EdgeStar CWF340DZ 34 Bottle Wine Cooler with Compressor

EdgeStar CWF340DZ 34 Bottle Wine Cooler with Compressor Review

Looking for some information or review of best selling things? Recently, I have found a pretty good one. That is the EdgeStar CWF340DZ 34 Bottle Wine Cooler with Compressor, which you can find in the Appliances on Amazon. If you have any interest in buying this, here I may share what I have reviewed for it with you, so that you can know some useful information like features, advantage or disadvantage of the product before you purchase it. I hope you will find this helpful and share this article if it does help you.

Store your wines in the Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Wine Cooler (CWF340DZ) and keep them chilled to perfection no matter what types they are. This dual temperature zone wine cooler can hold up to 34 standard wine bottles, and has two (2) separate temperature zones to chill both white and red wines at different temperatures. The upper zone can house white wines at a temperature between 41 and 54 degrees F, while the lower zones holds red wines at a temperature between 54 and 64 degrees F. A reversible door enables you to adjust it to swing to either the right or left, allowing the refrigerator to adapt to it’s environment and surroundings.

The stainless steel-trimmed door and towel bar handle give the refrigerator a stylish design, while the wood-trimmed wire wine racks add to the overall presentation, allowing you to easily show off your wine collection to friends and other collectors.

Factory-installed locks also help to keep your wines safe from theft, so you can rest assured that your collection is safe wherever it is housed.

Internal LED lighting highlights your collection while not overexposing it to too much light, which can easily harm your wines.

Perfect for professional and amateur wine collectors and connoisseurs, this wine refrigerator is perfect for use in the kitchen or wine cellar and will be sure to keep your wines chilled.


Features & Specifications

  • Capacity: 34 standard wine bottles; Dual temperature zones
  • Compressor based cooling; Freestanding application only, NOT for built in use
  • Upper zone: 41-54 degrees F temperature range Lower zone: 54-64 degrees F temperature range
  • Reversible door, Towel bar handle, Wire wine bottle racks, Built-in security lock
  • Weight: 94 lbs Dimensions: 33 1/8″ H x 19 7/16″ W x 23 1/16″ D
  • Weight: 99 pounds


Pros & Cons

Pros: Great wine cooler.

Cons: Warranty is not so good.



Overall, this is a great product that earns many praises and is highly rated by real life customers, making it as one of the best sellers of Appliances on Amazon. I highly recommend the EdgeStar CWF340DZ 34 Bottle Wine Cooler with Compressor to you.

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