AUDEW Auto Digital Tire Inflator

AUDEW Portable Air Compressor Pump 12V Tire Inflator Review – Powerful and convenient in trips

If you often drive on your own or with your family for trips, especially in desolate places like desert, you probably need a quality portable air compressor in case that you have issues with the tires. In addition to that, a nice portable air compressor can be used for sorts of inflatable items such as pool toys, which is a handy and useful tool for vacations with your kids and absolutely a must have for your car. If you are planning to buy one, I am so glad here to share what I have researched and reviewed for that with you. The air compressor pump I am going to introduce is the AUDEW portable air compressor pump, which is small but powerful for your convenience in trips and many other applications.



Easy to Use

This air compressor pump uses a type of cigarette socket that can be inserted directly, and comes with a 3-meter line to facilitate the front and rear tire inflation. With One-touch switch, you just press START to get it work, and press close to stop it. In this way, the AUDEW air compressor pump is very convenient for you to use, automatically and rapidly inflating tires for you.


Auto Shutoff

The AUDEW tire inflator uses inflate right technology to automatically shut off when the proper tire pressure is reached. With this inflator, you can simply set the desired pressure level and press the ‘ON’ button that when the set pressure is reached, the inflator automatically shuts off.


LED Flashlight

As powerful and typical, the jump starter is built with LED flashlight, located at one end of the charger. The light has 3 modes (steady light, strobe and SOS) and is bright enough for lighting up the immediate area when you are trying to connect the cables to your dead battery. The light is activated by pressing and holding the power button. The flashlight mode can be changed again by pressing and holding a second or third time for the strobe and SOS feature. You can quickly press twice for the flashing red emergency light, which is located on the top of the case by the compass. With this powerful LED flashlight, you can use the red emergency light as a hazard warning signal to notify a traffic accident or call for emergency services.

Equipped with bright and long-lasting LED lights, the portable air compressor pump is great for easy night use, so you can see clearly while you are inflating your tire at night or making quick repairs on a dark country road.


Safety and Durable

This portable and convenient air compressor pump has passed multiple repeated safety tests with high-speed cooling, so as to ensure it is safe to use and durable for a long time.



Designed and made as compact, the portable air compressor pump is easy to lift and carry around. You can easily keep this compact air compressor / tire air inflator in your vehicle for the inevitable day you will need it.


Features & Specifications

  • Designed and made to be portable with 3-meter power cord for your most convenience to facilitate the front and rear tire inflation
  • Uses inflate right technology to automatically shut off for proper tire pressure
  • Equipped with long-lasting LED lights for you to easily use at night
  • Uses cigarette socket to get power from your vehicle directly, very convenient for you
  • Passes multiple repeated safety tests with high-speed cooling, safe and durable for you to use for long time
  • Comes with 3 different tips, perfect for use on cars, bikes, motorcycles and many more
  • Power: 120W
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V
  • Max Operating Current: 10A
  • Max Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Flow: 35 / min
  • Power Cord Length: 3M
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 8.3 x 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds


AUDEW Auto Digital Tire Inflator
AUDEW Auto Digital Tire Inflator


AUDEW Auto Digital Tire Inflator for Multi Purpose
AUDEW Auto Digital Tire Inflator, for multi purpose


AUDEW Auto Digital Tire Inflator Specs
AUDEW Auto Digital Tire Inflator, specs


Pros & Cons

Pros: Easy to use; Digital; Portable; Durable; Auto Shutoff for proper pressure you set.

Cons: Continuous working time is only 8 minutes.



Overall, the AUDEW auto digital tire inflator is a nice portable tool that you must have in your car in case of an emergency, in addition to many applications including sports equipment and inflatables adaptors. This portable air compressor pump is compact but so powerful and durable for convenience and ease of use that it earns many praises and is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by real life customers, making it as one of the best sellers on Amazon. So if you are looking for a compact and durable air compressor / tire inflator for you vehicle, I highly recommend the AUDEW Auto Digital Tire Inflator.


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