8K HDMI Cable 2.1 Long 15FT/5M, Snowkids Ultra 48Gbps High Speed 8K60 4K120 144Hz Braided Black HDMI Cord eARC HDR10 HDCP 2.2&2.3 Compatible with Roku TV/PS5/HDTV

Snowkids New Veison 8K HDMI 2.1 Cabel is Coming.

8k hdmi 2.1 cable

The highlight of the Snowkids – 8K UHD HDMI cables

  • Resolution : 8K @ 60Hz / 4K @ 120Hz / 2K @ 240Hz
  • Transmission speed : 48Gbit/s
  • Version : 8K HDMI cable
  • Material : Double nylon braid / aluminum alloy shell / gold plated plug
  • Features : Dolby Vision / Dolby Sound / Dynamic HDR / Mirror Mode / Advanced Mode / Game Mode / 3D / Aspect Ratio 21: 9 / HDCP 2.3 / eARC/QMS/VRR/QFT/ALLM

8K HDMI Cable for Game Enthusiasts

8K HDMI Cable is born for those who are obsessed with games.

  • The hdmi cable is not limited to [email protected], it can break through 4K and achieve 8K ultra-high image quality.
  • Realize [email protected], get smooth and clear video with high refresh rate, and have unprecedented visual effects.
  • For videos, movies, and games, HDMI adds multiple enhanced refresh rate technologies to ensure that the changing frame rate of the display device is synchronized with the game and video.
  • The game does not lose frames or tear during high-speed movement. No smearing, ensuring smoother games, more complete details, and smooth play.

8k hdmi 2.1 cable

8k hdmi 2.1 cable

8k hdmi 2.1 cable

Solid OHFC Copper Conductors

Solid conductors eliminate strand-interaction distortion and reduce jitter. More stable and realistic transmission of audio and video signals, reducing interference.

Flexible design and Top material support

  • The tangle-free HDMI cable is ideal for tight environments and makes life easier.
  • On the other hand,the two-layer nylon material is 1.5 times stronger than the single-layer nylon material and runs through the entire cable. High quality materials are an important factor in improving the performance of the cable.

Three modes, All in one

  • Mirror mode: Copy the screen of a screen to a larger screen, in order to display a more high-definition screen
  • Extended mode: More efficient split-screen operation can be done at work, saving a lot of time for your work
  • Game mode: In this mode, the cable will be adjusted as the picture changes, adjusted to the most suitable refresh rate to ensure the smoothest and finest picture

Welcome to 8K uhd world

8K HDMI Cable 2.1 Long 15FT/5M, Snowkids Ultra 48Gbps High Speed 8K60 4K120 144Hz Braided Black HDMI Cord eARC HDR10 HDCP 2.2&2.3 Compatible with Roku TV/PS5/HDTV 8K HDMI Cable 2.1 Long 15FT/5M, Snowkids Ultra 48Gbps High Speed 8K60 4K120 144Hz Braided Black HDMI Cord eARC HDR10 HDCP 2.2&2.3 Compatible with Roku TV/PS5/HDTV 8K HDMI Cable 2.1 Long 15FT/5M, Snowkids Ultra 48Gbps High Speed 8K60 4K120 144Hz Braided Black HDMI Cord eARC HDR10 HDCP 2.2&2.3 Compatible with Roku TV/PS5/HDTV 8K HDMI Cable 2.1 Long 15FT/5M, Snowkids Ultra 48Gbps High Speed 8K60 4K120 144Hz Braided Black HDMI Cord eARC HDR10 HDCP 2.2&2.3 Compatible with Roku TV/PS5/HDTV 8K HDMI Cable 2.1 Long 15FT/5M, Snowkids Ultra 48Gbps High Speed 8K60 4K120 144Hz Braided Black HDMI Cord eARC HDR10 HDCP 2.2&2.3 Compatible with Roku TV/PS5/HDTV
DisplayPort Cable DisplayPort Cable 8k HDMI Cable SD Card Reader 4K HDMI Cable
Connetcor DisplayPort Cable, DP to DP DisplayPort, DP to DP HDMI Cable Male to Male 4 in 1 USB 3.0 Card Reader Card 4K HDMI Cable
Bandwind 32.4Gpbs 32.4Gpbs 48Gpbs 18Gbps
Resolution [email protected], [email protected] [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] MicroSD, USB [email protected]
Materials Nylon Braided/Aluminum alloy Nylon Braided/Aluminum alloy Nylon Braided/Aluminum alloy Nylon Braided
Features DisplayPort 1.4,Dynamic HDR and HDCP 2.2 DisplayPort 1.4,Dynamic HDR and HDCP 2.2 HDMI 2.1,eARC Dynamic HDR USB3.0,512GB, 4 Card Slot:SD slot,Micro SD/TF slot,CF slot,MS slot hdmi 2.0 cord 24K gold-plated connectors

