sodfim Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, 5″ 1080P HD Video Baby Monitor No WiFi, Long Range, 5000mAh Battery, Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, 2 Mounts, Remote Baby Camera Pan Tilt

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baby monitor

What is included:

5″ monitor (parent unit) *1

Camera (baby unit)*1

User manual *1

adapter *2

Mount kit *1

Technical data:

Frequency: 2.4GHz FHSS

Operation Environment: Indoor use only; Temperature 0-40℃; Humidity: 5%-90%rh.(relative humidity)

Operating range: up to 900ft(straight line and open space)

Power adapter: Input: 100-240v. Output: 5V, 700mA

Operating time with battery fully charged: up to 12 hrs(ECO on)

Image sensor type: 1/6.5″ color CMOS image sensor

IR LED type: 940nm

baby monitor

Pan the Camera from your end.

This baby monitor with camera and audio comes with a 5″ LCD Screen and a remote control camera that can rotate 355° in horizontal and 120° vertical, ensuring you always have a clear view of your baby from any angle.

baby monitor

Smooth Lullabies

Smooth built-in lullabies provides a warm and comfortable nursery for your baby.

baby monitor

You can adjust the temperature monitor

The temperature monitor can make alarming sound to alert you when the room temperature gets too low or too high . It can help you adjust a more comfortable and appropriate temperature for your baby.

You can adjust the alarming temperature level.

baby monitor

Night vision and VOX, keep mommy and baby a nice sleep.

In VOX mode, the brigness of display auto turns off if baby room was quiet for 30 seconds. It will turn on again when some voice was detected. Battery consumption can be reduced 50% in VOX mode.

baby monitor

Remote Control Camera

baby monitor


baby monitor

Temperature Monitor

baby monitor

Feeding Clock

baby monitor

Feeding Clock

The feeding reminds you to feed your baby on time as your feeding plan.

baby monitor

You can link up to 4 cameras

You can add cameras to monitor multiple children or rooms with video and audio scan between rooms,which is helpful if you have more than one child, elder, pets to monitor.

baby monitor

Just plug and play

Just plug and play, SM660 baby monitor with camera and audio use 2.4GHZ signal. No wifi, no hacking risks.

baby monitor

960 feet

The signal coverage of the long range baby monitor camera is 960 feet (outdoor), which allows you to be a happy mommy!

baby monitor

Feeding Clock

baby monitor

Multiple Cameras

baby monitor

Just plug and play

baby monitor

960 feet

baby monitor

Two-way Talk

SM660 video baby monitor with camera and audio provids a real-time communication with your baby.

You can talk to your baby whenever you want.

Features & Specifications

  • Remote pan-tilt-zoom baby camera with large video baby monitor screen: This baby camera can rotate 355° in horizontal / 120° vertical / zoom from parent unit, expanding your control view as large as possible.
  • Power saving mode and 3000mAh Battery support you a whole day - This video baby monitor comses with a 3000mAh battery, which can work for 24 hrs in VOX mode(power saving mode), or 5-7 hrs in normal mode.
  • 100% private connection no Wifi- This video baby monitor use 2.4GHz wireless digital technology , which is more stable and more safe than WIFI, providing you clear video and audio. Operating range is up to 960ft long range (without obstacle).
  • Temperature Sonser & 2 Way Talk - The temperature indicator on the parent unit helps you to monitor and keep the temperature in baby room. You can talk to your baby as clear as if you were in the same room via two-way Talk feature.
  • A wonderful gift to new parents - This video baby mointor with camera and audio also has a feeding clock, built-in lullabies, temperature sensor and can work with up to 4 cameras. Multiple functions but simple operate.
  • Dimensions: 4.17 x 4.88 x 6.89 inches
  • Weight: 1.48 pounds

