inch 79*51*0.4 inch
Area 38.95 square feet 27.95 square feet
26 Letters Fully included Not fully included
Design Rainbow pattern & neutral light grey Rainbow pattern & neutral light grey
Material High quality XPE foam High quality XPE foam

baby play mat


Can handle normal foot traffic, but sharp objects like high heels or pet claws can damage the mat. Prolonged use of heavy furniture or gym equipment may leave a permanent indent in your mat.

Do not allow water/moisture to become trapped under the mat. When cleaning your floors, please ensure that the floor is completely clean and dry before replacing the mat.

Do not clean with a power vacuum cleaner as it may damage the surface of the mat.

Clean before first use.

Warning – never leave children unattended. Always use with adult supervision. Before each use, inspect the product. Throw away at the first sign of damage or product weakness.

In the event that the printed film separates from the foam, please immediately discontinue use of the product, discard the affected mats, and submit a claim here.

suitable for playpen

Scope of application

Playpen: suitable for 79″ x 71″ baby playpen.

Foldable Playpen: suitable for foldable playpen under 18 panel, max to 38.95 square feet.

Fence: suitable for fence under 8 panel, max to 34.4 square feet.


Foldable baby play mat:

A Side : Rainbow & Letter

B Side: Simple Pattern

You need to full open the baby mat to see the side of the rainbow pattern.

Before you full open all play mat, what you see only the side of the simple triangle.

Multifunction baby play mat

Features & Specifications

  • REVERSIBLE DESIGN - Our foam baby play mat is reversible, featuring different patterns on each side.One side has colorful rainbow shapes to keep infants engaged and curious, while the other side has a neutral light gray minimal design that complements most home decoration styles. This play mat for baby is also suitable for use with various foldable baby playpens, providing a soft and comfortable spot for your little one.
  • SAFE XPE MATERIAL - Our baby mat for floor is made of high-density anti-scratch XPE foam material, non-toxic, odorless, and not easy to tear. It provides a soft and safe playing surface for toddlers and infants. Play mats great for infants babies from newborns to toddlers. Anti-slip texture to prevent the baby from slipping easily when learning to walk.The soft cushion is suitable for all hard floors and can provide sufficient cushioning, especially for when babies fall down.
  • WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN - The surface of this crawling mat is 100% water-resistant, Whether it's urine, milk, ink, vegetable juice or any other stain will not soak the mat, The waterproof surface could also protect pattern color from falling off, exactly durable to use.and easy to clean with a towel and soapy water. This is very convenient for busy parents.
  • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE - Our foam play mat for baby is designed foldable makes for easy and compact storage, Suitable for indoor and outdoor,so you can pack this portable play mat in the car to bring to the beach, park, or anywhere else your baby plays.
  • EXTRA LARGE MAT FOR MULTIPURPOSE - The size of the foldable playmat is 79*71*0.4inch,can be accommodate a family to enjoy happy moments together.Our extra large baby play gym mats offer a soft, comfy spot for your little one to crawling, tummy time, relax, play, and work on their developing skills. Also, you can use this play mat for yoga or other exercises when you are at home. Suitable for a variety of foldable baby playpen (floor area under 34.81 square feet.)
  • Dimensions: ‎79 x 71 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: ‎3.44 pounds

Pros & Cons


Get this! Fits our house perfect. Searched far and wide for a replacement play mat— this was thicker and more durable than the mat we previously had. Very happy with it and it’s been over a month. We did cut a corner out to fit around our fireplace and it hasn’t frayed or created any mess like some products do when you trim them. Easy to clean, too! Would definitely buy this again but likely won’t have to!

Cute but not dog nail friendly. Since my daughter is rolling like crazy and we have hardwood and dogs I wanted a mat to lay down so I didn’t feel so grossed out when I saw my infant licking the floor that my dogs were walking all over, as well as giving her a little extra cushion while learning to sit unassisted. I liked how this stated how durable it was but as much as I tried to deter my pups the first time my little clinger stepped on it she got a good stretch and immediately put four little holes in the corner. Super cute pattern and feels like good quality. Definitely recommend if you don’t have pets or if yours actually respect boundaries

Definitely Recommend! I wanted something for my 7 month old to be able to play on. Prior to ordering this, we would put a blanket down on the rug, but the blanket would get dog hair on it from the rug or spit up on it so I was constantly having to do laundry. This is perfect because you can sweep off the dog hair and wipe up the spit up. The reversible patterns are perfect for my son and daughter. the mat is also big enough where it can easily fit up to 4 adults comfortably! Comes with a bag and is very easy to take out, put in and store. Also, my son is loving it and can roll his cars much easier than rolling them on the rug!

Love this mat. I love this play mat for my daughter, it’s easy to fold up and put away, fyi it folds like a accordion (if you fold it differently it will end up ruining the mat) it does just pierced easily but for the price it’s a great product.

Quick and easy. The mat is thin but still supports as a cushion for my little one, so far it’s holding up well and a quick hand vacuum cleans it up quick, we’ve even gotten compliments about how cute and adorable it is!

Best for price! Love this and my baby loves it too. I use it as a play mat for outdoors and it's been awesome. Not only is it huge, it's waterproof, Wipes off easy, folds small, light weight and overall just a great play mat. The only thing I have to add is that I wish there were more color options.


Not soft as described. I bought this playmat for a safe place for my 7 month old to crawl. Upon opening I was impressed with the size and texture. It was spongy material that I felt great about and within 5 minutes my baby face planted the mat and now has a cut on her chin. The material is spongy but there is not much cushion. I don't think there was much of a difference between the mat and my hardwood floor since my goal was to get a "soft" mat to prevent any injuries. Before I was using blankets to prevent any hard hits and for parents also concerned about their babies heads, you'd still feel the need to use that if you receive this mat. I'm considering returning, although there are some good qualities.

Poor durability. I love the design and how easy it’s to fold, however the durability is not good at all. We’ve barely use this play mat for 5 months with my 8 month old daughter and the mat is peeling. The worst part is that my baby is playing with the peels and trying to eat it, which can be dangerous so we’re unable to use the mat

Not thick enough. Not as thick as I wanted. Baby fell over and cried when he hit head on the mat. He didn’t get injured badly but I wanted him to be able to practice sitting without feeling as though he might get hurt and this didn’t give me that peace of mind. Too expensive for thickness or lack there of IMO.

Already has a hole. It’s nice but already has a hole somehow. I don’t have dogs in it and only baby stuff

Damages easily. I want to love it, it’s adorable and all but I’ve only had it for a short while and the damage has already build up to needing a replacement within a few weeks. Normal wear and tear has completely aged this matt in just a week or so.

Not so tear free. We love the mat for the most part. Have been using it for about 3 months now but it already had 3 tears/holes in the foam and not sure what they are from as only kids play.

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