Kalamera 30 Bottles Wine Cooler, KRC-30SZB-TGD

Kalamera 30 Bottles Wine Cooler Review – Quiet for wine keeping

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Are you looking for a nice home wine refrigerator that can store your wine and keep it perfectly chilled? If you are planning to build a good wine cooler that is freestanding into your kitchen or bar area to achieve that, I am pleased to share what I researched and reviewed for that with you. After I did some research, I found a pretty good wine refrigerator of Kalamera, the Kalamera KRC-30SZB-TGD Wine Cooler, which is a 15″ 30-bottle refrigerator to keep your wine to the temperature you set with low vibration and low noise compressor keeping wine sediments undisturbed.



Quietly Cooling

Built with quality compressor unit and outstanding compressor vibration reduction gear, the Kalamera wine cooler offers evenly cooled space for your wine bottles with minimized vibration. Your bottles of wine can lay quietly and safe in the wine cooler. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the quietness with your important guests sitting by the wine cooler.


Smart Digital Control for Power Lost

As an advanced wine cooler, its built-in LCD temperature display enables you to tune the temperature to your favorite degree in a range of 40~66°F. If it encounters a power lost, the built-in thermal meter will bring with itself a function to restore the wine cooler back to the temperature you have set once power recovers, which protects your wine collection from the increasing temperature.


Quality Shelf

The shelves of the wine cooler are made of beech wood, nice looking and strong enough to hold your wine collection, and soft enough as well to protect your wine labels without being scratched. There are two stoppers placed on the two sides of each shelf, stopping the shelf when it is pulled half way out, so as to keep the wine bottles from falling off the shelf.


Flexible Shelving

The shelf is designed for standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles. So you may lay the wine bottles on the shelf as staggered and the cap facing each other. If you want to store larger bottles, the wine cooler will hold a smaller number of bottles than the standard one. You will have to remove one or more shelves for storing larger bottles.


Safety Lock

The quality Kalamera wine cooler is made with a built-in universal hexagon bolt lock, with which you can easily and simply prevent your kids playing with the wine cooler or frequently opening the door causing temperature fluctuation that may affect your wine. With the bolt lock, you can manage your wine storage space as private.


Features & Specifications

  • Built with a large capacity of up to 30 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles, so you can store plenty of your favorite wine at a time
  • Uses beech wood for shelves for best quality
  • Built with double-layered tempered glass door that is made with stainless steel frame, you can stabilize temperature levels inside and keep glass from fogging
  • Uses temperature memory function to restore the set temperature in the cooler after it is back on from power lost, you can keep your wine collection from going bad with increasing temperature
  • Built with single zone, one-touch LED display control, easy for you to set temperature from 40°F to 66°F, you can have perfect chilling temperature all the time
  • Can be installed under a counter in kitchen or bar area, or used as a freestanding unit, perfect for any room in your home
  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 14.9 x 33.9 inches
  • Weight: 72.8 pounds
  • Backed by a limited 1-year warranty


Kalamera 30 Bottles Wine Cooler, KRC-30SZB-TGD
Kalamera 30 Bottles Wine Cooler, KRC-30SZB-TGD


Kalamera 30 Bottles Built-in Wine Cooler, Open
Kalamera 30 Bottles Built-in Wine Cooler, open


Pros & Cons

Pros: Large capacity; Quiet cooling; Restores temperature from a power lost; Safety bolt lock.

Cons: The shelves are a bit flimsy because they are optimized for super skinny bottles, not so good for larger bottles.



Overall, this nice wine cooler is quiet and big for wine lovers and collectors, and is made to be used as built-in or freestanding to fit any room in your home. This great wine cooler earns many praises and is rated 4.0 out of 5 stars by real life customers. If you are looking for a quiet wine refrigerator to store your wine and keep it perfectly chilled, I highly recommend the Kalamera KRC-30SZB-TGD Wine Cooler.


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