SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote with Smart APP & OLED Display & Macro Button, Harmony Remote Replace up to 15 Entertainment Devices, Compatible Over 6000 Brands TVs/DVD/STB/Projector

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U1 Universal Remote Control

  • Sofabaton APP Smart setting
  • Replace all your remotes with one U1 remote
  • One-touch control of your entertainment system

Use Smartphone with available app and included U1 Remote for one-touch control of your entertainment system

remote control

A new way to watch with SofaBaton U1 smartphone universal remote control

  • 3 ways to program your remotes with the SofaBaton U1 remote.
  • Infrared Matching Mode, No original remotes needed, for most of popular brands.
  • Infrared Learning Mode, Original remotes needed, just for some of unknown brands
  • Bluetooth Mode, For Bluetooth remotes, we supports switching between 4 Bluetooth remotes at once.
  • (View Video Demo for better understanding of how to add your Infrared and Bluetooth devices)
  • Marco Support​ – One button press does it all.
  • With the SofaBaton U1, you can easily program up to 10 commands into a single button.
  • So, for example, you could turn on or off all of your devices, or switch inputs and change a channel to any of your favorites. The multiple symbol buttons on the bottom of the remote can be used for your macro’s.
  • (View Video Demo for better understanding of how to create your Macro key)

SofaBaton U1, What are your secrets?

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Common questions

  • Q1: What should I do if I can’t add my devices?
  • It’d be very helpful if you could tell us your Device Brand & Model, so that we could get your device codes with the complete worldwide database of device codes.
  • Library Search Capability means we can search the database for any missing codes and the Learning Capability used to program any device that is not in the database.
  • Q2: What should I do if I want to add more than one Bluetooth devices and switch between?
  • Add your device via Bluetooth Mode one by one, and learn the HDMI switch INPUT via IR learning Mode meanwhile, and you could scroll wheel to easy switch between 4 Bluetooth devices at once.
  • A video demonstration will send to you if you have any doubts, all you need to do is ask 😉
  • Please kindly noted that for the Former U1 Users, make sure you Update Firmware through App SofaBaton and reconnect all your Bluetooth devices to test out the Updated Version.
  • Q3: How do I know whether the SofaBaton U1 works for my devices or not?
  • Please kindly noted that our U1 universal remote control only supports Most Infrared and Bluetooth devices.
  • NOT support Wireless devices.

SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote with Smart APP & OLED Display & Macro Button, Harmony Remote Replace up to 15 Entertainment Devices, Compatible Over 6000 Brands TVs/DVD/STB/Projector

SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote with Smart APP & OLED Display & Macro Button, Harmony Remote Replace up to 15 Entertainment Devices, Compatible Over 6000 Brands TVs/DVD/STB/Projector

Connect U1 with tphone


Load Batteries

2 AA batteries included in package

Download Sofabaton App

Now is available on Apple Store and Google Play

Connect U1 with tphone

Remember to turn on Bluetooth of your phone

Find Models of Your Devices

Add devices, reassign button, configurate Macro keys

U1 remote

App One-Touch Set Up

Simple setup on the available up-to-date smartphone app, keep up with your new devices. Works with over 500,000+ devices from 6000+ brands including your TV, Satellite or cable box, blu-ray player, Apple TV, Projector.

SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote with Smart APP & OLED Display & Macro Button, Harmony Remote Replace up to 15 Entertainment Devices, Compatible Over 6000 Brands TVs/DVD/STB/Projector

Features & Specifications

  • 【U1 Universal Remote Control with Sofabaton APP】Simple settings U1 remote control through apps, matching and learning other remotes to reassign remote keys to control different devices. Control up to 15 Devices one time. NOTE: Only support Bluetooth & Infrared devices (do not support wireless & wifi devices).
  • 【Update the database in real-time】Supports more than 500,000 home entertainment devices of 6,000 brands (Replace up to 15 Bluetooth & IR Devices one time), including your TV, DVD player/recorder, satellite receiver, digital terrestrial receiver, or cable set-top box (STB), Apple TV, TiVo, Blu-ray player, and more. Please contact us to add it for you if your remote doesn't automatically find your equipment brand.
  • 【One-key Macro Button】You can perform multiple commands with one press of a button via a macro. A macro combines a string of pre-programmed commands (up to 10) under one single button. Therefore, it simply takes one button press to execute a series of functions. Only fit for infrared Devices
  • 【OLED Display and Scroll Wheel】No need to search for devices because when you Slide the wheel, the display automatically lights up, when the remote control matches with 15 devices, you can slide the scroll wheel to switch to the device you want to control. Note: The dormant time can be set through the APP to save power.
  • 【After Sales Service】SofaBaton offers a 1-year warranty. If any questions about the universal remote control, please contact us for a solution. Equipped with 2 AA Batteries.
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 9.9 ounces

