MOUNTUP UL Listed TV Wall Mount, Tilting TV Mount Bracket for Most 37-75 Inch Flat Screen/Curved TV Low Profile Wall Mount Saving Space Max VESA 600x400mm Hold up to 99 lbs Fit 16″ 18″ 24″ Stud MU0008

tilting tv wall mounttv mount low profileWALL MOUNT TV BRACKET

Step 1: Check Wall Types

  • The TV mount MU0008 is designed for wood studs spacing of 16/18/24 inch.
  • It also can be mounted on concrete or brick wall. Concrete anchors are not included, they will be sent if need. ( Note:Not for dry wall alone application.)

Step 2: Check VESA Pattern

  • VESA=HorizontalxVertical (mm) (The 4 mount holes on TV back)
  • Make sure your TV’s VESA pattern between 150x75mm and 600x400mm.
  • Accommodate VESA patterns: 200×100, 200×200, 200×300, 300×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300, 400×400, 500×300, 600×400.

Step 3: Check TV Specs

  • Confirm your TV’s weight is less than 99lbs.
  • Confirm your TV’s size is between 37 and 75 inches. The tv wall mount is compatible with including but not limited to 37, 39, 40, 42, 43, 49, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 inches TVs.

Step 4: Check Cables Outlet

  • Please check to prevent possible blocked cable or inputs.
  • In that case, you may be able to install the included spacers to create more room.
  • Please plug in your cables before hanging tv!

70 inch tv wall mount wall mount for tv 55 inch tv wall mount


1. Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

Low profile TV wall mount features heavy-duty cold-formed steel construction. It has been strength tested to ensure security for your TV and your family.

2. Low Profile Design

The wall mount TV bracket extends only 1.67 inch from the wall for a sleek appearance to save space.

3. 10° Tilt Adjustment

Easily tilt the TV down 10° to reduce glare for comfortable viewing to enjoy any TV show or movie.

4. Unique Quick Release Design

The locking system with a quick-release design allows the TV to remove and adjust easily.


1 x TV mount, 1 x bubble level, 3 x velcro cable ties, 1x user manual, all standard mounting hardware.


  • Concrete anchors are not included, they will be sent if need.
tv mount 55 inch wall mount TV WALL MOUNT 65 inch tv wall mount tv wall mount 65 inch full motion tv wall mount
MU0007 MU0008 MU0011 MU0010 MU0009 MU0012
Mount Type Medium Tilt TV Mount Large Tilt TV Mount Medium Full Motion TV Mount Medium Full Motion TV Mount Medium Full Motion TV Mount Large Full Motion TV Wall Mount
TV Size Range 26″-55″ 37″-75″ 26”-55” 26″-55″ 26″-55″ 42″-70″
Max Load 99 LBS 99 LBS 60 LBS 88 LBS 77 LBS 100 LBS
Max VESA 400x400mm 600x400mm 400x400mm 400x400mm 400x400mm 600x400mm
Fits Stud Spacing up to 16″ up to 24″ Single Stud up to 16″ Single Stud up to 16″
Tilt Angle +10°/-10° 0°/-10° +5°/-10° +5°/-10° +5°/-15° +3°/-12°
Swivel Angle ±45° ±45° ±90° ±45°
Extension 19.9″ 15.4″ 17.7″ 15.4″

Features & Specifications

  • UNIVERSAL TV WALL MOUNT - The tilting TV wall mount is compatible with most 37-75 inch flat screen or curved TVs up to 99 lbs. Fits VESA 150x75mm to 600x400mm mounting patterns. Design for wood studs spacing up to 24 inches. NOTE: Not for dry wall alone application.
  • LOW PROFILE TILT TV MOUNT - The wall mount TV bracket extends only 1.67 inches from the wall for a sleek appearance to save space.
  • ANTI-GLARING - The flat screen TV wall mount offers a 10° tilting function. Adjust TV easily down 10° to reduce glare for perfect angle to enjoy any TV show or movie.
  • SAFETY AND STABILITY - UL certified TV wall mount features a heavy duty cold-formed steel construction. It has been strength tested to ensure security for your TV and your family.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Comes with an clear instructions and all necessary hardware kit for quick 3-step installation. The pull mechanism make TV removal and adjustment easy. Our TV mount ensure a 3-year protection.
  • Weight: 0.317 ounces

Pros & Cons


Easy peasy. Very sturdy. Whoever designed this thing has spent more than one day cursing in frustration at the maddening difficulty of installing some supposed "do-it-yourself in 5 minutes" contraption. This mount is made for those of us who aren't particularly handy: each piece and part is labeled and packaged separately, and the manual's illustrations make clear reference to each of those parts, showing how they go together and in what order. They also thoughtfully included two most helpful things: a small level (do you know where your level is?) and four little Velcro ties to keep the cords together against the wall instead of hanging down in a jumbled mess. I was able to do the whole job myself in about 30 minutes, and I'm nobody's idea of a handyman.

In my case, simple and inexpensive was just right. Installation was relatively easy. I appreciated that the package included a small level. The mount comes with a lot of extra bits (washers, spacers, various screw lengths) and plenty of mounting points on the bracket - meaning that it can accommodate most situations you might find on the back of your TV and can sit wherever you'd like on an ordinary drywall structure with 16" separation between studs. The cords which release the monitor mount from the bracket hung low enough to be visible on my install, and I quickly realized that I needed to tape those up slightly behind the TV so that they could not be seen. This was an extremely minor issue and easily resolved. The product does not have (and does not advertise) rotation in the horizontal axis, only a slight downward tilt if desired. Lastly, I strongly recommend that you have (or borrow) a power drill, driver, and stud finder in order to properly attach the bracket to your wall.

