MiracleWipes for Electronics

MiracleWipes for Electronics

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You use your mobile devices and electronics every day, which means they can quickly get dirty with smudges, fingerprints, and oils that impact screen clarity and textile functionality. MiracleWipes for Electronics wants to help give you more control and enjoyment when it comes to your TVs, tablets, smartphones, and computers by helping you lift away dirt and impurities with an anti-static, streak-free shine!

Features & Specifications

  • THE BEST ELECTRONIC WIPES ARE SAFE FOR YOUR ALLYOUR GADGETS: With electronics now considered as everyday essentials, it's no surprise that you're in search of the easiest and most effective way to clean them. That's where the MIRACLE WIPES for Electronic Screen Cleaning come in. These convenient screen wipes for electronics will instantly help remove dust, static, smudges, fingerprints, oil, or watermarks from your device without any additional effort on your part.
  • TV SCREEN CLEANER – Any TV screen in the house can be cleaned with their Miracle Wipes. Typical examples include Flat Screens, LCD panel, OLED, LED TV, QLED. Ideally, you will need a universal screen cleaner that cleans effectively.
  • ANTI-STATIC, MIRACLE WIPES for electronics are designed to clean external areas on electronic devices and won’t cause damages to screens or surfaces. They will help lift away fingerprints, food particles, spills, watermarks, and skin oils while leaving behind a clear finish.
  • QUICK-DRYING NO- STREAK formula: Miracle Wipes cleaner for electronics (computer screen cleaner, laptop screen cleaner) is pre-moistened with a gentle yet high-tech formula, that won’t harm even the most sensitive parts of your electronic equipment. These electronic screen wipes effectively leave your gadgets spotless, dry and with a streak-free shine. Electronic wipes, screen wipes, screen cleaner, wipes cleaner.

Pros & Cons


ignore bad reviews. after reading a couple of bad reviews I thought about not getting it but I gave it a try. I have 2 large tv 75 inches and 49 also 4 computer monitors 2 of 34, 43 and 49. it works perfectly on all of them clean as new.... you guys could just ignore the bad reviews.... Get this one… bad reviews I am pretty sure they did something they were not posted to do ….. I also clean two monitors at my shop which was sitting there for 4 years, It came out super clean…. Tested on old monitors first …

The best! The absolute best for large screen tvs. I couldn't get my tv steak free no matter how much I cleaned it until I bought these wipes. I have an 85 inch TV and the steaks looked horrible. It took 2 of these wipes to do the whole screen and it looks brand new. I tried one on my windshield that I couldn't seem get completely clean and it did the job. I love the results I get from these.

This Stuff Works Great! My PC touch screen was full of little "blotches" from who knows what. I tried cleaning it with all kinds of stuff: Windex, Clorox wipes, dish soap in water, a damp cloth (water only) and NOTHING cleaned the screen! What a mess! Anyway, a friend recommended this product to me and with one wipe, the stuff on the screen was gone (it IS a miracle product!) and I am happy as a bug, my screen looks brand new again! I'm going to order this for every computer screen in my family and extended family just so they can have a clean screen too! Love this stuff! Works GREAT!

Really Clean Now. The actual product is excellent and the MAC screen is cleaner than it has ever been. The only negative was removing the lid.. The directions were clearly written but the top was very difficult to lift. I used a butter knife to pry it off, and that was also hard to accomplish.

Cleans well. Easy to use even for me. I usually leave for marks than before trying to clean. This works good.

Best wipes ever! These work wonders for my TV screens! I have 3 flat screens in my home and the first time I used these all 3 looked brand new. This is the second time I've ordered these and unless they're discontinued, I will continue to order them.


Product OK but packaging is very difficult for seniors to open. The wipes and cloth did a decent job of cleaning our 75in TV. The downside was the difficulty in opening the product to remove the foil seal and needed a screwdriver to pry open the top to access and position the wipes as instructions suggested. Unnecessarily took a great deal of effort to get to the wipes.

Item is fine but incorrect description. Does not come with a microfiber towel like the description indicates.

They are just ok. First, it was impossible to open the container. I had to use a serrated knife to saw it open. Then I put them in a freezer bag hoping they wont dry out. They are basically alcohol based cloths. This is what is recommended for LCD type screens although I have always used Windex which is supposed to be a little bit corrosive. I thought I would try these. The fact I could not open the container, I wont buy them again.

They are okay, but they won't knock your socks off. They worked well at first but you have to use the entire container quite quickly because the sheets will dry out. They started off doing the job and then after awhile I went to pull some out and they just were all dry, and before someone asks....yes, the top/lid was secured and tightly closed.

The wipes were dry. I used it 3 times but I would not buy again because it didnt do what it said. It was a waste of my money

Not as good as expected. Tried these wipes on my big screen TV, computer monitors, and cell phone screens. The results on the big screen TV were inferior, they did not get rid of the fingerprints. The computer monitor and cell phone screens were better, but still not as good as expected leaving prints/smears. I would not recommend this product.

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