Pros & Cons


Full-featured, SUPER easy, and won't break the bank. There's really a lot to like about this monitor, and the very first on the list is what you will see the second you open the box. Right at the top there's a card with a QR code and website where you can go and register for a a lifetime warranty. It's a nice touch and speaks well of a company that has enough confidence in their product to not only offer the warranty, but to place it so prominently that it cannot be missed. If you're the kind of person that shells out extra money for a protection plan, don't waste your cash! Opening the box you'll find 2 power supplies, the monitor screen, and the camera. The camera has a good picture, good sound pickup, and a wide range of pan and tilt movement. It's really not designed to be right up on top of the crib, but placed back a little so you can have a full view of crib, and even the rest of the room if you care to pan around. The resolution of the picture and the accompanying monitor screen's large size ensures you won't have a problem seeing enough detail. It has a wall anchor in the box if you'd care to mount it on a wall, but we just sat it on its base. Sound quality is decent, with a microphone that picks up even soft sounds. Also, it's smart enough so that when you talk trhough it, your voice doesn't feed back to you, which is nice. The monitor itseld is large, with a clear picture and quite decent sound for what it's meant to do. It doesn't take long to get used to the controls, and there's literally nothing you need to do as far as setup goes other than turning it on. Once the battery is charged you can carry it all over the house without losing signal. It's got an embedded private WiFi connection, so is much more forgiving than BlueTooth. Unless you live in a mansion or all your walls are steel, you won't lose the connection between the monitor and the camera as you roam about. This leads me to something that some people may consider a Con, others a Pro. Because it uses a private WiFi, there is no accompanying app, no connection to anything other than the monitor itself. If you want to see baby while you are away at work or want multiple people to be able to monitor them simultenaeously, then this is not the camera for you. On the other hand, this means you aren't at the mercy of some company not updating their software and the device becoming useless after a couple phone upgrades go by. If you don't need this and it sits in a drawer until a "sudden surprise" 5 years later, it will still function just fine, no matter what version of iOS or Android is current when that happens. All in all, this is a solid buy, drop-dead simple to set up and use, with clear picture and sound. Very good for the price point!

Great monitor at a great price. We love this monitor. It was inexpensive and we have been very pleasantly surprised by its quality, especially at the price point it is at. Positives (almost everything): Portable. It's very easy to move both the camera and the receiver if you decide to (you can also mount the camera, though even with the mount, it's easy to move the camera). They seem to have a good range: we can have the receiver across the house from the camera, and it doesn't seem to have any distortion or anything. Simple interface: Set up was very easy; didn't even need to consult the instruction manual (though it's there and easy to understand if you want/need it). The menus are very easy to use. We bought two monitors so that we could have cameras in a couple different sleeping spots for the baby (again, not necessary with the portability of the devices), and it was simple to connect them so that we could see both cameras from the same receiver. Picture quality, including night vision: Both are very clear. Not much more to say about that. It is also easy to adjust the location/position of the picture, either manually on the camera, or remotely from the receiver. Sound quality: Easy to hear baby when she starts to stir/wake up. Easy to adjust volume from muted to loud enough to wake up dad in the middle of the night. Other features: The receiver has a microphone so you can talk to the baby through the camera. The camera can also play soft music. We haven't made much use of these features, but we did test them out and they seem to work well. Negatives (only one I can think of): Battery life. With the receiver video left on, and unplugged, the battery starts to drain after a couple hours. This might be an unreasonable expectation on my part (maybe it's unreasonable to expect it to last longer than that). I haven't let it drain completely, but based on how fast it starts to drain, I'm guessing about 4 hours of video-on use would drain it completely. Again, with the portability of the devices and the charging cords, this is a very small issue. Just keep it connected to the charging cord overnight. Overall: I would highly recommend this monitor. It's easy to use, has great picture and sound quality, and gives us excellent peace of mind when we're not in the same room as the baby.

Best child safety locks I’ve tried. I’ve tried three different types of child safety locks for my toddler Grandson and they either need a “key” to unlock (a magnet for instance that once he found he got it out of the plastic case and almost swallowed it) or just are too hard to use. This one was very inexpensive and different from anything I’d tried yet so far, so I decided to give safety locks another try. To my husbands joy I removed my shoestring and command strip diy safety locks from our cabinets and drawers and began the process of preparing the surfaces for the new locks using alcohol wipes I’d saved from the last systems. This one doesn’t include them, so just use some rubbing alcohol or dip your rag in your hot toddy (preferably before the honey”) and start wiping. Next, see how long each one needs to be and trim if needed. Then peel the backing off and stick them in place! I then did something a bit unusual, I followed the directions, which means I didn’t lock them together the first 24 hours so they’d go unchallenged by the 2 1/2 foot lock tester in our home which meant they had time to set…..and drumroll please……… Finally, baby safety lock success! Our 2 year old grand baby….sweet, yet very naughty…I mean curious, can no longer try to grab his Mimi’s kitchen knives out of the drawer to “help” cut his apple, or join his teenage counterparts in a tide pod challenge, however, I can thankfully still access these items without breaking the locks out of frustration or product failure. His cabinet of musical instruments stored in my kitchen, (metal pots, lids and wood spoons) however, is still unlocked and readily available for his concerts played for me while I cook. Bottom line: Whether you have a helper or an explorer, these looks will help keep them out.l and still easily let you in. They’ve only been on about a week but so far the sticky backs are still sticking. I’ll update if they begin failing! *I actually bought these. I do not do reviews other than clicking on stars unless I am genuinely moved to out of complete joy or utter frustration, so I hope my joy of this product is if help to you! Final notes: Go ahead and buy them, install them and then let them sit a day. Then test them. Testing before that is difficult because when not installed they’re very difficult to simulate them being on a drawer and opening them. You push the tab forward and it pops off. It’ll still be adhered to the cabinet but the part that released will be on the little plastic belt. I thought it would slide off, the images didn’t help you see how it actually worked, but they don’t, they pop off when you slide the plastic forward. Very easy to open and snap back in place. I leave them unlocked while my grandsons not here and just pop them back on when he toddles over.

