BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler, Dual Sided, with Premium Mattress Cover

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BABELIO Deluxe Crib Mattress

BABELIO Crib & Toddler Mattress with Tencel Cover

  • Mattress Material:

Memory foam & Firmer foam

  • Mattress cover fabric composition:


Choose the suitable mattress

Adopts a dual-sided sleep design, to accompany your baby’s growth

The firmer foam side provides good support and helps newborn’s spinal development, while the softer memory foam side provides maximum comfort for toddlers.

Premium Tencel Bed Sheet

About Tencel

From Forest to Fabric6-layers materialsEasy to clean

standard size crib mattress Cloud 1 Cloud 3 Cloud 4 Cloud Fold pack and play mattress
Cloud 2 Cloud 1 Cloud 3 Cloud 4 Moon 1 Moon 2
Product Type Crib/Toddler Mattress Crib/Toddler Mattress Crib/Toddler Mattress Crib/Toddler Mattress Pack and Play Mattress Pack and Play Mattress
Dimension 52″ x 27.5″ x 4.7″ 52″ x 27.5″ x 4.7″ 52″ x 27.5″ x 4.7″ 52″ x 27.5″ x 5″ 38″ x 26″ x 2.4″ 38″ x 26″ x 3.25″
Features Tencel cover; Memory foam Memory foam Soy Memory foam Soy fiber mattress cover; Memory foam Quatro-fold; Foldable Tencel cover; High-density foam
Machine washable mattress cover
Waterproof lining

Features & Specifications

  • 【HIGH-QUALITY TENCEL PROTECTOR】 BABELIO uses a high-quality mattress cover made of 44% Tencel and 56% polyester fiber, which is skin-friendly, breathable and environmentally friendly.
  • 【DUAL-SIDED SLEEP MATTRESS】 Baby’s good sleep is closely related to a comfortable mattress. In order to better accompany baby’s growth, BABELIO mattress adopts a double-sided sleep design. The firmer side suitable for infants, and the softer side for toddlers.
  • 【EASY TO REMOVE & CLEAN】 Comes with a removable ultra-soft polyester bed cover and waterproof non woven fabric lining. The zipper design makes the cover easy to remove and install. And the bed cover can be machine-washed or hand-washed directly.
  • 【BREATHABLE UPGRADE DESIGN】The mattress is made of CertiPUR-US certified high quality foam with ventilation holes, which is safe, environmentally friendly, odorless and quality assured.
  • 【WARRANTY SERVICE】All Babelio mattresses are covered by an after-sales guarantee. Since the mattresses are delivered compressed in a box, if you receive a defective, damaged or non-expandable mattress, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a free return or exchange.
  • Dimensions: 51.97 x 27.56 x 4.72 inches
  • Weight: 10.38 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great mattress. So 3rd baby and my littles love my bed. They could literally sleep all day on my bed because it’s so soft and warm. As soon as baby starts rolling that can’t happen anymore. So went on a hunt for a wonderful mattress that’s comfortable and safe for my 5 month old. So far we love it. It’s been a couple weeks. She sleeps well. It’s firm but not like her bassinet. We let it inflate for 2 days as it comes in a vacuum sealed bad. It went to normal size within minutes but we wanted to ensure no lumps or weak corners by putting the crib sheet on too quickly. The toddler side is so soft. I can’t wait to use that side.

Strong smell that won’t go away. Upon opening this toddler mattress, I knew it was going to have a chemical smell. I’m no stranger to memory foam mattresses and know the drill. But boy, this one smelled very strong. Took 3 days to air out completely. I put it my basement for the first 12 hours. After that didn’t work as expected, I put it outside in my backyard for 8 hours on day 2 and 3. Now my toddler is sleeping on it and it’s her first night ever in her own space since she was a newborn (don’t come after me) and I still can’t believe it. Update: It’s day 5 and the mattress still has a strong smell. I even washed the zippered cover. Even though the smell is strong, my daughter has slept just fine on it. It still makes me feel uneasy to continue letting her sleep on it so I’m returning it. It’s causing me too much stress. Really wanted to keep trying to air it out but I can’t keep putting outside when the weather is bad for days straight. And bottom line, I need a mattress for my kid’s bed so she can sleep and that’s what takes priority right now.

