Dr.meter 720P Additional Camera for Baby Monitor-1 Pack

baby monitor baby monitor baby monitor baby monitor
4.3 inch Baby Monitor 5 inch Baby Monitor 5 inch Baby Monitor One Camera
Screen Size 4.3 inch 5 inch 5 inch *
Working Range 656ft 1000ft 1000ft 1000ft
Battery Capacity 2600mAh 2100mAh 2100mAh *
Resolution 480P 720p 720p 720p
Camera Quantity 2pcs 2pcs 1pc 1pc
Night Vision

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Keep Watch Even At Night

If your child wakes at night or cries due to some discomfort, you can be alerted by the Dr. Meter. You can sleep peacefully, knowing that the night vision function and sound notification functions will tell you of any discomfort. The result of this is a pleasant night’s rest for you and your child.

5 Soothing Lullabies

Have your baby sleeping in no time with our 5 soothing lullabies. Our monitors are designed with 5 beautiful and relaxing melodies. Ease your baby’s journey to dreamland and put them to sleep in minutes.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

The temperature of the nursery can cause discomfort to your baby when at extremes. Our monitor offers real-time temperature monitoring, all day long. You will be able to detect any unfavorable changes and make amends as necessary.

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Start a Wonderful Day

You can now make breakfast with a clear mind while watching your baby easily. The Dr. Meter baby monitor boasts of 2 portable cameras, which will give you a bird’s eye view of the whole room. Start your day beautifully, free of anxiety.

Get a Balance Between Your Work And Life

Say goodbye to divided attention while at work. You can pay attention to your child’s wellbeing and work at the same time. Thanks to our baby monitor which features long-range transmission and instant sound alerts, you are allowed to enjoy a balanced work-life.

Package Contents

Baby Unit(Camera) * 1

Wall Mount Shim * 1

Features & Specifications

  • Sharp & Clear Image: You want to be able to see what your baby is up to, and the small details matter. See their smiling face in crisp, 720p every time. If they've walked out of the frame, just use the remote control camera to see where they've gone. It can be rotated 355°(left & right) and 120°(up & down) to capture every angle.
  • Safe Wireless Connection: Dealing with wires can be a pain, plus you don't want anything extra your baby or pets can get into trouble with! Using the wireless 2.4Gh FHSS technology, the images are transmitted safely and privately within 1000 ft. (with no obstructions)
  • Effortless Monitoring: Not only can you keep track of the video, but there's also sound and temperature detection. If your baby is crying, there are extra noises or the temperature gets outside of the acceptable range (29℃/84℉), it will give a little beeping sound and a visual flash.
  • See in the Dark: Even when the lights are out, the 940nm infrared lamp lets you see clearly in the dark. When placed 3m away, the infrared light will be invisible to your baby so they won't be disturbed in their sleep.
  • Playable Lullabies: Soothe baby to sleep with one of the 5 programmed lullabies and watch as they drift off peacefully. If you have multiple rooms to watch, pair this monitor with Dr.meter DR-BM720 so you know what's going on everywhere at once.
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces

Pros & Cons


Please read! This is a great product! We’ve had this monitor for 5 months now and it has been fantastic! I read a couple of the bad reviews to see what issues others may have had and all were easily solved issues. This should have 0 bad reviews. The constant beeping happened to us before and it was because the camera itself was not plugged in therefore the monitor continuously beeped which was annoying until we figured it out. It is very sensitive but you can select the sensitivity level. If we open another bedroom door and the monitor is on it will usually beep because we keep ours on medium or high level. To me I like that it goes off and alarms us of every move. The picture quality is amazing even at night. The battery life does last un plugged maybe 7-8 hours through the night which is normal to me so we just keep the charger by our bed with the monitor, it will alarm you when the battery gets low. I can hear any noise in my daughters room very clearly. I can adjust the sound levels too. So I’m not sure why someone had an issue with the sound. It’s very simple to work. I moved the camera once to where my daughter was so it was not in a normal place and I tripped over the camera cord and it hit our hardwood floors hard. I immediately picked it up and grabbed the monitor to check and make sure the picture quality was still okay and all was well. So the durability is great! Again we’ve had this 5 months which is a decent amount of time to give a proper review. For the price point of this monitor it is well worth it!

