Baby Playpen, Dripex Upgrade Foldable Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Yard Home Indoor Outdoor Baby Fence Play Pen NO Gaps with Gate for Baby Boys Girls Toddlers (14 Panel – Pink + White)

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lovely dreamy play area for baby girls

Dripex Adjuatable playpen for babies and toddlers, Applicable to a variety of scenarios!

multifunctional playpen

Dripex play yard, stable and safety, will be your best choice!

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High Quality Playpen for Babies
  • Food-grade Material
  • Gate & Game Fence Size: 29.13”x 24”
  • Small Fence Size: 14.57” x 24”
  • Thickness of Each Fence: 1.77’’
  • Applicable Age: 3 Months – 3 Years Old


Ideal Choice for Kids Who Start Crawling

With baby growth, they weren’t content enough on a playmat or in a bouncer. They begin to crawl and stand. Next comes hitting his head or crawling into something dangerous. Before you know it, they’re toddling around on unsteady little legs. There are so many hazards around the home. That’s why a baby gate is so important. Dripex play yard, stable and safety, will be your best choice!


24” height reinforced panels prevent baby from stepping over

Science pitch allow for visibility

Support extra panels extension


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Food-grade Material

· Made from food-grade material without any odor

· No sharp points or edges

Always within the Visible Range

  • Recommended for parents who have work to do, no one else can take care of the kid;
  • Mom and dad can work in the vicinity of the baby, watch his movements from time to time!

Activity Board

  • Game board can promote the baby’s brain development, develop the visual cognition, train the touch, and exercise the hands;
  • In the process of playing football, kids can not only improve their hand-eye coordination ability, but also enhance their physical strength and social skills;

Neutral and Eye-caring color

  • Came in more neutral colors compared to similar style play pens that are only available in bright colors, which will not harm baby’s eyes.

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Package Include:

  • 1* Baby Playpen(excluding balls)
  • 1* User Instruction
  • Extra Rubber Suction Cups
  • Extra Anti skid Pads Replacements
  • Extra Hinge Connector Replacements
Foldable Baby Playpen 14 Panel - Gradient Blue Montessori Climbing Toys Reversible Slide baby playpen gate fence play yard kids activity centre safety play yard home indoor ourdoor use Kids Kitchen Step Stool
Foldable Baby Playpen 14 Panel Playpen Grey Montessori Wooden Climber Reversible Slide 14 Panel Playpen Blue Adjustable Counter Toddler Helper
BPA Free
Major Upgrades Patented Foldable Design Basketball Hoop Can be changed to different shape and height by adjusting it’s screws 2-IN-1 Reversible Rock Climbing and Slide Basketball Hoop Adjustable Height with Safety Rail
Color Light Grey Gradient Grey Wood Wood Gradient Blue White
Recommended Age 3 Months- 36Months 3 Months- 36Months 3 Months- 8 Years old 3 Months- 8 Years old 3 Months- 36Months 6 Months- 36 Months

Features & Specifications

  • Safety Material & Non-slip Design: Our baby fences are made of high density polyethylene plastic and will not harm your baby's health; The non-slip rubber pad on the bottom of the fence makes it difficult to tip over and move; In addition, the package is equipped with extra suction cups that can be attached according to your needs; Waterproof, Hygienic and compliant with Toy Safety Standard, ASTM F963-17, U.S. CPSIA and CPSC Standards for kids
  • NO Gaps & Fit Well Playpen: There are no spaces in between each fence so you just no need to worry about your toddler will get their arm stuck; includes a gate with safety lock on the outside that make sure your baby be safely kept inside of the pen and 23'' height reinforced panels prevent baby from stepping over; Anti-slip/non-scratch pads work on any surface indoors/outdoors
  • Functional And Neutral Eye-caring Color: Our playpen came in more neutral colors compared to similar style play pens that are only available in bright colors, which will not harm baby’s eyes; And the various toys on the game board are not only interesting but also educational, which is very suitable for the baby to learn and explore; Lovely flower shape can attract your baby's attention; The swivel design enhances the coordination of your baby's hands
  • ⬜Large Play Area for Baby and Toddlers: All 14 pieces of play fences can be combined to provide enough spacious space for your baby; Your baby can climb or walk inside, which can help the baby learn to crawl or walk to a certain extent; And you can also enter the fence to play or rest with your baby; Dimension: 1 Play Pen encloses 2.25 square feet of space
  • Foldable Design for Easy Movement: You can easily fold our baby fence and move it to any ideal place, such as a bedroom, living room or balcony; In addition, the folded fence saves room space and can be stored in the closet, under the bed and other places; This safe activity center allows you to do your housework or something else, while always keep the child within safe visibility
  • Dimensions: ‎146.85 x 146.85 x 22.83 inches
  • Weight: ‎31.5 pounds

Pros & Cons


Big play area, love the gate. Like that the total play area is big. I dislike how easily the nuts come loose. Not ideal for a baby/toddler who puts everything in her mouth. Overall, I like it and would recommend.

