SofaBaton Universal Remote with Hub, All-in-one Smart Remote Control

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What is SofaBaton R2 remote?

SofaBaton R2 remote is an universal programmable infrared-enabled remote for Roku streaming player. It is composed of two parts, the upper part is the universal programmable part which is able to learn IR signal from your TV/sound bar/receiver and other remotes; while the lower part is an universal Roku remote that support Roku streaming player like Ruku 1,2,3,4, Roku Express&Express+, Roku Premiere&Premiere+, Roku Ultra.

SofaBaton Universal Remote with Hub, All-in-one Smart Remote Control

SofaBaton Universal Remote with Hub, All-in-one Smart Remote Control

SofaBaton Universal Remote with Hub, All-in-one Smart Remote Control


The R2 remote consists of two parts. The upper part is the programing section while the lower part is an integrated Roku remote, which functions as a standalone Roku remote. You can use this part to control your Roku streaming devices.

Easy Set Up

To program your R2 remote, you only need to put it head to head about 1 inch from your TV/sound bar/other remote. With one push on each remote button, the R2 remote is set and ready to use.

Wide Compatibility

The standalone Roku remote is compatible with Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Ultra

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Features & Specifications

  • A programmable Roku universal remote control that integrates your Roku+TV+soundbar remotes into one by learning frequently used button functions into a Roku universal remote.
  • ※Merge※ 3 in 1, rather than 2 in 1. With 2 power on/off buttons and 11 others perfectly lay out on upper half, this universal remote accomplish the mission of combining at least 3 of your device remotes into 1.
  • ※Programmable DIY Section※ Replenish those missing yet wanted buttons on Roku remote. Meeting everyday needs with 13 personalized DIY buttons using IR learning technology, such as power on/off, volume up/down,etc.
  • ※Universal Roku Section※ IR universal remote for Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku Premier+, Roku Express+, Roku Ultra. Not compatible with Roku sticks and Roku TV. Buttons on this section does not have programing capability,
  • Weight: 8.4 ounces

Pros & Cons


It's not a Harmony but this is the remote I have been searching for!! I have used a Harmony remote to control my TV, AVR, Blu-ray, cable, and Roku for years and years. My Harmony died a few years ago and I bought a refurbished one because Harmony stopped making remotes. The buttons on the refurb started acting up so I went searching. After much research, I settled on the SofaBaton U1 because it had good reviews and seemed to be my next best friend. The U1 was $40 as opposed to their upgrade with a hub X1 which was $180. Baby steps towards brand loyalty. The U1 turned out to be a good remote and programming it and a few macros was pretty easy. The hardest part was figuring out where to map buttons to. I wished it was backlit but what do you want for $40? I liked it but I didn't love it. I really only watch streaming through my Roku. The cable is for the wife. I missed the simple design of the Roku remote but the Roku remote doesn't control the volume & power of my AVR. I never understood why but it doesn't. I had to have my Harmony around for volume so I used that for the Roku but it wasn't perfect. Like I said I rarely use anything other than the Roku STB. Because I am a new fanboy of SofaBaton I looked around and lo and behold they had a Roku with 13 extra buttons that could be programmed and it was only $14. Game changer. It has 2 power buttons. I programmed TV power on one and AVR power on the other. Who needs a macro? I programmed volume UP and Down & Mute and I have the Roku remote I always wanted. I also programmed A as cable and B as Roku in case I need to switch back & forth. That's it!! Simple. Easy peasy. It was supereasy to program and the build is great.

Takes a bit to set it up, but seems to work well after that. This is for the X1 hub and remote. At first blush, this appears to be a good replacement for the now-discontinued Logitech universal remotes. It really is surprising that there aren't more competitors for this niche, but at least SofaBaton shows real promise. This review was written just after an initial setup. If continued use warrants any updates, I'll update it. First, English does not appear to be the native language of whoever wrote the instructions for this. It's not incomprehensible, but SofaBaton would do well to hire someone who understands the device and is also truly fluent in multiple languages to do a re-write of the user manual as well as some parts of the accompanying smartphone app. So at the moment, setting it up requires a bit of fumbling through. It also requires considerable clean-up assigning the right functions to many of the remote's buttons after the initial setup. There is a process for adding your devices and then creating macro functions to make all your devices work together. If you have a TV, a number of content input devices and a separate amp for sound, with some of your devices inside a cabinet, the X1 can handle all that, but the setup process doesn't get everything done and assigned smoothly. The person setting it up needs to have full knowledge of what all the devices are, how they need to function together, and the logic of process flow to sort through things in the setup process without getting too frustrated. There will be clean-up after the initial setup to make sure all the buttons on the remote are properly assigned and the hub and IR extenders are placed properly so that all devices are able to receive the signal. Note that the X1 hub itself as well as the wired infra-red (IR) extenders are what send out signals to your various devices. The handheld remote communicates only with the hub, which in turn then sends out all the IR, bluetooth and WiFi signals to your devices. This means the remote works regardless of the direction you point it. It also means that careful placement of the hub and wired IR extenders is the key to making everything work. If you have a device that doesn't respond reliably, test the placement of the hub or extenders, because that's likely the problem. Once everything is in place, the likelihood should be low that macro operations will get out of sync because of a missed signal and cause things to turn on when they should turn off, etc. Once everything's set up, the remote is pretty straightforward and should work well for all the other members of the household who don't want to know how all the devices and components work. They just want them to work. This should be able to do that.