Features & Specifications

  • 【UHD HDMI 2.1 Cable】Snowkids Real 8K HDMI Cable meets the standard HDMI 2.1 Version and is also backward compatible with HDMI 2.0b/2.0a/1.4/1.3/1.2/1.1 versions. Compared with HDMI 2.0 and 1.4, its transmission speed is three times more content than Ultra HD 4K, and there will no longer be stuck or dropped frames when watching video from now on. Support eARC can achieve more advanced audio signal control capabilities. With Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, you can have an immersive experience.
  • 【Future [email protected] HDMI Cable】Snowkids 8K HDMI 2.1 Cable is compatible with [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected], and more. With 8K HDMI's unique dynamic HDR and 12 Bit color processing technology and 48Gbps bandwidth, it can provide the Ultra High Definition cinematic experience and 3D visual effects with more ideal depth, brightness, detail, contrast, and wider color gamut. Supports HDCP2.2 when using HDCP2.2 video source.
  • [email protected] for Gaming】It can achieve a super smooth picture of [email protected] for gaming. Its latest game mode supports variable refresh rates, maximizes the value of the graphics card and CPU, and is more accurate in the processing of rendered images. Variable Refresh Rate and Quick Media Switching reduce lag, motion blur, and frame tearing so that you can achieve smoother delay-free gaming and real-time interactive virtual reality.
  • 【Durability high-quality materials】With a new smart RTX 3090 chip, it can guarantee high-speed transmission without signal loss. Due to the SR technology, the flexural strength design can withstand up to 25,000 flex times. The plug part is still made of 24K gold-plated material, which accurately transmits signals. The military-grade tensile nylon material also greatly extends its life.
  • 【Strict Quality Control】Our HDMI cables have been put through rigorous performance tests in the laboratory before delivery. As long as you use our HDMI cables, we are responsible for you. If you have any questions, you can always contact us. All of this is just to give you a better shopping experience.

Pros & Cons


It works with PS5 120 4k. It works with PS5 and series x with 4k 120fps

It works great for 4k 120Hz. These days many HDMI cables do not do what they claim. Especially longer ones. This cable, despite the stupid name, does what it's supposed to do. At least, for my application. It was able to push 4K 120Hz from my PC to OLED TV.

Don't fall for the "High End" cable hype. Don't fall for the "High End" cable hype. When I first started to assemble my 'home entertainment system' I looked for all the information I could get regarding equipment and cable specifications. Of course you can't help reading why one vendor's specifications are the better than all the others. Sadly this involves reading advertisements as well. With that said I went for the "Monster" brand cables - very over priced and over rated. We'll time went on and I'v found out that as long as the cable meets or exceeds your equipment specifications, peace of mind is not necessarily worth 10x the cost. After my "Monster Advanced" HDMI cable just gave up the ghost - I purchased this one. Couldn't he happier + I have a few extra dollars in my pocket. We'll see how long this cable last (BTW they never moved around once installed) and I'll write an updated review if necessary.

