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Wireless HD Transmitter & Receiver

Why choose our wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver?

  • Built-in ESD electrostatic protection circuit, all-round protection of system security.
  • Easy installation, plug-and-play, no additional settings.Avoid the cost and time of installing complex and expensive wiring infrastructure.
  • Support IR pass-back with 20-60KHzfrequency,with local loop-out function.
  • 1080P high-definition picture quality, support 1080P@60Hz high-definition resolution, support 60 times per second picture update frequency, clear and natural playback, smooth and clear picture”.
  • Wireless Video Transmitters and Receivers work with most HDMI-equipped devices, including DVDs, DVRs, IPTV, CCTV Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, cable/satellite boxes and computer systems, game consoles, and more/connected HDTVs , projectors, monitors, etc.
  • 5.8G wireless transmission with dual antenna design improves the quality and reliability of wireless HDMI signals.

With the increase of RX, the wireless transmission distance will be shortened.(line of sight distance,unobstructed)

1 TX to 1 RX transmission distance: 200m; 1TX to 2 RX transmission distance: 60m;

1 TX to 3 RX transmission distance: 30m; 1 TX to 4 RX transmission distance: 20m;


1. Connect up to four pairs simultaneously without interference.

2. This wireless hdmi extender can support 1 TX to 4RXs (Max), you can add more RXs according to the quatity you need.

Noted: Users need to pair themselves as needed (as picture) to allow multiple expander RXs to be used. If more RXs are needed, you can search for the

B09XQRCDQK to purchase, which allows up to 1 TX and 4 RXs connections.

wireless hdmi kit

Audio Separation

The AMS interface on the TX is used to collect external audio, and the sound is transmitted through the TX to the RX for play the collected sound.

Installation Steps

  • 1.First connect the HDMI cable, the signal source connect Sender (transmitter) IN input; local display device connect Sender(transmitter) OUT output.
  • 2.Then connect the receiver to a remote display device (such as a television, a splicing screen and so on).
  • 3.IR remote control function: pay attention to the infrared head of the sender should face and close to the signal source.

Supports vivid, high-definition videos up to 1080p @60Hz. Compatible with HDMI 1.3(High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) and Loop out 1080P full HD signal to the local monitor.

hdmi transmitter and receiver


  • This HDMI wireless extender can transmit 1080P video, but not 4K.
  • Transmission distance will vary depending on the environment. Walls, bricks or glass may shorten the signal coverage or cause obvious signal loss.
  • Multiple Wireless HDMI Extender Kits operating within close proximity of eachother can cause signal interference
  • At present, if your HDMI OUT port carries ARC, then this product can only transmit video, but cannot transmit audio.
  • Do not install multiple kits in the same location as this may cause signal interference. There will be a delay if an obstacle is encountered.

Resolution supported: 1080p@50Hz /1080p@60Hz/ 1080p@24Hz / 1080p@25Hz / 1080p@30Hz / 720p@50Hz / 720p@60Hz / 576i@50Hz / 480p@60Hz

HDMI Transmitter

HDMI wireless Transmitter and receiver

HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Wireless

Plug-and-play, HDMI local loop-out

Quick and easy setup as no complicated cables or wires are required and no software has to be installed. The HDMI local output on the transmitter acts as a distributor and provides an additional output for use by the local display.

IR Extension

This wireless transmitter and receiver supports an infrared remote control that allows you to control the source device at the receiver. Change channels, pause, play, fast forward and control any other function of your cable, satellite box, DVD or Blu-ray player and any other A/V device in your system.

Up to 200m

With this Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver, you can stream Full HD 1080p video content up to 656 ft away from your home (line of sight distance,unobstructed), with a reduced transmission distance when blocked by obstruction. The extender greatly improves the stability of the signal and transmission range.

remote transmitter and receiverwireless transmitter and receiver

Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Wireless HDMI Type C Transmitter and Receiver HDMI EXTENDER
Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver TYPE-C Wireless Transmitter and HDMI Receiver HDMI EXTENDER Over CAT6/6e/7
Internet Wireless, WIFI Wireless, WIFI Wired, Single Cat6/6e/7 RJ45
Resolution 1080P 1080P UltraHD 1080P
Transmission Range 656ft/200m 165ft/50m 656ft/200m
Frequency 5.8GHz 2.4GHz/5.8GHz /
Connection Method (TX) HDMI Cable USB-C Cable HDMI Cable
Compatible Systems (TX) / iOS/Android/MacOS/ Windows/ ChromeOS /
Compatible Devices (TX) Satellite/ Blu-ray/ Set-top Boxes/ DVRs/ Laptops/ TVs/ Monitors/AV Receivers/ Computer Systems… Any laptop with USB-C (Thunderbolt 3/4 Laptop USB3.1 GEN1/2) PC/DVD Player/Streaming Devices/Cable Box/Media Player/Cameras/Monitors/TVs…
Special Function IR Remote Control/ HDMI Loop-Out TX no need extra power; RX can be used alone with AirPlay/Screen Mirroring/Smart View/Miracast, for iPhone/iPad Android Phone/Tablets to cast to the HDTV/Projector/Monitor… One-to-One Mode/One-to-Many Mode/Cascade Connection Mode/IR Remote Control/Local Loop Output
Instructions Plug and play, no drive or APP needed Plug and play, no drive or APP needed Plug and play, no drive or APP needed

