Wipes Dispenser, Wipe Holder for Baby & Adult, Seposeve Refillable Wipe Container, Keeps Wipes Fresh, One-Handed Operation. Non-Slip, Easy Open/Close Wipes Pouch Case, (Grey)

Wipe Holder

Perfect Assistant for Parents When Changing Diaper

Life Saver:

  • If you have a baby in your home, what a perfect baby wipes dispenser, this is simply a life saver.
  • Handling all kinds of emergency moments.
  • Suitable for Bedroom, Baby Room/Nursery.

Wipe Holder

Seposeve Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser-Easy for One Hand Use

Seposeve wipe holder — make your life more convenient. Its own weight plus the weight of the wipes will bring you the perfect enjoyment of pull out the every wipes in erone time, while keeping the wet wipes fresh and moist.

Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser

Pull the wipes out at a time by one hand.

Wipe Holder

Concave Design – Top of the lid

Our product design team took into account that the wipe holder is not in use most of the time, so the surface of the lid is designed as a concave surface, which is convenient for you to place some daily necessities.

Fit for pen, remote control, key, mobile phone, necessities of life.

Concave Design – Top of the lid

Wipe Holder

Wipe Holder

Wipe Holder

Put the Wipes in

Remove the Lid and fill the wipes or tissue towels in dispenser.

Install the Lid

Install the wipe Dispenser lid and confirm that the sealing ring is fully fitted.

Easy Pull Out

Pull the wipe out when using, Close the lid after use.

Wipe Holder

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Sippy Cups Little Tiger Sippy Cups Little Lion Silicone Straw Cups Blue Silicone Straw Cups Green Wipes Case Carrot Toddler Plate
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Features & Specifications

  • Far from Dirty Wipe: The wipes easily get dirty by dust and other spoils after unboxing, Seposeve wipe case can effectively help you to avoid such problem. Effectively keeps the wipe clean, away from dust and stains.
  • Keep the Wipes Fresh: Seposeve uses a dust cover lid and silicone ring inside the wipe dispenser to slow down the evaporation of moisture from the wet wipes, which keeps the wipes Fresh and clean in wipe dispenser.
  • Easy for One Hand Operation: Weighted design for one-hand use, The weight of the wipe holder ensures that only one wipe will be pulled out at a time by one hand.
  • Large Capacity - 80 Wipes: Fits most wipe size on the market. The top concave design of the lid is suitable for placing all kinds of small life items. to 7.72*5.11*3.01 inches. Recommended to fill in 30-50 pcs wipes for easier use
  • Multi-scene Use: Indoors suitable for living room, baby nursery, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc., Outdoors can be placed in a stroller organizer or diaper bag/caddy.
  • Dimensions: ‎7.5 x 5.2 x 3.1 inches
  • Weight: ‎8.4 ounces

Pros & Cons


Well made and easy to refill. I should have purchased this a long time ago. Much easier to open and pull out wipes than from the bag containers of wipes. Now I can buy the more economical large bag of wipes and use this as a dispenser. The container seal is good, so the wipes don’t dry out.

Great dispenser! Got this for my bathroom. It looks sleek and modern. Holds a lot of baby wipes. I haven’t had any issues with the wipes not coming out or coming out in a bunch due to the karge opening. Highly recommend!

Love it! Easy to reload with wipes. Dispense easily if you don't over load it. The best wipes container we've purchased

Great product! This product is great! I've been using the little packages of Cottonelle with the self dispenser and they always got messed up, you can't find the beginning. No problem with this dispenser. I'll probably get it for my other bathrooms.

Keeps wipes moist and work great! This product checked all the boxes. It is attractive, well-made, keeps the wipes moist, and holds a lot of wipes. Plus it seems the right size to hold any brand of wipes.

Great product!! Classy! If your looking for this nice product, do buy it!!


Very small. Great construction and printing, but very small

Not a one-handed wet wipe dispenser. I bought this soley for the one-handed single wipe dispense. The hole is way too big to stop the next wipes from coming out at the same time. The package my pampers wipes came in does a much better job. I know some reviews mentioned the lid doesn't seal, but I have had no problems with it in that aspect.

Super cute but not functional! Lid pops off when dropped and when pressing the lid on its challenging to not shoot water all over you out of the straw. Cute cup but not functional at all!

Not bad, but not good. Bought to use to make diaper changes easier with my newborn. The problem with this wipe holder is that once the wipes get low, you really gotta work to get to the wipes... Kind of defeated the purpose of it so I had to return it. It does keep the wipes moist though and looks nice

Says it seals...it doesnt. The media could not be loaded. The outer portion of the lid has a seal where it connects to the bottom but the actual dispenser lid does not seal whatso ever. I Wanted an air tight seal for keeping in the truck while camping. Wont make wipes dry any slower than just the open bag so whats the point?

Eh…. I got this because I was tired of pulling out multiple wipes at a time from the wipe package. This only works for the first few wipes. When it gets low it’s impossible to pull out just 1 wipe.

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