Los adhesivos aparecieron todos aplastados y aboyados. Lo arme yo, fue fácil de armar, me encanto el modelo pero pensé q era más grande y el estiker me apareció en la caja todo aboyado

It’s ok. It’s cute but not as sturdy as I would’ve like my 10 month old shakes it and it moves a-lot even though it has suction cups on the bottom. Baby shaking the gate also loosens the knobs for them to easily screw off.

Perfect for my weird shaped living room. This play pen was shipped compactly without extra packing material, which I love. It was super easy to assemble once I examined the photos closely. The written directions weren’t 100% without ambiguity. I really appreciate how easy it is to reshape because I have an awkwardly shaped living room. Most importantly, though, I know my kiddo is going to be safe inside. There’s nothing to catch fingers on, and there’s lots of stuff for him to grab on to go hoist himself up, which is what he loves to do right now.

At least she can’t climb over it…. This does what we needed it to do, which was block our 9 month old into the middle of our U-shaped sectional. Until…she learned she could push the gate as far across the living room as she wanted (suction cups won’t stick to our vinyl plank flooring). Moving the gate too much eventually loosens the little knobs that tighten the pieces together, so she figured out she could untwist the knobs and put them in her mouth . Then she learned she could stand on a hard enough toy and hoist herself up on to the couch, or just dangle over the gate until she was stuck or fell one way or the other. So. This things is pretty useless now it was nice while it lasted.

Solid playpen for the price. Good playpen for the price. The pieces are made of plastic and the locks are sturdy. You can lock them at any angles that the teeth matches (usually 90 or 140 degree). The base of the panel has a suction cup that really holds it down to hard surface. I don’t think it works on carpets. It comes with a bag of extra bits and pieces to replace the connecting bits and a bag of sliders for locking the legs straight. The door piece also has a lock. The “gaming” piece is pretty simple. Just a simple abacus with 2 spinning pieces. My 1 year old likes it enough.


