BABELIO 26-40 Inch Easy Install Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Metal Baby Gate, No Drilling, No Tools Required, with Wall Protectors and Extenders

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Babelio Pressure Mounted Baby Gate for Kids and Pets

The Babelio easy-open door is made of all-steel structure and can be quickly installed by pressure or wall mounting. It can be adjusted to accommodate 26-40-inch wide door openings and 30-inch high doors.


Applicable width: 26-40 inches

Applicable height: 30 inches

Applicable places: stairs, bedroom door, bathroom door, toilet door, room door, etc.

Material: Metal

Color: Gray

Weight: 6 kg

Installation mode: Installation by pressure. No tools are required. No need to punch holes in the wall.

Whether it can be removed and reinstalled: Yes

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Perfect for Doorways, Hallways, and Bottom of Stairs.

● No additional tools are required, and no holes are required in the wall.

● The baby door gate is installed quickly by either pressure mount or wall mount.

● The additional bottom anti-collision groove can increase the stability of the safety gate and avoid damage due to strong collision.

● Removable and mobile, it can be reinstalled to a suitable place at any time.

BABELIO 26-40 Inch Easy Install Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Metal Baby Gate, No Drilling, No Tools Required, with Wall Protectors and Extenders

BABELIO 26-40 Inch Easy Install Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Metal Baby Gate, No Drilling, No Tools Required, with Wall Protectors and Extenders

BABELIO 26-40 Inch Easy Install Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Metal Baby Gate, No Drilling, No Tools Required, with Wall Protectors and Extenders


● Easy Open handle features a safety lock that’s easy for an adult to open but difficult for children. Pressure mount defends up to max 220 pounds and installs in 3-10 minutes.


● The height of the safety gate reaches 30 inches, which can effectively block most small and medium-sized pets.

● The additional bottom reinforcement groove can effectively block the pet’s collision.


● We investigated the advantages and disadvantages of most products of the same type on the market. And on this basis, we designed and manufactured our products. We always put the safety of your baby first.

baby gate

We provide separate accessories for you to purchase, if you need additional accessories, just buy them with one click.

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Item Dimensions 29″-48″ 29″-48″ 29″-43″ 29″-43″ 26”-29“ 39”-51″
Material Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal
Pressure Mounted

Features & Specifications

  • QUICK & EASY INSTALL: Pressure mount design that is quick to set up. No additional tools are required for installation, and no need to punch holes in the wall. Please note, before installation there will be a gap between the gate latch and the frame which is NOT a defect and it is NOT bent. This gap will be eliminated once installed.
  • EXTRA NARROW/WIDE/TALL: Expands to fit openings between 26-40 inches wide. Whether it is a narrow bathroom door and toilet door, or a wide doorway and stair, this safety gate is suitable. Stands 30 inches tall. Ideal for use with toddlers and small pets. Please be sure measure your opening prior to purchase to ensure proper fit.
  • AUTO-CLOSE FUNCTION: For added hands-free convenience, this safety gate is equipped with an auto-close function that gently closes the door behind you and a hold-open feature that keeps the door open. This gate swings in two directions and opens effortlessly with one-hand operation.
  • EASY AND SAFETY LOCK : The baby gate is easy to install on the wall, and it has a walk-in door with double lock lever handles, allowing adults to pass easily. It is very suitable as a playground, a fireplace guardrail, an entrance on a stair landing, or a super gate for very large openings.
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE AND ADJUSTABLE: Includes a 5.5-inch wide extension kit, 2 2.75-inch wide extension kits, 2 U-bolt,2 anti-collision grooves and 4 wall protectors. Perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair with banister use. Gate can quickly be removed out of the opening for easy storage.
  • Dimensions: ‎26 x 2 x 30 inches
  • Weight: ‎13.42 pounds

