Aidmom Double Hands Free Breast Pump Electric Wearable Breast Pump Portable , 3 Modes&9 Level Touch HD Display Comes with 19mm /21mm/ 24mm/ 28mm Flanges

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Aidmom Wearable Breast Pump Pink Aidmom Double Wearable Breast Pump Pink Aidmom Breast Pump Whole Bowl Aidmom Wearable Breast Duckbill Valves & Diaphragm Aidmom Wearable Breast Pump Diaphragm Aidmom Wearable Breast Pump Duckbill Valves
Material Food-grade Silicone Food-grade Silicone Food-grade Silicone Food-grade Silicone Food-grade Silicone Food-grade Silicone

Aidmom Breast pumpwearable breast pump

We are committed to the development and production of breast pumps, providing the better breastfeeding solutions for mothers around the world.

hands free breast pump

Safety, Caring for Moms

We cooperate with famous universities, hospitals, research institutions and breastfeeding experts around the world technology. Brings reliable and innovative products to Moms.

  • Pump Model:3
  • Level :9
  • Every Usage time:≤30min/time
  • Adapter output:5V==1A
  • Max Suction:≥320mmHg
  • Working Condtion:5-40℃ RH<80%
  • Battery Capacity:1200Amm

Where there is a home, there is Aidmom

No tubes , no cords, , no wasted time—Aidmom Breast Pump has just four parts to clean and is easy to assemble. You can focus on other things while you pump.

This is the newest series of wearable breast pump , which has elegant appearance and advanced pump technology to provide with high cost-effective enjoyment.

  • Aidmom Electric Breast Pump is an ultra-quiet, designed to discreetly slip inside your bra. Small, lightweight, and hands-free, Aidmom portable breast pump tucks discreetly into your bra. Feel confident pumping hands-free anywhere—from the boardroom to baby’s room.
  • What’s included:
  • 2 x Breast Pump
  • 2 x Type-C Cable
  • 1x Quick Installation Guide
  • 8 x Flanges(size:19mm/21mm/24mm/28mm *2)
  • 2 x Valv
  • 2 x Silicone Diaphragm
  • 2 x Silicone Sealing Ring

elctric breast pump

hands free breast pump

breast pump hands free

hands free breast pump electric

Super Battery Life

TYPE-C interface is safe and convenient,1200mAh large-capacity battery,charging is very convenient, it can be connected to a computer, adapter, power bank, car charger, etc..

Small and Portable

This wearable breast pump is small and portable, does not take up any space. You can put it in your backpack when driving,traveling, hiking or working, you can use it at any time any where.

Easy to Clean

Pump accessories can be take-apart. You can clean by boliing water ,steam ,microwave ,dishwasher top rack.Make cleaning more convenient. Never wash or sterilize the pump motor, this component does not come into with your breast milk.

Breast pump

More Questions You Might Care About ?

Q:How is the suction?

A: 3 modes and 9 adjustable gears, any mom can find the right suction .

Q: Is it the right size for me?

A:Package include 4 sizes of flanges, 19mm/21mm/24mm/28mm Flanges,Most mothers can use it.

Q:Is the motor washable?

A:No,the pump motor can not be washed ,It is isolated from milk and only needs to be wiped lightly.

Q:Can I buy replacement parts?

A:Yes, you can easily buy replacement parts, we recommend replacing parts every 2-3 months.

Features & Specifications

  • 【Efficient Breast Pumping】: Aidmom 3 modes & 9 levels of smart suction technology adjusts based on your preference. Breast pumping mode Imitating the baby's actual sucking frequency . Massage mode stimulate breasts before pumping to help fast sucking , comfortable & pain-free. Easily to find the right suction power to get more milk in shorter time.
  • 【Food-grade Silicone】: All parts are made from food grade material and BPA-free. No worry about potential chemicals into mom's breast milk. You can rest assured that breast milk will be 100% safe for your baby .The professional backflow protection system prevents the milk from getting into the electric breast pump motor, and keeps the milk clean.
  • 【Low Noise 】: Innovative pumping technology, the sound is less than 45 dB when used, and will not disturb a sleeping baby.good for travel and on the go. You can working , get outside or simply enjoy some peace quiet... all while you pumping. This electric breast milk pump is perfect for new moms or moms who have been after delivery for a period of time.
  • 【Convenient Charge】: Sensitive touch panel , one finger to control, easy to operate.Display the working mode,suction level,time and battery status clearly. 30 minutes of scheduled shutdown, simple operation. 1100 mAh capacity battery, Type-C charging is faster, after fully charged, it can be used for about 80 minutes / 3- 5times.
  • 【Warm Tips】: We are the ONLY breast pump supplier with a one-year warranty. If you have any problems, please CONTACT our team to get help,We will be at your service 24/7.

Pros & Cons


10/10. Highly recommend, I was pumping for an hour to get 3 ounces. First pump gave me 6 ounces on one and 7 on the other!. 10/10

Great for pumping while bottle feeding! This is the best pumping product I’ve purchased for my mental health by far. Love that it comes with TWO pumps since I do have two breasts and like to pump both at once for 20 minutes and not spend 40 minutes thinking about pumping( esp. at night) I almost use this pump exclusively compared to my one I have to sit in one place for. I love the mobility I have either at home, or on the go. You know a mother’s job is never done! I do dishes, vacuum, laundry, all while pumping. When on the go, it’s small enough to keep in a little cooler, I usually get two to three pumps out of each before it needs to be recharged.I really appreciate that it has both expression and massage modes, and the price is SO much better than those really expensive brands. The only minor draw back I could list, it's a bit tricky pouring the milk out of the collection cups. The first couple of times, I spilled a little but then I got the hang of it and haven't had a problem since. I would highly recommend getting this pump if you don't want to spend an arm and a leg!