Pros & Cons


Revised review. I initially left a poor review because it didn't work with my receiver. However, SofaBaton got this added in very quickly and it has been working. I would suggest if you receive the remote and it doesn't work with everything, send them a support email and they will likely get it added into their database fairly quick. That said, the review: I am coming from a Logitech 650 remote, which when it works is a fantastic remote that will do everything you could ever want. However, Logitech has always had issues with their hardware. My sixth remote finally died. Each one with different problems. Sometimes they reboot randomly, sometimes buttons die, sometimes the config get corrupted non-stop, etc. I was sick of it so I took a chance with this SofaBaton. It has been working really well. While it doesn't do activity-based commands, it does do macros which are insanely easy to program on the app and assigned to any button which is able to mimmick anything the Logitech was able to do. Yes, you will be spending time perfecting it, no it's not a pain to do. The build quality so far seems very nice, the buttons are nice and responsive and feel nice. The feel in the hand and the button layout is perfect - something a lot of remotes can't seem to get right. You basically set up each of your devices and they are then assigned a name on the top list. You can then control each device that way. However, if you don't want to select between all the devices, you can then choose one of the names and use that as your "primary" device what has all the important buttons mapped across ALL the devices. Ie. Volume for your receiver, arrow buttons for your Tivo, input button for your TV, etc. It seems to work well and I believe this remote will successfully replace my Logitech remote. The remote is pretty good, the app is good. They have some room for improvements: 1. When reassigning buttons from other devices, not all devices are listed to choose from. I do not know why this is. I have 7 devices listed. But when I choose to assign a button from one of them, only four are listed to choose from. Thankfully those are the ones I'm needed to reassign from. 2. There is no way to revert a button back to it's original setting without removing the entire device and readding it. 3. The IR blaster could use maybe another bulb or two to blast from. You do need to be pointing at the devices, where with my Logitech I can aim it pretty much anywhere. 4. Could use more buttons. An extra row or two of the four colored buttons would be very helpful.

This thing just works. I'm in love. Like many, I was torn between the Sofabaton and the Harmony. I just wanted a simple way to turn my 5 remotes into one, not connect my remote to a computer and start tinkering around. I don't need a fancy screen on my remote, shortcuts, macros, and all of the other features. Simple and functional is the name of the game for remotes. The app is built well, despite the low reviews on the app store. I was able to pair up all 4 of my remotes in a little under 5 minutes. It couldn't find my old Sony receiver in the database, but I was able to train each button to the remote with a manual write. This is the coolest feature. The scroll wheel is so intuitive. Switch between devices instantly just by scrolling. It is so simple and there's zero functionality beyond that, and that's why I love it. Again, I don't need fancy, I need something fast that works well and that a child could use. The design is sleek and the construction is solid. I'm sold. This thing rules. The price tag makes it a steal. No wonder Logitech stopped making the Harmony. I've owned both and I prefer this by a longshot. Nice job to the team @ Sofabaton.