The BEST non-wifi Baby Monitor on the market! We were looking for a non-wifi baby monitor, over concerns of hackability with wifi baby monitors. We were ESPECIALLY looking for a long-distant monitor because we were moving our 1½ year-old son to his new room which is on the other side of our 1,300 sq ft. house. We've had the Dr. Meter baby monitor for a month and WE LOVE IT! I want to emphasize the range. Again we live in a 1,300 sq ft. house. Our bedroom is on the far side and our son's room is on the opposite far side. So the signal not only goes through our room, but the living room, a spare room then into our son's room with no signal loss. The 720p night vision is crystal clear! We did turn off the noise alert in the settings, but even when the monitor goes into sleep mode we can still hear sound. So when my son wakes up crying the screen will be off bur we can still hear him cry. The PTT feature works great too! If my son remains too fussy to calm down I talk to him to calm him down and he falls asleep almost immediately! The only thing is that we want to get a second camera because the wife and I want to have another kiddo. Unfortunately it doesn't seem we can buy the camera separately so we may end up buying another set, but it is worth it!

Have been using it for a month now. We have had this monitor for a month now and really like it. We switched from an owlet because we were uncomfortable with it being connected to wifi and all the horror stories we have heard of people talking to or watching babies/children. I was worried about the picture quality with this monitor, but there was no need. This camera's night vision is sharper than the owlet and we love that we don't have to worry about positioning of the camera because it swivels up/ down and side to side. There is even a zoom function. As far as the battery life. It does die after about 3 hours on constant video. Im sure it would last longer if I put it on sleep mode. But, then whats the purpose of having the monitor? Its not that big of a deal for us since we really on use it when we put our daughter down at night. If I could say one negative thing, it would be that the noise sensitivity is lacking a bit. I can barely hear my daughter on the monitor when she cries. I mostly only know when she is crying by the noise alert that beeps on the monitor. Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase.

Good so far, will update if there are issues. I’ve only had this for about a week now, and after my last experience with a new monitor (babysense) I’m scared to praise too much yet. So far though, super easy set up. Pull it out of the box and it’s already connected. Not that connecting camera is difficult, but it’s convenient. Display is very clear, with or without night vision. Overall the parent unit works very similar to our DXR-8 that we loved but finally went out. Since we don’t like change lol this was very nice for us. I personally still had the mounts up for the babysense monitor (that had issues within a month) and it worked perfectly with that so mounting was a breeze! Sound is nice, if you have a sound machine you’re still going to hear that pretty well through the monitor. I know for some people they don’t like this, but I’ve gotten so used to the sound of their sound machines I can’t sleep without it so I appreciate it. You can still hear the kids just fine even with the sound machine noise. As a heads up it uses a USB-C cable. I do really like them but since we need 2 plug in places and it only comes with 1 cord AND we only have micro USB cables, I had to buy another cord. Not really a deal breaker though.

So far AWESOME. The media could not be loaded. This our 3rd camera with in 8 months, and I have to say very very impressed with this one. Got it last night, very easy to put up and use. Our child is napping and we have black out curtains and the night vision is amazing. I love the wide screen and the HD is so clear. I love how u can move the camera around with a push of a button. If anything should change I will update this review, if u don't see anything then this is the best out of the 3!!!! Just had to added this last photo, it is very very dark in our babies room, look how great the night vision is OMG!!! LOVE IT!!!

Retraction. I'd like to retract my previous review and let everyone know a lesson learned. Instead of reaching out to the manufacturer about the product not working properly, I assumed I'd bought a badly made monitor. Once I left my review, the company reached out to me to make it right. I wasn't the best at responding and they kept following up in a kind and professional manner. In the end, we received a new monitor after we were given the choice to have a replacement sent or a refund and the new monitor works with no issues. I am able to move the camera in my son's room just fine and experience no fuzzy, pixel images any longer. Shame on my for the bad review without try to reconcile with the manufacturer first. I am very happy with my replacement and further more I am very impressed with their customer service. I feel these days customer service is less of a service and more of a disappointment but not this time!


Not the worst monitor but there are better ones out there. This monitor is not my favorite. Installation was fairly simple, 5 screws for each of the 2 camera mounts and once you have them in place the cameras pop off if you want them to although I haven't taken them off. The reasons I do not care for this monitor are, the flip screen option to flip back and forth between cameras gets stuck, I cant get it to cancel out of that mode I have to turn the monitor off and back on and sometimes this doesn't help. The other thing that happens is it will get stuck on one camera and not let me switch to the other one. Another reason is that this monitor loses connection way too frequently. My second hand cheaper Summer infant brand monitor hardly ever loses connection. The only reason I can't use that one anymore is because the screen has become distorted. I was also under the impression that i could hear both cameras at the same time but that may have been an assumption on my part, it seems many multi camera monitors do not offer this function. The monitor also does not switch to the other camera if the baby for camera 2, for instance, is crying but you have the screen set to camera 1. Again this seems to be common as a friend of mine has a much more expensive camera system and she says hers acts in the same way. I still find this to defeat the purpose. Lastly, one of the biggest problems that drives me nuts is that the night vision on on cameras will turn off after about a minute if I have the screen steady on one camer and not using the option to flip back and forth,, and then when I go to switch over to the other camera the night vision takes so incredibly long to turn on and aometimes it doesn't ever trigger and I have to turn the monitor off again and back on.. I'm not really impressed with this monitor and I may be sending it back. I don't know if I will try another 2 camera system or just get 2 separate monitors and cameras. Aside from those issues the picture quality is satisfactory most of the time, night vision can always be better as with most cameras. Its also very straight forward and the buttons are clearly marked as to what they are for. They could have had separate volume buttons but in stead you have to hit short cut and change it from there. Not a big deal it just seems silly. The talk back feature is a plus although I've only used it twice because it really upset my youngest that he could hear me but couldn't see me, which is at no fault of the system so that has nothing to do with my star rating. Overall I can't say I'd recommend this system. It's okay but has way too many flaws for me and I feel I paid too much for what I'm getting out of it.

