VIVOHOME Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up Mega Movie Projector Screen with Carry Bag for Front and Rear Projection

VH275 BannerVIVOHOME Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up Mega Movie Projector Screen with Carry Bag for Front and Rear Projection

VIVOHOME Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up Mega Movie Projector Screen with Carry Bag for Front and Rear Projection

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VIVOHOME 18ft Outdoor Inflatable Movie Projection Screen

Get ready for an amazing movie night this weekend!

Set up a projector screen anywhere with the VIVOHOME Inflatable Projection Screen. Excellent for big groups watching movies outdoors or use at home in the backyard, this large screen will provide a sturdy and bright surface for your projected video. Easy to set up and take down and secure in the wind, this screen will be the perfect addition to your party or warm evening outdoors.

  • Enjoy watching your favorite films on the big screen anytime with your family and friends in the backyard. A nice addition to resorts, outdoor parties and special events
  • Made of high quality, durable and water resistant 210D oxford cloth for all season use
  • Quiet fan pump included can blow up this movie screen in minutes and keeps it inflated throughout the show
  • The removable projection surface make it easy to clean and maintain your screen. It is recommended that you put the screen in the storage bag separately when not in use to avoid it getting it soiled.
  • Front and rear projection capabilities, high-quality front and rear projection materials allow the projector to be placed behind or in front of the screen for greater flexibility.

Product and Package Information

Note: After use, please remember to store the white screen and the black inflatable column separately to prevent the screen from being stained.
Material 210D Oxford Cloth
Product Dimensions 14.2ft x 5.3ft x 11.3ft
Movie Screen Dimensions 12.1ft x 6.8ft
Inflatable Screen x 1
Internal Blower x 1
Ground stake x 8
Tether x 4
Carry bag x 1
User manual x 1

Just set up the mega inflatable movie screen and get in the mood for a great viewing experience.

VIVOHOME Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up Mega Movie Projector Screen with Carry Bag for Front and Rear Projection

VIVOHOME Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up Mega Movie Projector Screen with Carry Bag for Front and Rear Projection

VIVOHOME Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up Mega Movie Projector Screen with Carry Bag for Front and Rear Projection

External Blower

Made of high quality, durable and waterproof 210D oxford cloth, suitable for any season. The quiet external blower can inflate the movie screen in minutes and keeps it inflated throughout the show.

Portable Storage

The durable and portable bag is made of high-quality durable 420D oxford cloth with a zipper for easy storage and carrying. A nice addition to resorts, outdoor parties, and special events.

Parts Kit

The package includes tethers and yard stakes for setting up and take down and increasing stability, preventing the screen from falling down, ensuring a good experience for the audience.

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Features & Specifications

  • ENJOY THE MOVIE OUTDOORS - Enjoy your favorite films on the big screen anytime with your family and friends in the backyard; A nice addition to resorts, outdoor parties, and special events; Just make a carnival with VIVOHOME outdoor Inflatable projector screen
  • DURABLE MATERIAL - This inflatable movie screen is made of high quality, durable 210D Oxford cloth; Features a seam-free, theater-quality viewing area and quick blower that ensures the screen stays expanded without distracting from the fun; Long-lasting weather-resistant material allows long time indoor or outdoor use
  • QUICK INFLATED - Quiet fan pump included can blow up this movie screen in few minutes and keeps it inflated throughout the show when plugged in; More importantly, the blower was so hardly noticeable once the movie started, bring you an immersive movie-watching experience; REMEMBER ZIP UP the zipper before inflating
  • EASY SET UP - This projector comes with a free-standing mount type with an aspect ratio of 16:9; Tethers, yard stakes, a professional built-in 85W air blower and a 420D oxford handy bag are included for easy setup and storage; Just set up your projector and get your loudspeakers ready for the big event
  • EASY TO CLEAN & STORAGE - After your event, this blow-up movie screen collapses for fast clean-up and convenient storage; Removable projection surface makes it easy to clean and maintain your screen; This portable and lightweight projector screen can be taken on every relevant occasion for impressive projections
  • Dimensions: 170.4 x 63.6 x 135.6 inches
  • Weight: 22.7 pounds