Features & Specifications

  • 【Noted:This is RX Only】 【Splitter Function】Support 1 TX up to 4 RXs Max, 1TX to 1RX (200m), 1TX to 2RX(60m), 1TX to 3RX(30m), 1TX to 4RX(20m) . Buy the pair package from this ASIN: B09XQ65XWV.
  • 【Support Max 1TX to 4RXs】The wireless hdmi transmitter and receiver can support 1 TX to 4 RX (max), you can add more RX as needed. if you need more RX, you can search this ASIN:B09XQ65XWV to buy, you can connect up to 1 TX and 4 RX. as RX increase, the wireless transmission distance will be shortened. (Line of sight distance, pass through), 1 TX to 1 RX transmission distance: 200m; 1 TX to 2 RX: 60m; 1 TX to 3 RX: 30m; 1 TX to 4 RX: 20m.
  • 【5.8G high-speed transmission,656Ft Line Of Sight Transmission】Dual antenna design, 5.8G strong signal. 656FT long distance transmission, reducing wiring difficulties and costs. [Note: Transmission distance will vary depending on the environment. Walls, bricks or glass can shorten signal coverage or cause severe signal loss].
  • 【 IR remote Control,Local Loop-out】This wireless HDMI extender can be used to control set-top box devices. After installing the TX and RX IR, simply point the remote control at the IR head on the RX side. Remotely control your bedroom TV to reduce walking and switching channels.Also has local loop-out function.With local loop-out function,there is no delay in signal transmission.
  • 【Less Latency,Support Full HD 1080P @ 60Hz】0.12s wireless transmission latency,suitable for conference and church projection.There is some latency when playing games,so it is not recommended for real-time gaming.Full HD support.1080p@50Hz /1080p@60Hz/ 1080p@24Hz / 1080p@25Hz / 1080p@30Hz / 720p@50Hz / 720p@60Hz / 576i@50Hz / 480p@60Hz
  • 【Wide Compatibility,Plug & Play】The wireless HDMI Extender support a variety of HDMI source devices, including set-top boxes, DVRs, laptops, projectors, TVs, monitors, Blu-ray players, AV receivers, cable/satellite boxes, and computer systems. Setup is quick and easy, with no complicated cables or wires to run and no software to install.
  • 【Professional Customer】Our products are backed with a 1-year limited warranty. If you have any questions or concerns, click on our name in the buy box and select "Ask a Question"
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces

Pros & Cons


HDMI Transmitter-Receiver 1080p. This is a great HDMI transmitter and receiver. Easy to use right out of the box. It has a pass through port on the transmitter so you don't have to buy a HDMI splitter. It also has a built-in infrared repeater so you can control a device close to the transmitter from the receiver using an infrared remote. You get a lot of features for your money.

this is super awesome!!! The media could not be loaded. The apparatus is excellent! enables the conversion of HDMI to TCP/IP so that it can now be sent over your network. We use it at a big outdoor pool, and it works great even though the fiber optic connections from the far side ethernet ports to the main switch are almost 500 feet away. This device's HDMI output connection on the transmitter is nice because it eliminates the requirement for a splitter on the source side if you want to transmit and view it locally.

Works ok. Had a little trouble with sound at first but it ended up working. Could use trouble shooting tips in directions or web support.

Good transmitter. I really like this product. It was really simple to use. This product was very simple to set up. Basically plug and play. The range is excellent and no issues so far. Worked exactly how I imagined. I would recommend to use on newer model tvs or monitors. Overall it gives me perfect picture quality, it’s very easy to use, and it’s worth the money. Very good transmitter and receiver. Great product simplifies your life. Highly recommended!

Great little product. Great product in a small package. The price is good for the quality, great picture quality, worked great better than expected. No issues seeing and connecting to devices. I recommend this

During setup you have to look directly into the TX LED to see the green. After a 20 minute struggle to see the green LED during setup, the set has been working perfectly.


Good but Not Great/Limited Use. I really tried to like these wireless HDMI units and there is actually a lot to admire about them: 1. They are easy to set up, 2. Picture quality is good, 3. The latency is decent... ...but the problem is that each of the three things I listed comes with disappointing caveats: 1. While easy to set up there is nothing in the documentation to fine tune the units to optimize your specific experience, 2. While the picture quality is good the video can become choppy at times and lead to some pixelization especially when panning, 3. While the latency is decent if the video becomes busy (fast action pixels, shimering water, strobing effects) the video will outright freeze for several seconds. If you're giving a PowerPoint presentation, playing a game of solitaire or Teris, or watchibg a speaker behind a podium...then these are quite good. If you're doing audio visualization for techno music, playing Doom Eternal on high settings, or watching an action movie with lots of cuts and stobing lights...then these just don't fit the bill. The freezing video was the deal-breaker for me since the description doesn't really warn you about this. The description says: "there is some latency when playing games" and that it is "0.12s wireless transmission latency"...but having the video freeze for up to five seconds (with only six feet of distance between the units and no physical obstruction) is just not okay for what I needed in our home. Will be returning these units today.

THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH UVERSE! It does work with Chromecast, but not Uverse, so I will be returning it. I want to watch sports on both TVs simultaneously. The picture is alright, but not eye popping when casting youtube via Chromecast. Good concept, needs work.

Transmitter died after a month. We purchased this for use at our church. It worked great for the two TVs we have at the front, but after about a month, the transmitter would constantly reboot and drop the signal. We tried different power sources and new cables, but it continued to drop. The box says it has a one year warranty, but we were not able to find any way to access it through the Amazon store we purchased it from.

Junk. had hard time to start receiving signal and then final did. the loop out would cut out and loose connection to main TV and then would lose connection to the patio about 25 feet away with one exterior wall between. Returned.... save your time and just do not get

Stopped working after a few days. It worked at first and after a few days it stopped working. I have tried everything to make it work but it doesn’t. Great price and looked great for the few days it worked.

Dangerous do not buy. Plugged in and it immediately blew my surge protector and kicked the breaker over. Lucky no other damage than the smell of burnt electrical.

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