Mirabox HDMI Extender Wireless KVM Over IP

Mirabox HDMI Extender Wireless KVM Over IP

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Rx Only, Mirabox 4K UHD KVM USB HDMI Extender Over IP Cat5e Cat6,Point to Point 180m 590ft,POE 100m 392ft,4K@30Hz 4:4:4,Visual Lossless,USB2.0 Pass-Through,Latency<50ms,802.3af POE,Receiver Only

Features & Specifications

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Pros & Cons


It comes with instructions... Read them. I took a chance on this system despite all of the reviews stating that the transmitter could only connect to 1 receiver. I figured if it didn't work I'd just send them back. When it was time to set these up I gave myself about 4 hours to finish the project, anticipating that a lot of troubleshooting would be necessary if they even worked at all. I pulled the instructions out of the box, took a deep breath and got started. After having done exactly what was stated in the instructions, and nothing more, I had 4 receivers connected and working. This took roughly 4 minutes. They've all worked flawlessly since setup. I don't think that you need to be tech savvy to make these work - just set them up correctly... Read and follow instructions.

Would not pair, manufacturer resolved issue. SEE UPDATE BELOW: I bought this receiver (RX) to pair with my TX/RX configuration that I already had and was working pretty well, and was supposed to support up to 4 RX. After several failed attempts to pair, I contacted the manufacturer directly through their website. After many email exchanges and trying different things and sending screenshots, they acknowledged the problem and said they had a RX that should pair and work and they would send it to me. After several days, I got a package from them, but it was a transmitter (TX) instead (which, by the way, also would not pair with the RX). I emailed them about the apparent mix-up, and they ghosted me. So I sent the RX back to Amazon, still deciding whether to keep the TX/RX since I cannot add another RX. If you want to be able to support more than one RX, don't waste your time. Read the reviews. I gave them one-star because at least for a while they acted like they wanted to help. UPDATE: I finally got another RX from the manufacturer and successfully paired it on the first try. They provided different pairing instructions from what is on their website and in the instructions that come with it. - power on both the TX and RX before connecting the HDMI cable. Wait 5-10 seconds. - plug the HDMI cable into the port on the RX and the IN port on the TX. Wait 10-20 seconds. - done I now have 2 RX working with the same TX. Hoorah. I've updated the review rating. Couldn't give a 5 because of the hassle factor, but I am pleased that Jack got back to me and got things straightened out.

Does what it says it will do. Will destroy your network traffic if not careful. Plugged it in to my switch and didn't get a chance to configure the VLAN. The second I plugged in the receiver, my home network stopped working. Put it on it's own VLAN and the network issues were resolved. They are chatty. They will use terabytes of data in a very short time. This is because they do not have IP addresses assigned. They just spam your network with broadcast traffic so that the receivers and transmitters do not need to be configured. It seems lazy.

Simple and get the job done. These are very simple to use, and have worked great for me when I do music bingo gigs at bars. I love the HDMI pass-through on the transmitter, so you have the option to still plug a cable into another screen or projector. I have noticed no quality issues. I primarily display static images and/or text that doesn't necessarily have to be exactly in sync w/ the sound (like a movie would be), so I can't speak to whether there is any latency/drift between audio at one device and video at the receiver. However, as far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be any delay.

If you are not tech savvy ask a question. I too got the transmitter and receiver bundle for a friend. Works great so we got the additional 3. Left to his own devices he could not get the second, nor third, nor fourth to work. After reading the diagram provided right here on Amazon, understandably must pair EACH receiver to the transmitter. In about 2 minutes tops I paired all three. 5 minutes more hooked up and working. Perhaps in the product name the Mirabox should add in brackets (unpaired), so folks would not think they can just plug and play. And in the description ... Must PAIR with transmitter before first use (even though this is in the instructions in the box diagram as well). Great product and will be getting it again for my own home.

Dolby source blocks hdmi bypass port and sound over hdmi. Easy connection. Video works fine. Audio dos not. Multiple tests with multiple devices showed transmitter does not pass audio from source HDMI for both the loop out (which should be simply an hdmi splitter (and other splitters do work in this configuration) nor for the received remote. NOTE ADDED AFTER DIAGNOSIS Loop out, and sound over HDMI work fine unless the HDMI source has Dolby turned on.