UPDATE: WORKS GREAT____. MACROS DONE...5 STARS...ALTHOUGH I WOULD PREFER TO SEE A NEW UNIT WITH BACKLIGHT KEYS AND RECHARGEABLE...Excellent customer support. CHANGING FROM 1 TO 4 STARS....After not having half my devices in their library or the learning function not working at all with original remotes....their customer service is very good. Best I have ever seen from an "Amazon Company"...All my devices are now in their library and were installed in the remote. As soon as Macros are done, I'll give it 5 stars...... ORIGINAL REVIEW: Well, I have been using Logitech Harmony or similar remotes for I will say I know what I am doing. I have programmed at least six Harmony units multiple times (USB via computer). I still have them and they all work well. I have a very simple use for this new Bluetooth / IR remote. I must say I like the idea of using an iPhone and Bluetooth to program it....seems like a nice interface. ESPECIALLY IF IT WORKS. But NOT. Wanted the Bluetooth feature for ONLY Fire Stick. Everything else I have is IR. I have a very simple setup (bedroom, not my Home Theatre room) and ONLY 4 components ...a 5-year-old Visio TV, 5-year-old Viso Sound Bar, low-end Comcast Cable Box, and a one week old Fire Stick. The unit seems to find and connect to the COMCAST and FIRESTICK, everything I thnk tested so far far so good. Then the problem: The remote app could not find the model number of BOTH Visio TV and Sound Bar. No worries....So, I used Plan B: the original Visio remotes to teach the new remote. Well, it either claimed a Learning Failure or when it claimed "Learning Success", the intended command (volume/power/whatever) did not function in the new remote. The original remotes are all in perfect working order with new batteries. So, for now, it's one star only....and a better rating for Ergonomics (although the numbers are too small for me). The app sent the Viso model numbers off to "Support". They claim 3-days they'll help me. i hope so...I'm hanging in there and REALLY hope I can change/improve my review in a few days.....

Best alternative to the Roku remote if you are using Roku Express and Roku Premiere. We recently ditched cable, switching to over the air tv and roku for streaming. It was annoying having to have both the tv remote and the roku remote to switch between the two. Another thing my partner and I both found annoying with the roku remote is that there is no page up or down. (For example, my roku express remote and the roku premiere). Anyway, that's the previous story of my roku replacement remote hunting adventure. This remote is a godsend! Programming via the app is very intuitive and now my pile of remotes sits in a drawer because this runs all my devices. I've programmed it to work with my Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Sound Bar, Fire TV, and Sony Television. I'm a happy streamer using only 1 remote 99% of the time for the first time. I originally purchased it to replace the burned out one for my Philips DVD/VHS player, but it has made it possible to combine functions for 5 uses that I was never able to set up before! I love that you can program each button individually and having the LED display to switch between devices makes this easy to use for my family members who aren't tech savvy. F.Y.I. Just hung up the phone with the seller support, and confirmed that this universal remote control with app does NOT work with Roku stick, or Roku streaming stick. So watch out guys, if you have a Roku stick or Roku streaming stick and want to try this smart remote control!!

Quality Feel, Quality Function. BUY IT!! I have 3 things that needed to convert to this remote: LG TV, Pioneer Amp/Receiver, Fire TV. The remote first made me download the app, which is very user friendly. It walked me through pairing the remote with the app and was easy to get started. The search for device function is pretty slow and not very accurate. I put in my exact make "LG" and model number "UJ6300" and I got the spinning wheel for a long time. FIXED: Simply type in the make, NOT model of the unit. For example, I typed in "LG" only and it brought up 5 or 6 categories under "LG" or there was a list of "popular models." This is where you want to be. You can just scroll through all of that brand until you get to your model (in alphabetical order). So it helped a lot, because I was typing in UJ6300, but it was listed as 55UJ6300 (which still should have been found, but ok). Once I found the model, I let it program and BOOM! I was having an issue with the ARC function of either my TV or my Home Theater Receiver. The sound works fine, but the ARC function has faulted and I have to control the TV and Receiver with separate remotes. This solved that. I also have kids running around and one, in particular, loves to mess with the stereo buttons/inputs. Many times, the stereo gets bumped off of "TV" and onto something like "DVD." So I programmed one of the color buttons to be "TV INPUT" from the list. This way it doesn't matter what he changes it to, I can hit that button and bring it right back. TIP: Each time you program the remote to take over for an old remote, compare the two. Start testing buttons, etc. I found that the "back" button wasn't working. So, on the app, I used the diagram of the remote to choose the button that I assume is meant to be "back" and I found a list of all known commands. It was a quick fix: instead of "back" it needed to be "BACK." I know that's a little buggy...but anyone with common sense should be able to work it out. TIP: If there is a command that just isn't in the list and you can't figure it out, try "learn from original remote." On the app you choose the button in question from the diagram. Then choose the learn from original remote" option and follow the directions (basically just point the old and new remotes at each other and press/hold the button on the original remote while the sofabaton intercepts the signal and learns it). TIP: Use the 4 colored buttons as shortcuts (I programmed mine to Netflix, Prime Video, HDMI - Fire TV, and HDMI 3 (Game). TIP: If you use a separate audio system (Home Theater Amp/Receiver or Sound Bar), consider using macros for the volume and mute buttons. You can program the remote to know that even if you are on the "TV" mode, when you press one of these volume buttons, it automatically applies it to the sound system and not the TV. This is a nice shortcut to actually having to use the wheel to scroll down to the audio system and then change the volume. I programmed this macro for both my "TV" and "Fire TV" modes. TIP: Reprogram the very top "TV Power" button to be an "ALL POWER" button. Simply go through each mode and reprogram that "TV Power" button using a macro and select each mode's "power" setting with no input delays. This way, when you hit "TV Power" it will shut down all programmed devices. (You do need to be generous with pointing the remote towards all devices at once. I do have instances where one doesn't get the signal and gets left on. Just scroll the wheel to that device and hit the power button). My 4 year old was able to use this remote to find her shows within 30 seconds after I let her loose. It's not a complicated setup at all. 100% RECOMMEND