Streamline Your Home Entertainment Setup with the Easy-to-Use Sofabaton X1 Universal Remote. The Sofabaton x1 universal remote is a useful device that has simplified my home entertainment setup. This remote is easy to set up and program, and it works with all of my devices, including my TV, cable box, and soundbar. The backlit buttons make it easy to use in low-light settings, and the ergonomic design fits comfortably in my hand. The remote has a premium look and feel to it, definitely a cut above your typical universal remote or the remote that comes with your typical TV. a cable box. I really appreciate the convenience of having all of my remotes consolidated into one device, and the Sofabaton x1 delivers on this promise. The app is the key to easy programming, and it's really great that it doesn't need batteries, it charges with USB C. The buttons are responsive and the remote has a good range, which means I can control my devices from across the room. The display and the trackball navigation make for quick selection, it's actually easier to use than a touch screen. The button layout as well thought out, they're not too many of them and it doesn't take long to memorize where each button is. Overall, I recommend the Sofabaton x1 universal remote to anyone needing a reliable, user-friendly solution to simplify their home entertainment setup.

Exceeds my expectations. Easy to setup, well labeled controls. Best I’ve had of many prior remotes. Will not be useful for replacing a dead or lost TV remote, doesn’t do codes or device search. Simply learns the signal from your existing remote. Buttons can be made to do whatever so you can put signals from multiple remotes in the controls and there is no switching modes to “talk” to x device. For my set top Roku and Vizio TV it’s perfect.

INEXPENSIVE AND SOLID! PROGRAMMED AND IN USE IN 5 MINUTES! This remote took the place of three original remotes! The TV remote, the soundbar remote, and the original Roku remote all went into the miscellaneous electronics storage box. Having to flip thru multiple remotes is tedious and distracts from the viewing experience. It improved the original Roku remote by adding "Prime Video" where "Vudu" was, so now I use all four of the permanent presets. It improved the soundbar remote because the markings on the buttons are a dark ink on top of a black remote. It's hard to develop muscle memory with a remote you have to squint at to read. It improved the TV remote because the original is very long and has quite a few buttons I've never used and never will. It improved all three remotes because the buttons are more responsive. The directions are typed by an English speaking person. Simple. When I bought this, I fully expected cheap, poorly made, fragile crap that would find it's way to the trash fairly quickly. Nope! I'm going to buy a couple more so I'll have one for the master bedroom and one as a spare in case I break one. Or, if I don't break one, it'll stop being made just like all the electronics that I end up liking. I just thought of another benefit: the directions are simple and easy to read. I had this clicker programmed and in use in about 5 minutes. I'm not exaggerating at all. If you want a low priced and easy to use remote that works as described and makes your leisure time more enjoyable, give this one a try.

Worked fine with older TVs, but won't work with brand new LG C2. I bought this because I had one for my old TV/Roku setup and liked how easy and simple it is. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with most functions on my new LG C2. The only button that works is power. Volume, mute, source all don't work at all, rendering this remote useless. It will just have to serve as a spare for the other TV.


Odd setup and not very cable friendly, but covers most of the bases. Coming from Logitech Harmony (RIP), my hope was that this would fill the gap. kind of does. The basics quickly: You plug in the base and then program it with an app. If you lack an Android or Apple smart device, forget it. After getting things set up, you then sync with the remote and then you should be good to go. The setup can be bizarre and non-intuitive (the instructions for updating the base unit are kind of off the wall, unplugging and plugging the base back in while making sure not to use the app). As you add devices you are asked to set up the power keys and other selection keys. This is strange because you first are identifying the device down to the model number--you'd think that the database would know full well if the power key was then a single power key that you cycle or a pair of keys, one for on and one for off. And then there is the bizarre absence for me of changing a channel number below the channel I was on--I had to add that command manually. And the color keys on an Xfinity remote were not available as choices for assigning keys to the color keys on the sofa baton remote, which is odd. There isn't much in the way of guidance either within the app or online for doing this (there is apparently a video). (You'd think there would be a much richer online manual, but no). The remote itself is minimal, which overall is part of the point for a universal remote. But woe to those using cable: there is no (easy) way to add a set of favorite stations, which was a plus of the Harmony. Basically, you can add new commands through the app as macro keys and then enter (somewhat painfully) the numbers you want to type and then a return key. These show up on the remote after you select cable as an activity (you press down again on the scroll wheel to see these macro keys). (Oddly, the app, despite in some situations displaying an option for a numeric keyboard, won't show one for me when using cable). There is a lot of flexibility sitting down there within the constraints of the remote (for instance, a long press can be different than a short press, allowing buttons to serve double duty), and while the default setup only allows the volume buttons to go to one device and the rest to another, you can edit this so that some buttons could go to different devices (even within a single macro--you could, for instance, have a button to go from sound through the amplified to sound through the TV). The macros will show up in the app as a popup screen from an icon at the bottom and on the remote as a separate (scrollable) screen. In short, to get the most out of this device, be prepared to set up a bunch of commands manually and experience a couple odd workarounds. But once you survive that and recognize what your workarounds entail, the remote seems to work well.