Best breast bump I ever have!! I love it because is light and I have got the doble amount of breast milk and in the half time than my Medela! , it’s friendly for the breast and doesn’t hurts! It has a high suction setting that works great!

Better than my Spectra! I’m not usually a review kind of person but if you’re anything like me.. not wanting to spend an arm and a leg on wearable pumps but need that flexibility of being free from wires, this is the one for you! I was hesitant on this because the lack of reviews but I totally went for it and I don’t regret it! I almost want to say that it works better than my Spectra. The most recent days, it’s been giving me 5-6 oz (total) a session while my Spectra gives me 4oz a session. The first couple of days did hurt my nipple, they felt so raw that I almost returned it. With enough cream and a couple tries later, it’s been totally fine. Definitely recommend!

Can be used anywhere. What I love about this pump is that I can really wear and take them anywhere without being tethered to a cord or tube. With this pump, I found that wearing a sports bra or something without wires works best with these pumps. I am able to wear these even while camping and still cook breakfast. In general, I can be cooking on the stove and still be pumping at the same time. I've even been able to clean and pick up areas all while pumping. I recently started going back to work and found that when compared to my last baby, this is so much easier. Before I would have to lug a backpack to the bathroom but with these pumps, I'm able to put them in my purse and sit a lot more comfortably while pumping. The cups are easy to clean too.

Good product. I like this product, easy use and good quality. I can get things done and don’t have to just be sitting down. In just three minutes I had pumped 2 oz, it has great suction. It works great and efficient. Super easy to us and clean Thanks u so much


Leaks and noisy. I got this because it aaid quiet, which is a lie lol. It is louder than my Motif. The first day I used it, I liked it. But it leaks so bad. I lost a but bit of milk, which would be a problem if I didn't over supply. I used it a different day, and barely got anything out. So I havent used it since. Easy to clean, easy to put together. It does catch on to lint and such very easily, so be careful when pumping. It Does have a nice bit of pieces to lean, maybe 6 total. Suction good, can hurt if too high, which could happen along with modes changing since the buttons change with the blow of air. Literally, the buttons are too sensitive and would cut on whenever I would try to put it in my bra. Didn't use it much because of the milk loss and lack thereof pumping, ended up back with my Motif.

When it works right it’s great, has some serious flaws tho. I bought this because it was similar to the one I had before but I could get replacement parts at a reasonable price. But this has a lot of problems, it turns off randomly, sometimes the settings don’t work right ( like I’ll have it on the option where it’s 3-5short strokes then a long one and it’s just doing the short ones which does not pull enough milk out in its own to empty) sometimes I can change the setting like it stuck or something. And it sucks to clean (but so far they all do) I do like that it’s still hands free, how easily it puts together, that it comes with different size nipple pieces.

Warning……Ripped my skin off my areola!! Warning!!!! I used the 24 mm silicone adapter for my nipple size and this caused my skin on my areola to rub/rip off. It took a week to heal with the skin ripped off around ny nipple so this made it hell for me to breastfeed period along with my nipples are more sore than ever because of this. Do not use these silicone adapters!!!!!! I really wanted this to work for me so I hesitantly used it again this morning without the 24 mm adapter at all and it was better with no ripping. Because of this I do not feel it is worth the price. Because of me waiting for the delivery and the convenience of hands free pumping now I am keeping it but I would not repurchase nor recommend it since it ripped my skin off.

Good for the price. It works fairly well and for the cost compared to other breastpumps on the market, it's pretty good. Here are the things I do not like. There are too many parts to clean and assemble, it is tedious and time consuming. The power levels are not very noticeably different as you move from one to the next. If you are having any trouble with producing breast milk, this product may not be the best option. I felt like I lost quite a bit of my milk in all the pieces inside and trying to salvage all you can get is also tedious and time consuming. On a positive note - it does work fine, if you don't mind the bulkiness it does help with feeing up your hands to do other things. Overall, I would consider how much you produce and how often you will pump prior to purchasing this product.

Didn’t make pumping any easier. I bought this thinking it would make pumping a bit easier for me being hands free, but it was honestly just more of a pain in the ass to clean and it leaked if it wasn’t snapped together properly. It had AMAZING suction, but the flange was not at a good angle for gravity to drip the milk down, and the valve was in my milk after it filled to about 10ml which I believe was why I never was able to draw out the same amount or more than my hospital pump. Don’t waste your money. If you want to try a hands free pump, I would suggest renting one from a local pregnancy center first before our purchasing your own.

Decent breast pump; too bulky for me. The media could not be loaded. A few days after I received it and used it once, one of the pumps started to malfunction (as shown in the video). It’s working good now. It’s a fair price. I don’t like how bulky it is in my bra and the maintenance to keep them clean (too many different parts) is inconvenient for me. However, the suction is pretty good.

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