Pros & Cons


Good see thru blockade. ... to keep small children (older ones of around 3 will learn how to operate the gate latch) and medium to large dogs corralled and out of harms way - especially the kitchen while cooking. They can see and "talk" to you without getting under foot ... no banging / scratching and caterwaling at a shut door. Okay, they can still do that through the gate but usually it is less so; AND it is easier to keep an eye and ear on them. Once properly installed, it works well and is very sturdy and durable. There are a couple of different sized endpieces to adjust the gate's size to different size door openings. However, those just "fit" into the gate with nonlatching metal pins into holes in one or both sides of the main gate part. So you may have some trouble holding one or both of those in place while fitting and tightening the appropriately sized gate configuration into a door opening. Pins with popin round ball latches would help, but I guess that would add cost and be another part that could break. HINTS - it is probably best to install the gate on the nonopening side of the door, so the door can still be closed with the gate in place. The plastic screw adjustable metal screw barrels (two for each side, each with a circular padded head) for clamping the gate into the door frame just slip into holes on the gate (or extensions) and may fall out during installation if one is not careful. Also, it takes a good amount of hand strength to adequately tighten those (at least on one side) against the door frame to secure the gate - so you might need some thin channel lock pliers to help. BEWARE - the latching side of the gate is under strong outward tension and is only connected by a stiff rail at the bottom. SO, taking the zip tie off of its top portion before installation can make the install harder (must be squeezed manually together to install). As I sometimes put it away or change its location, I velcro strap that before taking it apart for relocation. Such a strap should actually be used / supplied by the manufacturer rather than a one use only plastic zip tie! ALSO, even with good tightening against the door frame, opening and closing the gate OR accidentally kicking the lower gate frame bar may result in knocking the gate out of alignment, which can cause the gate latch to not work well or at all. SO, avoid slamming and try to remember to step OVER that lower bar.

Sturdy gate, excellent customer service. Very sturdy gate and easy to assemble. Best baby gate I've owned for my pets, with plenty of attachments to make it work for your space. Excellent customer service. Initial gate I ordered broke after a few weeks of normal use. I sent a photo to the seller, and they replaced it immediately -- it took under a week between my first message to the seller and receiving the new gate. Satisfied with my purchase and the response I received. Would buy again if I ever need another gate.

Works great. Purchased this for our granddaughter's upcoming visit. It functions exactly as expected and wasn't too difficult to install. Some mechanical ability is helpful though to understand what makes the gate latch engage. Basically, the function of the mounting hardware is not only to hold the gate in place, but also to close the distance between the gate latch and the frame so that it can close properly. Another reviewer mentioned that the gate didn't close. This is most likely because the gap is too big and needs to be adjusted. Would definitely recommend.

Solid and Stable. Ordered to replace another gate that just would not stay in place. This one has not yielded to 45 pounds of rambunctious pup - much to her dismay. The only drawback - and it is a minor one, is the little wrench is required to get it tight enough against the wall. Perhaps that is what makes it function better but finger flips on the tightening blot would make it completely tool-free. Now I just hope Nova doesn't figure out she could probably jump over it. Until then, perfect.

I'm using as a doggy gate for my laundryroom. So it's kind of for a baby. I have a new puppy and this gate is excellent for putting the baby up at night. The gate is self closing and latching which is perfect when you have a squirmy puppy in your hands. Also, the handle needs two points of contact to open. This is awesome because my puppy doesn't have thumbs, so even if she tries to break out, no way. Unless of course nature intervenes and she is the one that develops the ability to use tools. Then dear God, you won't be worrying about the gate. It will be like, jeesh the puppy got out and hey look it's using the can opener. We'll clearly the gate is awesome, but look out for those puppy's.

Gets the job done once it’s assembled correctly. The zip tie that wasn’t supposed to be removed until after the gate was securely in place slipped down the slat before I had finished tightening all the bolts. I used a heavy duty Velcro strap in its place. If you are able to improvise if the same problem happens, you will have a nice looking gate that seems very secure. Mine is to keep my puppy out of my bedroom because he was destroying any shoes that were on the floor instead of in the closet. Good luck with the assembly.


Poor design. If you need this for safety amd in a wide door opening it’s not a good choice. The extenders are flimsy and fold easily. Seriously disappointed. Works great if you don’t need extensions. If you need them it’s so questionable-to the point I’m shocked it is cleared as a safety device.

Instructions are terrible. Read then reread, then assess all parts, then reread again. Overall this seems well made and sturdy. However, the instructions are awful for this product. Step 1 is measure then nothing after that about what do do with measurements. There should be some instructions additional to step 1. For instance, if your doorway is 36" you will need to use this configuration. Whatever you do DON'T REMOVE THE ZIP TIE THAT HOLDS THE TENSION of the gate spring. There also should be in the instructions a BIG STOP then READ THIS then don't remove this zip tie. It really takes 2 people to assemble this but you could probably do it with better instructions.

It doesn’t stay in the wall. No matter how we place the gate, it continues to come off the wall

It is easier with 2 people. The gate has been wonderful for almost a year. All of a sudden a very important part fell off. Unfortunately, it cannot be fixed. I’m quite upset that I have to pay another $70 to replace it.

Door doesn’t latch. Unfortunately the dog doesn’t always latch which causes an issue for the animals to get into an area they shouldn’t be.

Slides out of the doorway to easily when fully extended. This gate looks great and is easy to set up. We had two of the extension sections installed and it kept sliding out of the doorway. The fit is not tight when expanded for a 32” door.

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