Organic Cotton Dual-Sided Crib Mattress | 2-Stage Premium Memory Foam CertiPUR-US Hypoallergenic Baby Mattress, Firm Support for Infant, Cooling Gel for Toddler, Waterproof & Washable Cover, 52x27x5.5…

Organic Cotton Dual-Sided Crib Mattress | 2-Stage Premium Memory Foam CertiPUR-US Hypoallergenic Baby Mattress, Firm Support for Infant, Cooling Gel for Toddler, Waterproof & Washable Cover, 52x27x5.5…

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Sweet dreams from day one. Bedtime takes a turn for the better with the Dual-Sided Bamboo Memory Foam Crib Mattress from Modera. This charcoal-infused wonder performs double duty, featuring a flat, firm side for growing newborns and an ultra-soft, moldable memory foam side for kids ages 1 and up. Unlike cotton varieties that retain moisture and odors, our pad’s breathable bamboo charcoal fill promotes a cleaner, cooler, more comfortable night’s rest by regulating heat, absorbing excess liquid, and naturally deodorizing baby’s environment. And with a washable waterproof cover and cute little infant/toddler labels stitched right onto the surface, they’ll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed! Add a Modera Dual-Sided Bamboo Memory Foam Crib Mattress to your cart today!

Features & Specifications

  • THE MATTRESS THAT GROWS WITH THEM | Dual-Sided Baby Pad Features Ventilated, Breathable Dual Layers, Providing a Firm Surface for Newborns & Soft, Moldable Memory Cooling Foam Gel for Toddlers | Give Your Tot the Comfort, Safety & Support They Need for a Restful Night’s Sleep | Standard Crib Size 52”x27”x5.5”
  • FIRM & FLAT FOR FRAGILE NEWBORNS | Create a Safe, Secure Crib Environment During Those Early Days! | Infant Side is Constructed of High Density Foam with Optimal Firmness, Ideal Thickness, Flat Surface & Stable Edges—Just What Babies Need to Support Their Growing Bones & Reduce Hazard as They Learn to Move
  • PLUSH & MOLDABLE FOR TODDLERS | Flip Over the Mattress to Reveal a Soothing Memory Foam Layer That Contours to Your Growing Toddler’s Neck, Back, Legs & Body | Ultra Soft, Breathable, Cooling Gel Foam Material Supports Healthy Posture, Enhances Relaxation & Helps Diffuse Heat for All-Season Safety & Comfort
  • EASY-CLEAN ORGANIC COTTON | Our Reversible Toddler Mattress Set Includes a Waterproof Exterior Protector for Shielding the Mattress from Dirt, Dust, Liquid Spills & Nighttime Accidents | Eco-Friendly Hypoallergenic Cotton Won’t Expose Your Baby to Harsh Chemicals or Irritants | Remove Via Zipper for Easy Machine Washing
  • SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS | Rest Well Knowing All of Our Mattresses, Covers & Related Materials are CertiPUR-US Certified & Laboratory Tested for Maximum Safety Assurance | Give a Unique & Thoughtful Gift They Won’t Soon Outgrow! | Perfect for Boy & Girl Baby Showers, Toddler Birthday Parties, Nursery Gifts & More
  • Dimensions: 52 x 27 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 11 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great great purchase. I’m actually really really excited I found this. I didn’t realize it till after I bought it but it has both a Toddler and an infant side. Of course the infant side is harder and the toddler side is softer so it grows with the babies. Some people just keep their toddlers and hard ones but I always felt like it was kind of sad so this is a great one time purchase it’s very easy to clean and it’s just a really good mattress. I highly recommend it this is my third baby and this is my favorite mattress

Safe, one time purchase for years! The infant side is firm and safe, and the toddler side is soft and comfortable! Knowing that I wanted this to last for years I bought seprate mattress protectors to use over the original it comes with. I recommend doing this instead of relying on the original as the only mattress protector, it has worked great for me.

Great mattress. This mattress is great! It is so much nicer than the one that came with our crib. It is double-sided, firm on one side and softer on the other. I personally prefer a foam mattress for best comfort. I bought primarily it for the upgrade to the softer side for a toddler. The cover on the mattress is very soft and breathable if you plan to use that directly. I put my own mattress protector over top for ease of cleaning for things like major blowouts and sickness. The zipper functions absolutely fine, I’ve had no trouble at all. It is a good fit for my standard size crib.

Use It For Years To Come. A new mattress was needed by my daughter for my baby granddaughter. To keep the baby's body cool, there is cooling gel in the inside of the memory foam mattress. This waterproof, two-sided mattress is comfortable and soft and includes a washable cover. Two sides make up the mattress. The first side is for newborns.  When babies turn into toddlers, you flip it over to use the other side. This mattress is easily transferrable from the crip to the toddler bed. It's well-made and ideal for the family's newest member.

Confi. Perfect

Good but not perfect. This mattress is great and the thought of being able to remove the cover to wash it is also great but our zipper is broken. :( otherwise love the mattress. My 3 year old sleeps great on it!


Mattress great-cover zipper broken. Pro- mattress so soft and no smell, fit toddler bed perfectly, seems to be great quality. Con- mattress protector came with broke zipper. When I opened the mattress I attempted to pull the zipper the rest of the way closed, immediately snapped off in my hands. Cannot get mattress back in bag for return. I wish there was a way to just contact the seller to replace the cover.

The zipper on the mattress cover was broken. The zipper on the mattress cover was broken.

Beautiful, comfy but zipper broke. Beautiful, comfy but zipper broke Day one. I took the mattress out of the packaging and saw that the cover was not zipped all the way. So when I attempted to finishing zipping it up the zipper broke off. Other than than, it is soft and comfortable memory foam. Love the toddler/infant side.

Zipper to the cover was damage. The media could not be loaded. Mattress is comfortable but the Quality of the cover is really cheap, and cover’s zipper came damaged

Great product but zipper is trash. Zipper came broken is many pcs. Def not safe for a child. That is the only issue I guess .

Please Read Before Purchasing!!! False Advertisement. I purchased this mattress last year while I was still pregnant. I read all the mattress info, questions and reviews. I felt confident that I was purchasing a safe mattress for my baby. Fast forward 10 months, I realized I was wrong. The ad claims that this mattress cover is washing machine and dryer safe yet the tag on the mattress cover states ‘SPOT CLEAN ONLY. DO NOT PLACE IN WASHING MACHINE OR DRYER’! I’ve machine washed and dried this cover a couple of times now but it wasn’t until today that I looked at the tag!! I know I should have checked the tag when the mattress first arrived but I was confident that everything this ad claimed was true! I then checked materials used and noticed that the cover was not 100% organic cotton, it’s 72% polyester and 28% organic cotton!!! WTF!!! So does this mean toxins were released while the cover was in the dryer!?! If they lied about this, what else are they lying about!?! Luckily my baby has not slept in his crib yet but now I am not confident that this mattress is safe for my baby!! So now, I have to get rid of the mattress and purchase one that is actually safe and is what it claims to be!!!

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