Real easy to use simple install. Easy to mount even on tile block wall! Feels solid even with a 65 inch tv

Bought for one tv ended up on another LOVE IT. I bought this for my living room TV but the studs are wonky. It’s the shared wall with my neighbors (I live in an apartment). I started the return process kind of irritated because we just got the new TV in the living room and my bf destroyed the TV stand and it’s a chaotic mess, which he’s fine with but I’m having a great deal of anxiety over it. Then I decided “screw it, I’ve got the TV in our bed room! Why not try it?” So, I tried it out on our TCL 49” TV (originally bought for a TCL 65” Alexa capable TV). It took some time but I was able to install the whole thing on my own. ( I’ve moved entire pianos and timpano on my own so I’m strong enough and capable of dealing with the TV alone, don’t do it alone if you aren’t capable). And I am so in love with it. I’ve never had a mounted TV before but I swear that I worked in bed all day the first day it was fully installed added pic with Teddy the cat for tax

Worth every penny. I usually don't write reviews on stuff, especially overseas junk. I have to say this was worth every penny and was very easy to install. It came with EVERYTHING (hardware) needed to hang the tv....... I mean bolts, spacers, washers, A LEVEL and a HDMI cord, etc. All you need to supply is a tape measure, drill, drill bit, and a basic ratchet set. Very happy with it and the quick release latches it has. Would buy again!

Sturdy and well constructed. This is a steal. If you're thinking about buying a television wall mount, go ahead and buy it. It is a sturdy material and well designed. I felt skeptical at first, but the product proved me wrong. One caution--the screw that attaches to the mount is really thick. Really thick. Make sure to pre-drill a hole on your wooden beam. Otherwise, you'll end up with a giant split on your wooden beam. Great product.


Fairly good wall mount. Overall a good wall mount bracket but there’s a couple things wrong. The cords used for pull down and unlocking are too short. As close as the TV to the wall there is no way to get your hand underneath it and up there to pull on those cords so I had to tie on black shoelaces to increase the length. Secondly the wall bracket was perfectly level as measured with a bubble measure But with the TV mounted on the wall using above a level you can see that it’s not even and I had to lift it and put a little piece of metal underneath one of the arms to level the the Cutouts in the TV brackets are not perfectly manufactured. Aside from those two flaws it’s not a bad unit.

It’s okay,...but needs improvement. This is a good product for the price. It’s 20 bucks so I can’t complaint too much, but there is room for improvement. The designers split the wall bracket in two (I suppose in an effort to make the package smaller, because they are definitely not saving material) and this causes issues with the leveling because of poor tolerances and fit. If you see my pictures you can tell how each half of the wall bracket is not aligned with the other. Some percussive adjustments courtesy of my trusty hammer did the trick. On more expensive TV mounts you have leveling screws which allow for fine tuning your TV level. This being an entry level product it does not include that feature so having the wall bracket perfectly leveled is essential for a quality installation. I will readily admit that I am a bit obsessive about those kinds of things but this product just wasn’t cutting it as it came. I have installed multiple TV wall mounts for family and friends and this one gave me the most headaches. Maybe I just got a bad one. I got two and will be installing the other one in the coming days and will update my review at that time

You get what you pay for. The mount itself is very basic. It is okay if you are on a budget, but i do not recommend. Putting the mount on the wall was fine, but getting the TV on it was horrible!! There was two of us and the way the mount is designed, you can't get your hands behind it to secure it, you need to teeter it on the edges. I've hung tons of mounts all by myself and this should not have been difficult for to people. Then you can't get your hands under the bottom to pull the strings to get the TV off, especially if you have it on a tilt. Plus it is a huge pain to tilt, you need to do that manually when installing. Find a different mount!!

Two wall brackets as opposed to one?? Why? Bracket comes in 2 pieces as opposed to one as all other TV mounts. It extends the installation time unnecessarily and it causes the installer to use more wall studs than needed.

Check what size hardware you will need to go into your TV. Overall this is a good product and simple to install; if everything works for your TV. The first problem that I ran into was that my Samsung TV needed M8 hardware and while M4, M6 and M8 are all supplied, only M6 washers are provided. Luckily I had some M8 washers. My second problem was with the length of the provided hardware. For each of the provided sizes, you get a short set and a long set. For my TV, the short were too short and the long were too long. I couldn't get any threads to engage with the short, even with nothing mounted. And the long were so long that even if I used 2 sets of long spacers (provided) and a washer, they were still about a thread too long!! I ended up cutting approximately 1.25 inches off of each screw. Even with all of this trouble, it still took me only approximately 45 minutes to install, so if it went smoothly I would say probably a 15 minute install time.

Few Flaws in Product. 1) parts for install in brick/concrete not included. Specs say u can install in concrete but when u open box the materials say not included u have to call supplier 2) washers included will not fit 8mm bolts typically used for a Samsung TV 3) When you mount wall bracket use larger level than one provided . It must be dead level since you cannot level tv when hung on wall bracket. This is a minus with this mount.

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