I like it! So far I really like this product. I initially got it because I heard good things about it, specifically from influencer Chrissy Horton’s instagram. I bought it because it doesn’t require Wi-Fi and thought how perfect for when we go camping since we go quite a lot. The screen is the perfect size and I like the features.

Good for the price. I have been searching for a baby camera that wouldn't break the bank but that had its own monitor because using the apps on my phone just kill my phone and I can't do other stuff while watching the baby. I received this product super quick and it was packaged nicely. Upon setup I had to charge the monitor which is big! I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the monitor. I loved also that the camera pans 360 which most I have tried do not do that. I also love that the temperature is shown on the monitor. The picture quality is so so when comparing with other brands but it gets the job done. The pics I posted were in the dark and halfway across the room so you can still see enough which from across the room in the dark is not bad at all. Overall for the price and what you get this is a good camera for watching pets and kids.

This is a great camera. This is a great budget camera. The night vision is a little blurry, but I like how you can move the camera around the room remotely! Battery does not last as long as I'd like it to, but I would buy this camera again and recommend!


Overall not as impressive as I'd hoped. In no particular order, a few comments on this baby monitor: - The monitor screen is really large (too big, frankly), and the resolution not particularly high which leaves the impression of poor quality. The resolution is in truth probably close to all the other monitors, but since the screen is so big, it comes off as lower. - The camera feels flimsy when you first handle it, though has held up fine so far (2 weeks). However, it's been hanging up on the wall so it hasn't had to endure any abuse. - The camera doesn't angle up high enough if it's hung perpendicularly on the wall. We had to prop it up a bit to see the crib in full. - It definitely has enough range to see the whole room, which is great when you have two cribs in there, but you end up with one crib straight and one at a 90° angle on the screen, which is odd. The monitor support can only stand up one way, which is disappointing as it's probably an easy design fix. - The intervals of movement are too wide, meaning that when you're trying to move the camera, it moves too much in its minimum increments, so you aren't necessarily able to see exactly the frame you need. - Light detection is fairly low. The screen will be black and white even when there's a decent amount of ambient lighting. - The Vox feature is kind of neat, though in practice it takes too long to turn on. The idea is that the screen will remain black unless triggered by a certain amount of sound, at which point it turns back on automatically. The sound detection works fine, but the screen takes a second or two to turn on, which is an eternity and a half when you kid starts crying in the middle of the night and you need to see what's going on right away. Overall, it's doing the job fine, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

Decent for the price. The night vision is grainy and has a very splotchy image as you can see from the black parts of the picture I uploaded. The daytime vision is pretty decent. The camera has to be wayyyy closer to the bed than my previous monitor. It also takes a long time to charge! I charged it for about 4 hours and still only has 1 bar. It’s decent at the price point but if you’re looking for something high quality, i would skip this

1,000% False Advertisement on quality. Do you guys see the quality in all the pictures they have listed? You would think you’d be getting a monitor that’s 1080p, instead, you get crap. Yes, it’s cool that WiFi isn’t needed, but it’s absolutely horrible they’d promote an amazing picture quality only for you to feel like you’re watching I Love Lucy.

Ok product. They're ok, do the job.

Don’t work! The media could not be loaded. I’m not sure if these are a defective batch, but these are worthless. They don’t lock as they’re supposed to (I’ve purchased a different brand before and that side is supposed to lock and not be able to slide off ever once locked). Please make sure yours locks because if not there are useless.

Flimsy. Don't waste your money. This product does not stick the way it is advertised. If it gets a small tug, the locking part flies off what is supposed to be adhered to.

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