Pros & Cons


Best. Drunk purchase. EVER!!! My kids think I'm a hero, my neighbors respect me more than ever before, and we are going to start doing movie nights in our back meadow as a fundraiser for our kid's school. This thing is high quality and AWESOME!!! Sets up in about 5 minutes. It definitely helps if you have something to tie it off to, as I don't think the tiny stakes they send it with would hold up in any wind. And in these days of COVID, it is easy to socially distance and hang out with friends while watching movies outside. Definitely recommend! Last week was Princess Bride, tonight is Holy Grail.

Great product but defective. Really happy with the purchase. To my surprise the blower isn’t as loud as some of the review would’ve had me believe. The screen blew up quickly and was firm and stayed up against the wind well. However, the anchors provided are pretty amusing at about 5ins. My initial thought was this is a waste of time using these as they will just pull out, which they did twice. I grabbed some legs from an ez up canopy I wasn’t using anymore and pounded them down for anchors and it worked perfectly even with some pretty decent wind gust. The only negative was the screen was defective “had some stitches broken” but it appears as if they will replace with no issues as they have already emailed me a UPS return label after I confirmed I will ship the old one back out by July 9th and I expect the replacement in a few days. I’ll follow up if any issues come up

Great value for the price. Great value for the price. This huge screen inflated in a matter of minutes. You do need to keep the fan going to keep it inflated, but the fan is quiet enough that you quickly forget about it. When the movie's done, the screen quickly deflates by way of a zippered opening. It folds up and fits nicely in the included storage bag.

Making it hold still. When i put it up the side hooks was either to high or ropes was to short it keep moving forward or back it was horrible so i use the end of each ropes on the sides to hold forward from falling back then i put the other ropes on top of each left and right clip on screen and threw it back to ground from falling forward and it held perfect loved it after my own invention lol

This thing is HUGE! So there are three different sizes I believe and there was an Amazon Warehouse deal on an open box 20ft screen for not much more than the smallest screen so I said why not. I was a little worried in buying an open box screen thinking there might be something wrong with it. It arrived and looked almost unused, set the screen up and was surprised at how big it was. I am thinking this may have been the reason for it being returned. It really is much bigger than I was expecting or needed. Regardless of the size, the build quality seems good, much thicker than those holiday inflatables, and the blower seems pretty powerful, and is a tab bit loud but it is designed to sit behind the screen. The screen seems to be like a heavy vinyl, similar to what an inflatable raft or float would be made of, but the heavy duty kind, not those cheap thin ones. The method of attaching the screen is pretty cool, using snap in buckles, but they don't seem to be very heavy duty and I had several pop out when trying to tighten up the screen. So I would say be gental on those buckles if you want them to last, that would probably be my only gripe. Oh and you'll probably need to take down after every use, does not seem like something you might just leave out even overnight. Mainly because you can't just leave the blower going to keep up and if you deflate it it's just gonna lay there in the grass and I am sure the screen could get messed up. Oversall am satisfed.

Honestly super rad. This was the coolest birthday gift I have ever received! We had so much fun at my socially distanced birthday party! I bought some outdoor rugs, lights and floor cushions from five below and set everyone up 6 feet apart on their own rug. I am a small woman with only one working hand and managed to set up the entire party in about three hours including a concession stand/popcorn bar. Dont get me wrong, it is for sure easier to set up with a few people but it is doable so long as you have common sense. I attached the screen while the frame was on the ground and tightened the straps before blowing it up. I also put the stakes in the ground before blowing them up and adjusted them accordingly once it was inflated. I suggest zip tying the inflatable part to the blower as it can easily pop off with the provided strings. The tie downs are awesome although im not a huge fan of the plastic ones that were included. I will swap them out with metal camping tie downs next time! I already used it three times and people are still talking about my birthday! It was a great way to safely get everyone “together”.