Does not securely contain a toddler. I really really really wanted very much to like this product. I did. The price was good, it was not entirely without some design aesthetic, and it was modular so I knew I could scale it up or down as needed. It was also lightweight so I could move it around. I have a average size average height average weight 18-month old. He immediately figured out how to stick his arm through the little half moon on the door and unlock the latch. It took him about 1 minute to escape. So we taped the door shut. Then, he used a little slot cutout as a foot hold to climb the wall and was about to flop over the rail before we intervened. The door was a liability. So we put the door against the wall. He climbed using the cute little moons as footholds. So we filled the thing with soft toys he loves and hoped he'd just decide to stay inside. We also surrounded the thing on three sides with a sofa/couch/chair to stabilize the thing. It's super rickety and wobbly and he was able to rock the walls back and forth about 8 inches with minimal effort. Well, about three minutes later, he walked at the one open end of the wall and pulled the thing about 10 feet. Then he wobbled a wall back and forth, loosening the screw cap which is the only thing holding the panels together and broke it apart. It took me about 20 minutes to take all the pieces and put the thing together by myself. It wasn't bad. But it secured my toddler for roughly 5 combined minutes before it failed catastrophically. Feedback for the design team, if you should happen to read these reviews: Securing the top of the wall but not the bottom is a huge design flaw. The same screw system should at a minimum be on both top and bottom to keep the thing from wobbling. The walls should be possible to reinforce and not flex, as it can twist and loosen the cap holding it together. The product is really lightweight... the option to have a sand filled base or some other weighted base is totally necessary in order to make your product functional. The door latch should not be accessible at a toddler's arm length through a hole in the door. Any cut outs on the walls should be smaller than a foot and/or have no horizontal slopes to allow for climbing. Also, your product should be taller. I think this would work adequately for an infant incapable of rolling over. Beyond that age group, I cannot recommend this product. I really wanted to like it, but it's just not safe. Update: since I posted this review I have been harassed by the seller to take it down. I have complained to amazon on three occasions and have received no support. They email me and tell me in exchange for taking down my review, I will get a refund of $10. Then they started emailing about $20. Then $30. I've received about 14 emails and their refund offer is $39.99. They also indicated that they "gave my feedback to their supplier who redesigned the product." I asked for proof of this and they were unable to provide any. Look, make your own decisions here folks, but I can't recommend this product OR this seller. I didn't have a problem with the seller until they started harassing me to take down my accurate review. *** Update: I have received a minimum of 25 emails since I purchased (and returned) this product. They have been harassing me regularly to remove my review. Here's an example of one I received yesterday: How is thing going? If you delete the comment, please let me know and I will give you $50 within 48 hours.(If you really disagree with this exchange,please tell me "NO",let us make sure that you did receive the message,and then we will stop sending you emails right away because we hate to always bother others.But in case it is useful for you...right?) Product reviews link: 1.Go to Your Profile. 2.Choose the review you want to change in the Community activity section. 3.Delete your review Thank you for taking the time to read this article. have a beautiful day! Please reply after receiving the email. Please give us a chance. Customer Service Team Thank you. *** and then again today: The comments are static, and the quality and service of the products are changing. I mean, as time goes by, the timeliness of your reviews are getting lower and lower, and it is easy to bring misunderstandings to other customers. We are also constantly improving product quality, improving products and upgrading services. I just need you to delete it. After receiving the gift card, you can reuse the gift card to purchase a single order Due to the large number of products and large shipments, product quality problems are inevitable, so we have no way , and we just only use this way to compensate our customers ,or you. So , so please give us a chance. If you have deleted it ,please let me know, thank you! Best bless Adrian Coleman 于2022年5月6日周五 16:57写道: *** I have complained to Amazon to no avail and I have asked them to stop. They keep sending messages from different email addresses. Steer clear of this seller, I'm telling you!

Good for a few months. This is actually a nice versatile pen but only for like 4-14 months age range. Though the sight lines kind of suck- lots of plastic to block your view of baby. We would Open the pen up as the day went on to allow more crawling space and use it to divide a big room as the baby got older. We could also shape it to go around different objects like blocking off a large planter by the couch. We purchased some hardware and fastened it to the wall (picture) in a few places so we could secure it to block off the kitchen or open it up and fasten it to the other wall to allow access to the kitchen. BUT baby is climbing now and it’s just not safe anymore- the door has a horizontal opening across it which is perfect to put a foot on to boost themselves over and when we blocked that off she started putting her foot into the moon cutouts which is even riskier. Will be buying a new, different gate today.

Worked decent, until today. It wasn't the best or the worst baby pen. The caps for the joints would often come loose, and my son would sometimes get his foot stuck in the open slots on the panels. But it did hold together and kept my son from venturing into areas he's not supposed to be in, and it would have gotten a 3 star review for the inconveniences. Until today. Apparently it's possible for a 22 month old to climb the abacus panel. Twice already today I found him happily enjoying his freedom on the sofa next to the pen. He's not even 2. This product is intended for up to 3 years of age. It's got a serious design flaw that makes it obsolete before the age limit. It did work albeit flawed until today, so I'm giving it a 2 star instead of just 1. Edit: I watched him carefully today on how he got out. Turns out my son is a ninja who is flexible and strong enough to put one ankle on top of the fence and pull his body up. Bringing up the review to 3 stars, because they still could be a bit taller and the hinges still have flawed design.

Not Safe. Playpen worked wonderful when baby was not mobile. Now that baby is pulling up the playpen is unstable (even on tile). The screw caps are unsafe. Baby can get the caps off no matter how tight by moving the fence back and forth to wiggle them loose again. We have had to remove the playpen from our home- we cannot keep the playpen in the house with a 10-month-old.

Poorly designed. The entire product is very poorly designed. The pieces are cheaply built and it’s surprisingly difficult to put together for something that doesn’t even require tools. For example when you plug in the bottom pieces the plastic bends in, but you have to push hard to push it in so you end up bending the pieces.

Terrible was not as described at all. They did not snap into place they twisted and you have to twist 20 of them everything you open or close. There's suction cups on the ground that stick to floor awful design. I order a different set and they sent me the cheap one I contacted to tell them they never responded back.

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