My new favorite remote. I didn't think I'd ever find a remote that could control my Emotiva PT-100 preamp. But all hail the Sofabaton. Within a couple minutes of popping the batteries in I was controlling the preamp. Everything worked via the standard assigned keys. I had the tv programmed in the next minute. Even remapping a key I use a lot was simple as clicking the iphone app and making a new function selection. I like this thing so much I'll probably get another one for the other media room. The only negative I can think of is that programming the remote requires an app and the internet. If Sofabaton goes out of business you aren't going to reprogram the remote. But consider how much function it provides at such a low price, I'll risk it Update: still an awesome remote and I think highly of the company. I have a 25 year old CD player that was not in the database so I used the learning function for the basics. Easy enough. But on a lark, I emailed them through the app about my particular model not in the database. Within 48hrs they responded that they had added it so I could program the remote for it the “normal” way. Another update: just got a parasound preamp that wasn’t in SofaBaton’s database so I emailed them and they apologized and said they couldn’t help because they weren’t familiar with the brand. Just so happens that parasound documents all their IR codes on their website. So I forwarded that info asking if that helps and s couple days later they got back to me and said the parasound was now in the database. The SofaBaton people go way beyond the support I’ve gotten on much more expensive devices. Can’t give them enough stars.


SofaBaton U1 not ready for Prime Time. Buying this remote was a mistake. I'll be returning it for a refund. The description of the remote said it has an advanced OLED display. This display only display which device it will control. This display never went out and killed the battery. The remote has no other lights. You need a flashlight to see which the buttons. My Directv DVR remote uses a wireless mode this remote does not support. I could have configured it for IR, but that would require me to point the remote and have point of sight view. There is no USB port. I don't see any way this could receive a firmware update.

gets worse with time. **Edit 2/26/20 Lowered to 1 star. The remote is getting buggier. I have to press buttons multiple times to get it to work. Changed the batteries and reprogrammed and still having issues. Unfortunately I am now past the date of return. Avoid this remote! Remote is a bit bulky in the hand, but very similar to other remote options (options that only cost $10). Programming is pretty easy, other than they want to send data from your phone back through their app (not sure why). Once the remote is programmed things change. The remote buttons intermittently work and jump around between devices. Button reaction is slow and sometimes doesn't register at all. I realize this is a cheaper alternative to other options but it's still expensive for what is it...a buggy cheap piece of plastic.