Not a 60hz loop output. Its does get a 1080p input. But the loop output from the reciver its not 60hz and its laggy. I bought this to get my ps5 image to another room right next to where the transmiter is. The loop from the transmitter its not that great. The reciver image quality and lag is slightly bether then ps remote. Good to watch movies and basic stuff but other than that its not worth it.

Does Not Work with More Than 1 Receiver ! Product works great with included receiver module. Seller claims you can add more receivers for a total of 4 receivers-WRONG! I ordered one extra receiver to have a 2-receiver system. The extra receiver would not connect with the transmitter. I tried it as just one receiver, and as the second receiver, and in both cases, it would not connect. Only the Receiver that came packaged with the Transmitter worked. So maybe I ordered the wrong receiver? I went back online and found the seller packages a 2-receiver group for a discounted price if you ordered them together. I ordered the whole package again with the 2-receiver option. The order came again as one package that included a receiver, and they added a second receiver in its own packaging that was absolutely the same as my original 2nd receiver I ordered. All the numbers matched. As with the original Transmitter, only the receiver packaged with the transmitter worked. I tried all 3 receivers I now had with both transmitters with the same results, only the receiver packaged with the transmitter worked. The instructions have no setup menu, just hooking them up and applying power is supposed to add them automatically. Conclusion: If you only want a one receiver system, it works great. DO NOT BUY IF YOU REQUIRE MORE THAN A ONE RECEIVER SYSTEM!

Antennas are cumbersome. I originally purchased this to replace a Nyrius unit. My wife was not pleased with the antennas. She didn't want me to even try it out.

I spent hours trying different configurations on my home network and I was amazed at some of the havoc caused. A newer version of this product, 3.0., can now be purchased for nearly the same price. The product on this page is version 2.0 and it doesn't sync as reliably as 3.0. Neither of the products work very well if you put them on your network. I spent hours trying different configurations on my home network and I was amazed at some of the havoc caused. The most interesting thing was the specific ability to complete disable router wifi transmission. I was able to do this to my xfinity gateway, as well as two different netgear routers (X6 and X8). This happened with repeated experimentation and the wifi broadcasting returned when i removed the extender from the network. Even though the device works, it fails for me because at times it renders my network useless. It actually works just fine if you want to use CAT5e or 6 cable to connect the transmitter and receiver directly. I also works pretty well if you connect it to an un-managed switch, rather than directly to a router. I don't know enough about networking to understand why this was case. My goal was to connect to it a router (or even a switch connected to the router) on one end and a high quality multi-band wifi-extender on the other end set up as non-broadcasting wireless access point and placed in reasonably close proximity to the router. Doing this resulted in a signal that constantly went in and out (85% out, with 15% flashes of low quality picture) despite measuring INTERNET download speeds of > 100Mbps from the ethernet port of the access point. Clearly though, I didn't have enough bandwidth to receive the transmitted HDMI signal. In fact, using the product specifically found on this page gave no picture whatsoever. The version 3 linked above had the signal that went in and out, an improvement over no picture, but not up to an acceptable level.

Poor quality output. Both loop-out and transmitted images expose all kinds of artifacts. You can notice severe color bleeding in subpixel rendered computer fonts (Windows ClearType) and slight blurring -- in both images, and compression artifacts -- in the transmitted image. I expected much better quality for an item that costs 120-170 dollars (depends on the current pricing on Amazon that flips back and forth.) Plus, the transmitted image is not scaled on my Samsung TV, some part of the image is clipped at the bottom. Not sure about the reason, but this does not happen with Windows' stock Miracast (Windows 10 "Project" feature) implementation through my home WiFi network. Yes, it results in a poor quality jittering image but at least it's properly scaled.

Just doesn't work. I wanted to like it. My distance was 60 feet thru one floor. Barely connected my cable box and kept shutting off after 20 minutes. Remote failed to work after ten minutes. This was not good. Sorry. Only 780p and very blurry. Terrible instructions in foreign language. Save your money until one of the big companies designs one.

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