Fan is horribly loud, not very stable, screen is easy-ish to assemble,. To start with the bad stuff first, the fan is absolutely ridiculous on this thing. There's no getting away from how loud it is no matter what I tried with it. It was certainly strong enough to hold the screen up, though. Second, it's impossible to stand up on the legs without extra support. The stakes it comes with are tiny and flimsy, so don't expect them to work in anything but soft dirt. Just pick up some heavy duty tent stakes from somewhere else. That said, the screen itself snaps in very quickly and there's no big fuss about getting the screen flat (although the wrinkles never seem to go fully away). You can mostly ignore them, but there definitely noticeable. The clips will pop out if you get them too tight, but are easy to tension add long as you don't overdo it (tension the ones at the top and corners first). I like that it sits up off the ground a bit, but that also makes it very wobbly. I wish they made this frame with the upright supports in the back like on other screen systems. It folds up pretty small and is decent for portability despite the size. I think I would be much happier with a 20' or 24' instead (although I can't imagine a larger version of this being more stable). Overall this is a pretty good unit and I really wanted to be happy with it, but unfortunately it's the little stuff that bugs me and I will be returning it. Most people would probably be impressed enough to keep it though. The 18ft version is taller than my RV and covers a really good portion of it so it's not a problem with size.

Great Size but Too Loud. Bought this for the occasional outdoor movie night for the summer time but also wanted to use it indoors as it’s much larger than a TV screen. Unfortunately, the blower is too loud for indoor use. It really does sound like one of those inflatable bounce house blowers. It’d be nice if it could just inflate and the blower would turn off but you have to keep it on for it to stay inflated. The materials are felt high quality and the screen clipped in nice and tightly with only a few seams visible. It’s a bit difficult to fold and stuff into the provided bag but if you store it in a tub it’ll be protected. Just make sure to have the screen separated from the black inflatable to prevent staining. I ended up returning the product as the blower was too loud for my liking. It’s not that bad outside if you have a good speaker but inside, it’s difficult to hear what you’re watching. For me, it was much more practical to buy a screen/metal stand configuration. Just have these thoughts in mind before you purchase.

Will update once it’s replaced. First time putting it up, which was easy to do. Although the white screen and 2 visible marks on it when it inflated. 1 looks like a burn mark and another looks like scratches from a pen. The white screen came in a plastic bag and I never let it touch the ground. So I know it was not from me and it was already there. I honestly wish I did not have to return the whole thing and replace it with a new one. I wish I could have just been sent a new white screen.. buttttt that could not happen. So now I’m stuck having to drive 10 mins away to drop it off to return/replace the whole thing. It honestly is a great product, and easy to set up. Which I will update my review once I get the replacement and nothing is wrong with it. Sad I can’t just get a new white screen alone.

Love it but would be nice if..... Love it! Everyone is impressed with it but here are a few improvements needed 1. The machine is noisy to blow into it. Would be great if it was quieter for our neighbors. 2. The attachment to the air blower and flat screen is not very secure. Should have a rubber device to tighten it better than a tie on. 3. The bag to put the item away won’t work - we bought a plastic container but nice if it was included. 4. Have printed directions was is top and bottom would solve so MUCH TIME!

Not Rear Projection Capable. Product description says it is rear projection capable, but it is not. The material of the screen is far too thick, and the picture is BARELY visible from the other side, even in the thick of night. I have been otherwise pleased with this product.

Cool, but a little to much. This is a really cool inflatable screen for outdoor movies, but it is a bit much. The set up isn't difficult, but a little more time consuming than I'd like. Also the white movie screen must be removed promptly after use and perfectly stored. Ours already has marks on it after 2 uses.

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