Next to useless. I don't need a lot of featues for a remote. On/Off and volume are pretty much all I use. We use Fire TV 99 percent of the time, and once the TV is on and the volume level where I want it, the Fire TV remote is all I need. Since we do use a sound system instead of the TV's sound, it's convenient to have a single remote for both functions. With such limited needs, I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a replacement for my Logitech, which was perfect but that model is out of production and its replacement is a bit pricey. This SofaBaton remote looked like the ideal solution. Wrong. List of problems: The instructions are worthless, which is frustrating because there is nothing intuitive about this product. The database is extremely limited. Granted, my TV and Home Theater are not brand new, but they're not exactly obscure brands (Samsung and Panasonic) and my Logitech recognized them. Our cable box was in the database, a phyrric victory given that we almost never watch broadcast TV. The remote could not be found by the Fire TV via bluetooth, even with the remote placed right next to the Fire TV box. Fire TV does recognize our Kohler bluetooth speakers in the upstairs bathroom, so I don't place the blame on the Fire TV. The "learning" mode only works if you have a working remote for the device you want to control. If I had working remotes, I wouldn't need to buy this remote. By trying out different Samsung and Panasonic choices from the database, I was eventually able to get the remote to turn the TV on and off and adjust the volume. Shouldn't that make me happy? It would if the freaking device was 100 percent responsive and if it weren't so clumsy to use. There seems to be a "warm up" period for the remote to work. If I want to turn on the TV, say in the morning, it takes a good 10 or 15 seconds before the remote will actually do anything. Easier and faster just to push the power button on the TV. After the remote is warmed up, it only operates the device if you're pointing at it dead on. That means that if I'm sitting in my favorite chair which is at an angle to the tv, I have to get out of the chair and stand in front of the TV to get the remote to work. Kinda defeats the purpose of a remote. To switch between the TV and Home Theater, you have to use a silly wheel and then push a button to select the device. Why anyone thought this was more convenient than pushing a dedicated button (a la Logitech) I don't know. It happened that I wanted to see something on broadcast tv, which requires changing the input for the TV from the Fire TV to the cable box. Forget it, there is no "input" button on the remote, and after pushing every button on the friggin thing, I just got up and did it manually, which is a pain because the TV assumes everything will be controlled by the remote and the manual buttons are tiny things on the side of the tv which you need a bright light to see and then you have to actually select the input via a menu displayed on the screen. My mistake was not returning this piece of garbage within the return window.

Love this remote. Update: (From 5 down to 2 star) After a few months of using the remote it has become frustrating. With fresh batteries it works great. But as the batteries begin to fade it loses functionality and by the time batteries get about half way the remote will barely work. It starts with not wanting to switch devices and control my sound bar then it progresses to not wanting to pause/play my FireTV. I will have to mash the button repeatedly to get a response and some times have to wait for the remote to reconnect to the FireTV. The problems with full battery vs fading battery is very noticeable with rechargeable batteries and I would not recommend using rechargeable batteries in this remote. Also, even though I am sure it would make the battery problems I have even worse, I have found I would really like this remote to have backlit keys. I constantly find myself trying to use the light from the TV or my phone to find keys. This remote has quickly become my favorite remote that I have used. Besides having support for FireTv and other bluetooth remotes it is great for regular remote as well. Set up is far easier than the old logitech remote I had. SofaBaton support team is also great at responding to emails and help getting everything up and running.

Poor Range. The media could not be loaded. I really wanted to like this remote. It is attractive and seems to be built well. Setting up the components was very easy. I like how the app is setup and how you can customize the buttons. While there are no activity buttons, I was able to control the channels on my cable box and control the volume on my receiver without using the scroll wheel to change devices. The deal breaker was the range. My sitting position is 10.5 feet from the tv. The Sofabaton just didn't work at that range. I had to reach toward the tv to get the remote to work. The components were unobstructed as my Harmony worked fine. See video.

Ok remote with caveats. Product works great... if you're 1‐5 feet away from receiver/roku/tv, etc. I'll explain later. Coming from a logitech harmony 510 remote I have certain expectations for a "all in one" type of remote. Had it for almost 10 years, then kids happened... Guess I got spoiled with logitech's system. The Sofabaton system is different but fairly simple to setup. I do like that you don't need a PC to setup and is done through an app. Where as logitech's is done on a PC. Though it's not as intuitive as logitech's. Well at least the lower cost logitech's. Once everything was setup it works fine. My problem is the remote infrared is so picky that you have to be 5 ft or closer for it to work. I never had this problem with my old logitech remote. It just worked pointed towards the direction of the tv and Roku and works perfect. With the sofabaton it has to be directly pointed at the roku box and it must not be a slight angle at all or it just wont work. Step back a few feet and it just wont register like the old logitech or any of the original remotes do all the time. It's gotten so annoying that my wife and I decided to just use the original remotes for the roku and tv. Now maybe I got a dud or defective one but it works perfect under 5 feet away so I don't think it's really that. The IR is just too weak on my sofabaton remote so now it's a backup. If your system uses bluetooth then it should be much better, but I have older non bluetooth tv and Roku 2. Ordered a logitech harmony. Bad experience for me. Not recommended for those who have large living areas without bluetooth equipment where the tv/receiver is 5+ feet away.

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