Not your harmony remote. I really wanted this to replace my Logitech Harmony which quit on me after a decade of use. The details of my experience with the SofaBaton are below. In the end I think I'll be keeping the remote, but there are a long list of shortcomings if you compare it to the Logitech Harmony. However, logitech is no longer selling or supporting the Harmony remotes and this does seem to be the only unit that does everything I need it to do; controlling several different devices in a single activity. Each activity works, in theory, meaning that if everything is off and each device picks up the signal, it sets it up the way I want it. After a couple weeks my experience is that the activity works about 60-70% of the time. Day 1: Just received today. I’m pretty tech savvy and spent two hours trying to get the hub to connect. The app/hub gets stuck in the initial connection process. Based on searches it maybe that our internet is a mesh system and according to some users the Baton can’t be used with this kind of WIFI. Day 2: Still haven’t heard from support. Moved to a different network to try. Now I think the flaw is in the App which doesn’t seem to recognize that my iPhone 14 Pro Max is connected to WiFi. Unfortunately the entire family upgraded for Christmas so no one has an earlier phone to try. Day 3: I pulled out my sons old iPad downloaded the app and was able to connect to the device and get the firmware update. This allowed me to then restart with connecting the device to my phone and the mesh network I wanted to use. Day 4: I started programming one Saturday morning, and by late on Saturday I had devices and activities programmed. I have 5 devices and 4 activities. What I did not realize when I purchased the SofaBaton was that they are basically croud-sourcing the codes/signals for each device. So, in order to get my Xbox to work, I had to look online and find a "model" that someone else had entered in properly. I just by chance found this on Reddit, and also by chance everything works great. While I tried to search for brand and model of my device to have it upload the remote schema automatically, none of my devices worked properly. So I spent the day programming in each button I needed from my original remote to the SofaBaton. Overall, the manual programming was relatively easy, but a very long process to manually program all the necessary buttons for all the devices. I found the actual application to be a little clunky. It works and after several hours, I got used to its nuances but it wasn't simple. Multiple times I had to delete the entire device and start over because I couldn't fix certain aspects in the app. Week 1: I've been using the remote. This is controlling my "man cave" theatre system so it isn't necessarily being used daily. The times I've used it, it works most of the time (60%) - meaning that it setup the activity properly so I can go directly watching that activity. The other percent of the time something goes wrong. Usually what I have to do is go back and turn everything off again, and press the activity again and it then works. So, in pressing it twice once I've manually reset all of my devices, it works about 90% of the time.

Doesn't work like a Roku remote. The top buttons do what they want to do not what it says they do. When you press the volume button on the side ESPN pops up. The same goes for the top buttons. There weren't any directions enclosed either. Just a remote in a box.

Sluggish use? This is a “simple ROKU” remote, which does operate on infrared. I tried it on the small streambar, which comes with Roku voice remote which pairs wirelessly with sound bar to operate quickly and without pointing. The sound bar does have infrared capability normally used in initial power up until the wireless setup and pairing is done. Using this simple remote with the sound bar infrared is sluggish and you must make really sure you are pointing in bar direction. Other Roku devices with an standalone infrared receiver probably work better. TV button programming worked very well. But in my particular case the Roku function (non paired) is too slow for my tastes. I’ll keep as a spare for Roku and TV.

DO NOT BUY if you want a pain free remote! Just a heads-up.....This is a great product, but it's full of bugs. The main problem I have is that the remote loses connectivity to the hub on a constant basis. I have to unplug the hub and plug it back in to get it to work again. And when I see "constant basis" think of doing this several times a week. If it was once every 6 months, I could probably live with it, but it's all the time. Again, it's a great "all in one" remote which will control a lot of devices, but when you're plagued with bugs, it's really not worth much. Edit Feb 2, 2023: Beware, this product has multiple listings on Amazon, and those have more positive reviews. I believe this is being done to reduce the negative exposure, but I can't drop a review on the other listings because you can only review a "verified purchase", even though I did purchase this product.

Quirky. Some of the buttons don’t work at all, some worm incorrectly.

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