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Baby Nasal Aspirator

MOMYMUST Baby Nasal Aspirator, Easy To Help Your Baby Get Rid of The Nasty Snot!

Having a sick baby at home is truly one of the worst experiences for new parents. Though colds are an unavoidable reality for all parents and babies, there are ways to make it more bearable for everyone. When your baby gets sick, you can be prepared with a MOMYMUST electric nasal aspirator in your medicine cabinet. This simple tool will make all the difference to your baby’s comfort, allowing them to breathe better, sleep more, and recover much more quickly than you imagined. Another additional advantage is that when your child sleeps well, so does the rest of the family. Plus, it is also the perfect shower gift for a newborn!

Baby Nose Sucker

Two Ways To Make Cleaning Easy

Baby nose aspirator

baby nose suction

baby nose sucker

baby booger sucker

Three Levels Strong Suction

Strong suction and 3 level adjustment to solve most of the baby’s nose problems.

Ultra-Long Battery Life

This baby nasal aspirator is rechargeable via USB-C, 120 minutes of using after fully charged to ensure it’s available anytime when you need it, which saves the trouble for extra cost.

Baby Pacifier Grade Nozzles

Comes with two different lengths of baby pacifier grade silicone nozzles for different levels of snot. Nozzles are soft and comfortable and do not harm baby’s delicate nasal passages.

nose sucker for toddlers

nasal aspirator for toddler

nose sucker for toddlers

Lullaby and Light Function

Use light changes of different colors and relaxing music to attract your baby’s attention, let him take the initiative to raise his head, and enjoy the nasal cavity cleaning experience in a relaxed manner.

Run Quietly

Ultra-low operating noise (<60dp), will not scare away the little guy who just got up the courage to try.

Compact & Portable

MOMYMUST Baby Nasal Aspirator is small enough to fit in your diaper bag! Take it anywhere on any day out with your little one for immediate and instant relief when your baby needs it.

booger sucker for baby

What Will You Get?

  • Baby Nasal Aspirator * 1
  • Baby Pacifier Silicone Nozzles * 2
  • Nice Storage Box * 1
  • Cleaning Hose * 1
  • Booger Clip * 1
  • USB – C Cable * 1
  • Cleaning Brush * 1
  • Manual * 1

Features & Specifications

  • Three Level Strong Suction - MOMYMUST Baby Nasal Aspirator provides up to 70Kpa suction power, which can solve almost all kinds of nasal problems, there are 3 levels suction from low, medium, and strong, you can choose the most comfortable level of suction according to your baby's nasal congestion.
  • Self-Cleaning Function - The MOMYMUST baby nose sucker's innovative self-cleaning function deep cleans the inside of the device to ensure it continues to provide reliable suction, and the most exciting part is that you don't have to touch your baby's sticky snot!
  • Lullaby And Light Function - No baby likes to have his nose suctioned out. But the baby nose sucker with lullaby and lights will get your child to actively lift his head and distract your little one long enough to let you suck out the offending boogers before he has time to bat away the device.
  • Rechargeable & Portable - MOMYMUST baby booger sucker can be charged via USB-C and can be used for 15 days when fully charge. baby nose suction is light and compact, it works great for a travel and to carry in your diaper bag, ensuring that it is always available when a toddler needs it.
  • Anti-Backflow Design - The nasal mucus reservoir is separated from the air inlet to prevent backflow, the storage compartment at the bottom of the nasal aspirator prevents overflow of the upper storage tank, you will not have to worry about the accidental flow of nasal mucus into your hands.
  • Advanced Processes - Our electric nose aspirator uses a high quality motor to ensure low noise, so even half-asleep babies will not be woken up. The nozzles is made of baby pacifier grade silicone, soft and comfortable, will not hurt the baby's nasal cavity!!

Pros & Cons


Game changer! This e-sucker is seriously a game changer! I used to use the manual/oral nose sucker, and that was good, but I’d have to suck so hard that I’d get a dizzy if I want to get the really deep snot out of my baby’s nose. Like my teeth and head hurt after. I love that this device comes with two sizes of suction tips (for the shallow snots and one for the deeper ones) and a nose picker which I use a lot to manually pull out the more dense boogers. The suction power comes in 3 modes….I usually use highest power to get the deep ones. There’s music as well to make the experience more pleasant for babes. I love this product so much, I recommended it to all of my fb friends. This is a real review (even if I do a cash kickback for writing it).

Gold rush 2023. Wow if the 49s had this during the good rush they’d be swimming in money. This extractor is excavating gold much easier than the mucus bulb that we had before. Our little one would cry when we would use the mini turkey baster. Using this machine would get all of the mini 18k nuggets easily and without a fuss. I’d kiss the inventor on the forehead if I had a chance.

Its easy to use . my kid hates it but of course he does lol. My kid is 2 and he has been sick quite often and this device has helps keep his nose clean and free of mucus. The suction is strong enough to get all the crap out. We also use saline before hand and it help clean things out faster.

Useful purchase. Very useful for mom to have for really stuffy, sneezy babies . Easy to clean the baby bloggers and have the baby sleep in calm. Easy to use, easy to clean , and take it anywhere as rechargeable

Amazing little tool! I read lots of reviews for the baby aspirators before choosing this one, and I'm glad I did. It exceeded my expectations - I love the suction power (there are 3 options for that), and the fact that it did such a fantastic job getting the baby snot out. Definitely a great item to have!

This is the best thing EVER for suctioning! After our 4 month old got Bronchiolitis from RSV that landed him in the PICU for 5 days I needed medical grade like suctioning power as my flimsy bulb syringe was doing nothing and Frida snot sucker is just not my thing. This product is amazing- it works well, love the three power options and melody for distraction. I clean it manually after every use so can’t review the cleaning plug it comes with but we literally use this every day, multiple times a day and it gets everything out!!! Immediate gratification !


Leaks Boogers Out of The Bottom. After my infant son had RSV, we bought this aspirator to help clear out those boogers. I researched for some time before coming to this one and seeing great reviews. For awhile, this worked GREAT with runny boogers, but awful for anything with a consistency thicker than water. Even still, we've always had to use a bulb aspirator to draw the runny boogers forward first and then use this aspirator to suction the boogers up. The first two settings of suction are pointless. We couldn’t ever get any boogers out unless we were on the full power. It also has gotten louder over the past 3 months we’ve used it. Not only that, but it started leaking boogers out of the bottom. I have followed the assembly/directions to a T, and this still happens. Everything is snapped tightly and put on correctly. It almost looks like it may be coming from the seams? I don’t have any other ideas on how to fix it. For that reason, I will be finding a new aspirator and discontinuing use with this one.

Pretty good. This is a good suction but not very powerful.

Only lasted for a month. Only has this for a little over a month and it's already not holding charge. I'm disappointed because it worked so well for the month

Poor suction. Very poor suction! It has three levels of suctioning. Even when I put it on the highest suction speed it doesnt work as well as the Manual nose frida. This is a real shame!

I connected less. I connected less

Doesn’t work. Just flat out doesn’t work

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