This is a great baby camera! I am very happy about this camera. The old one that I had almost 5 years was broken and I have been doing research for a couple hours until I found this one. I like that they have an add-on camera to buy that is not so pricey. I noticed some reviews that say this camera can not adjust the volume but actually YOU CAN. You just have to press on the shortcut button and then there is brightness and volume for you to adjust however you like. So far, I'm happy with my purchase and I am also waiting for a third camera to come. Updated: I was using the monitor last night without keeping it plugged in and I turn it on from 8 pm and then at 10 am in the morning I stop using it and the monitor still has 1 bar left. This is a very good monitor. I lower from 5 stars to 3 stars, it's because the monitor on parent unit had some static sound. So, I still like this monitor and plan to do replacement and will update again.

Great at first, then disconnects from cameras. We adored this at first. But slowly we became more and more disappointed. First it wouldn't tilt down far enough if you had it sitting on a shelf or dresser (which means you MUST mount it. Holes in the wall) We could get over that because we tilted it against a frame and made it work for us. Great video and sound quality, great night vision, loved the large screen for the monitor. Then began the connectivity problems. Once or twice the camera would disconnect. No big. At first. Now it does it frequently and is basically useless. Soooo disappointed because I really liked and wanted to love it, but it's NOT reliable.

Great picture! Lacking elsewhere. This camera has wonderful picture displayed on a big screen. Night vision and normal daytime picture is clear. I like that the camera can pan and tilt in every direction and that it can switch between rooms. I also like being able to play music through the monitor, but this one comes with a flaw. Since the music plays through the monitor, the microphone picks up the music in the room, and not the child. Since the music is closest to the mic, all you hear on the parent end, is the LOUD music. I heard my baby screaming through 2 closed doors and down the hall before I heard him over the music on the monitor. If you don't use the music, no biggie. The other downfall is the ability to pan the camera. While it does pan the entire room, there is a significant delay very often. There are times I have to push the button repeatedly for the camera to move. By the time it finally does, it switches to the other room and turns that camera. Again, not a huge deal breaker, but annoying. Lastly, one of my children HAS to have the music on to sleep. This plays very loudly on the parent monitor even with the volume on level 1. There may be a way to fix that, but I haven't figured it out yet. There is a sleep mode to turn off the super bright screen. Overall, great picture which is the most important feature to me. The other qualities definitely are disappointing, but ifyou don't use certain features, not a big deal. A so-so purchase in my opinion.

I really wanted to like this monitor. We bought this when we moved into our new house because our old one was on its last leg and didn’t like the distance between our room and our son’s room, so it disconnected frequently. Found this one on Amazon because you have the ability to add a second camera which is great. First, let me be clear. I love the picture quality. It’s clear and picture perfect even in night mode. However, the one main drawback I have is the sound alert alarm. Our son is almost 5, so I’m not really worried about middle of the night wakings, so we have it set to the least sensitive setting. But even if he is crying full force right underneath the monitor, it doesn’t kick on my alarm. That’s a problem and would absolutely be a problem for a younger child. On the flip side, the alarm goes off if I open the front door, down a floor and at the other end of the house. Again, that’s a problem. Last night alone, the sound alarm went off 3 separate times, and all 3 of those times, my kid was sound asleep. We’re having a second child here shortly, and because of this major downfall in the sound notifications, I think I’ll be switching monitors. I need something more reliable.

Second camera motion didnt work. I got this camera as it looked really good for what I needed in keeping an eye on my special needs toddler. I hooked the first camera up (in his room) and everything worked great. Night vision, great. Screen quality, great. Sound detection, great. I put the second camera up for a while as we didnt need it right away. A couple months later I hooked up the 2nd cam as my toddler started hanging out in more parts of the home alone (the basement). The vision is great and sound is great. But the motion on the second camera does not work. It can be used in a set position, but the rotation feature is not working. The rotation feature was one of the main reasons I purchased this camera as I felt it would allow the best view all the way around the room. But sadly there is not motion at all to the 2nd camera we hooked up.

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