Best quality I’ve seen in a dozen years. Not all cables are made equal. This one looks and feels superior to any of my other very good quality cables. The HDMI connectors are solidly designed and crafted such that you know the contact points will be 100% perfect. The cable braiding is rock solid as well. I like everything about this design. Buy it.

Upgraded and it shows and feels SO better!! I was hesitant in purchasing new HDMI cables. I'd heard all were the same. I'm here to so say... THEY ARE NOT. Immediately upon connecting and powering on the devices, the sound was so much clearer. The picture was immediate. With old cords, I would get an error or the picture would turn the screen completely black. I'm glad I ordered more and will connect them to other TV's. Fast start up and very clean sound. In the very near future, I'll be ordering other cords for other TV'. I HIGHLY recommend them....HIGHLY UPDATE: After hours & hours of viewing TV, streaming, these babies work very well! The error I used to get has not popped up. I'm truly pleased with the purchase of these HDMI cables. Noticeable difference.

Perfect for LG OLED C2. Got this cable to hook my new 48 LG OLED C2 to my PC for gaming. When I first plugged in, couldn't select 120hz under Nvidia settings. Quick google told me that I had to scroll down a bit to choose 4k under PC. When I did that I could choose 120hz. So it works as advertised.


Gamers move along, better cables for less money exist. I'll keep this as short as possible. The cable visually looks cheap and low quality (it's probably the font and "8k" printed on each end) and then you pick it up and it feels like it's decent quality but there's 1 really big problem.... Really big.. I don't think it's HDMI 2.1 and if it is then it's so badly constructed with poor quality wire and shielding OR a bad connector (or both) that it doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Meaning gamers should stay away no matter what. It works fine if you're watching a 4k movie but if you're trying to game at 4k60+ with HDR and VRR then you might have problems and those problems only get worse the more bandwidth you try to use. So the higher your frame rate goes or if you're also trying to push high quality audio like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X... Forget about it. Running it through an HDMI cable tester (a decent one) this cable fails the HDMI 2.1 spec testing due to signal degradation or too much "noise". It technically also fails the HDMI 2.0 testing but it will still work (like I said) for something like a movie in 4k HDR with HD audio. So gamers stay away but if you're just going to watch movies you should be ok but with that in mind there are other cables out there that are also braided and the same length that meet their claimed spec for the same price or even less. Don't spend a ton on cables, it's unnecessary but also beware because while a $30 cable is double what you should be paying, it's also less likely to fail. So pay attention to what people leaving reviews are using the cable for. A 5 star review that could be about an HDMI 1.0 cable isn't going to help you when you're trying to play a game at 4k120 HDR with VRR and surround sound.

Not even close to what they claim. Don't waste your time and money on this cheap knock off cable. It will not do anything as advertised. My screen display would cut off or pixelated grainy lines stayed on the bottom of the screen. I would advise to go ahead and spend the extra couple bucks for the real HDMI cables and save yourself the headache associated with this cable.

Not a fan! Made my 4k UHD flicker constantly, had to switch back to my old cables

Worked fine for a couple of weeks. It suddenly stopped working while watching movie. Cable was connecting lg oled tv and a receiver. It suddenly cut off signal while playing a movie and stopped working. I ended up purchased another product

Does not work with Verizon FiOS. I installed this cable because my existing cable would flash the TV image on and off from the Verizon FiOS STB. Well, after installing this cable, I only get 1080p on my Samsung 2160p UHD Smart TV. Off my Fire Stick, I still get 2160p so I know it is not the TV. So I need to try another cable now.... Bummer....

Not 4k at 120hz. I tried several times to get this to push 4k at 120hz on my TV and it won't. It shows the option but then reverts back to 60hz automatically. Additionally this cable refuses to let me run my TV as a secondary monitor I am only able to duplicate displays NOT extend them. I tried another no name brand HDMI that I have and it works without issues and pushes 4k at 120hz. The difference between the two is length. The no name is standard 6ft. It appears I'll need to drop $100+ on a cable that is long and can do what I need. I have 3 stars because the cable itself feels well made, is the length I wanted, and the connection ends are solid.

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