10/10. Just finished setting up my girl’s crib and after feeding her, set her down for a nap and she was out like a light! she loves it!

Outstanding customer service. The company reach out on their own and were so helpful with an issue I had. I really like that they stand behind their products and make it so easy. I have a few of their other products and we really like them.

Perfect. Did it have a smell to it. Let it air for a few days.

Perfect baby shower gift. As the honorary grandparent this is a family tradition to buy the baby crib. This mattress is definitely an upgrade from previous years


Thin. Much thinner than expected. After a few days, I expected this to be a thicker mattress. I hope it’s comfortable for a toddler.

Looks comfortable but the smell won't go away. Bought this mattress for my granddaughter that is 10 months old. It looks very comfortable but we can not get rid of the smell that comes with the foam mattress. I have tried airing it out and even letting it sit outside but all the bedding and room still smell. I'm wondering if this is why my granddaughter is having trouble sleeping?

Smells. Has a really bad smell, like chemicals. I have not been able to get it out

Horrible smell. Smells horribly like chemicals! Would not recommend for an adult to sleep on this, let alone a child!

Way thinner than it looks! I should have read the measurements better. My old Sealy cost the same and was the better choice but I didn't have time to go into a store to buy a replacement. It's comfy so I kept it but bought a cheapy $30 mattress to lay it on. 🤷🏽‍♀️

NOT AS ADVERTISED. Much thinner than described

Why Online?

When you are looking for product reviews or product information like features and specs before you take an action to buy it, you may see similar things here and there that major online stores top the list. Why so many people prefer shopping online?

Nowadays, being with digital stuff, people can have more options in a more intutative way easily by internet, no matter they use pc, smartphones, or tablets. Buying BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler is just a piece of cake if you go for online shopping that you could do shopping anytime you wish and you could easily make a cancellation if you find it not good as expected.

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Aspects You Should Foucus on When Buying BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler Online

Is BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler urgently needed? Well, shopping online requires some research that you need to ask yourself some questions. To help you with that, we cover all the important ones and put up a list.

Go through the following list and feel free to do your own research while buying the BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler.

  • Is the BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler worth the money?
  • What advantages and disadvantages does it have?
  • Does the BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler you choose have any eye-catching or leading features?
  • What are the features or specs of the BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler that make it outstand?
  • Does the BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler come with a warranty?
  • Does it have any cons or defects that existing customers have found out?
  • Where can you get enough information for BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler?
  • Where can you get the best BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler?

Easily, you may come up with more questions than those on the above list, just ask yourself. Research and then research again, until you get the answers or you are satisfied with it.

Benefits of Shopping Online

There are many benefits for you to shop online. We have put up some for your reference when shopping online. Let us see what benefits online shopping offers:

Best Price

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How to Choose Your BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


First, check the price tag for a possible best deal. You can make a price comparison between different sellers or platforms and choose the one that you are satisfied with.


Second, before you buy the BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler, you should take the brand of the product into account. You may learn to seperate the products for different brands to make a right decision.


Third, a warranty is a must for the BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler. Nobody likes to spend money on anything that does not last long, right?


Another thing to check for your BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler is functionality. You can accomplish that by checkcing the features and / or specs. The more features / specs you see, the more functions your BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler could offer.


Moreover, you must check the dimensions for your BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler because wrong size may result in wasting time and money. It is highly recommended to learn about the dimensions of the product before any action.


In addition to the above, you should check the color for your BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler as well. Does it offer color options? Do you like the color of the product? Then check if the color you have selected is available.

Existing Customer Reviews

The last thing to check is customer reviews. No matter how many the features are, no matter how powerful the specs are, you must verify that by lookig into existing customer reviews generally listed right after the features and specs, or before the bottom of the page. See what they say about the products, how they feel and probably an update after one or two months' use. Finally, make a decision to buy or not to.


This is a basic wrap up for buying BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler online. We hope you will find this helpful. You can follow this shopping guide to get the possible best deal for your own online.

Furthermore, you can do more research yourself to learn more about the best BABELIO Memory Foam Crib Mattress for Baby & Toddler. If our shopping guide helps you, please share it.

Wish you get a great deal!

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