Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS, Hi8, V8 Video to DVD or Digital Converter | Amazon Exclusive 2 Bonus DVDs [Windows]

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VHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burnerVHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burner

Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

VHS to DVD Converter

Keep home movies in top condition by converting them from VHS to DVD easily with Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. More than just a VHS to DVD converter, this software has all the tools you need to enhance an older video. Add transitions, DVD menus, and rolling credits before sharing your movie digitally or on DVD.

Note: Refer to the User Guide and instructional video before use to get up and running quickly. Product is compatible with Windows 10.

Need help? Click the blue question mark button in-app or contact Corel Customer Support. Product experts are ready to assist.

In the Support menu, ensure your software is always up-to-date by selecting Check for Updates.

What’s In The Box?
  • USB Capture Device (plug in your camera, VHS etc. to this and connect to your computer)
  • Getting Started guide
  • Link to download software (internet connection required)
  • Two free blank DVDs to help you with your first projects.
Simple Installation – No Serial Number Required
  • Step 1 – Connect the Roxio Capture Device to a USB 2.0 port on your PC
  • Step 2 – Download and install the software. No serial key is required.
  • Step 3 – Connect your VHS player or analog camcorder to your PC using the Roxio Capture Device and an RCA cable or S-Video Cable (cable not included).
  • Step 4 – Follow instructions in the software to begin capturing / converting your videos.

Why Choose Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus?

  • It’s the easiest way to convert VHS to digital or burn to DVD
  • Customize your videos by creating DVD menus, adding transitions, rolling credits, and more!
  • Stabilize shaky home videos and reduce the video noise common to old VHS tapes
  • Improve video quality by enhancing lighting and color balance
  • Share your video digitally to view on your mobile device, Youtube, and beyond!
  • Supports video capture via Composite or S-Video
  • Free – Two blank DVDs are included to help get you started

Keep Your Precious Memories in Top Condition

VHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burner

VHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burner

VHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burner

VHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burner

Preserve Precious Memories

As old technologies fade from use and video formats evolve, your old recorded memories often get left behind. Bring these memories to digital, so they don’t get lost in the past. Convert from VHS to DVD, even capture video footage directly from old camcorders. Then, burn to DVD or export as a digital file for safe storage and easy sharing.

Convert VHS to DVD or Digital

Capture your VHS tapes or import video directly from your camcorder and convert them to DVD or digital file types in a few simple steps. Connect your VHS player or camcorder to your PC with an RCA cable* and the Roxio capture device to import, edit, and burn your videos to DVD or convert to digital file types. *RCA cable not included

Make Basic Video Edits

Roxio VHS to DVD 3 is more than just conversion software. With it, you can make quick edits or clean up your footage in your home movies before sharing them digitally or on DVD. Add titles and rolling credits, or personalize your home movies further by adding transitions. Easily trim or split videos to organize them in the Video panel.

Improve Video Quality

Enhance your aging footage by making corrections to color balance and lighting with easy-to-use controls. Stabilize shaky footage and even reduce the visual noise caused by aging VHS tapes to improve your viewing experience before you export to DVD or share your videos with friends and family online.

VHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burner

VHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burner

VHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burner

VHS;DVD;camcorder;home video;VHS to DVD;Convert VHS;digitalize VHS;convert video;dvd burner

Author DVDs

Personalize and organize your stored movies. Get started with the included templates and create everything from custom disc labels to DVD case inserts to booklets. Give your video the experience it deserves with a full, professionally designed DVD menu and custom chapters.

Convert Audio to CD or Digital

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 converts your analog LPs and cassettes to audio CDs or MP3s. Auto-adjust recording audio volume for the best sound quality and add reverb and other sound effects. It can identify tracks automatically and add title, artist and genre information.

Share Your Videos

Share your home movies on DVD with custom menus for easy viewing on your DVD player. Convert audio and video files to digital to play them back on most popular mobile devices, including iPod and iPhone. Uploading home movies straight to Youtube and Facebook is fast and easy.

Give the Gift of Memories!

Videos store our long-forgotten treasured moments and bring back warm family memories. From graduation ceremonies to unique family vacations, you can convert those stories from VHS to DVD or digital right at home. Siblings, parents, grandparents, and friends will all love the gift of these nostalgic, treasured memories.

Keep your precious home movies in top condition by converting them from VHS to DVD in just three steps with Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. Easily capture video from VHS, Hi8, v8 or analog camcorders. Convert to DVD and digital file types via the included USB capture device. You can even convert your old audio from analog LPs and cassettes to CDs or MP3s More than a VHS to DVD converter, this software has all the tools you need to clean up, enhance, and add transitions and rolling credits to your older video. Share your converted movies on phones, tablets, and your favorite social sites.

Features & Specifications

  • Convert your VHS tapes to DVD or digital to enhance and preserve your home movies
  • Capture analog video directly from your camcorder or VCR and burn to DVD or convert to popular digital formats to share freely across devices
  • Trim video, make quick edits, enhance color, add transitions, reduce noise and stabilize old footage to breathe new life into your old videos
  • Complete your video experience by selecting from creative, customizable DVD menu templates, or creating personalized disc labels
  • Get 2 DVDs for your first projects: An Amazon exclusive extra

Pros & Cons


Works well with VirtualDub2 in Windows 10. After reading the reviews and seeing very negative reviews of the bundled Roxio software, I purchased hoping it was usable with VirtualDub2, a free, highly rated video recorder/editor. The mixed reviews suggested it may work and I had no problems recording old VHS home movies to digital format. I installed the latest Roxio software from their website, then installed VirtualDub2, rebooted my Acer i7 laptop and followed the steps in YT video entitled "How to convert VHS videotape to 60p digital video (NTSC)" by "The Oldskool PC". The following is my cheat-sheet that may help you get started: Capture Video Open VD2 Capture --> Capture AVI Device --> {Select capture device} Video -->  Video source --> {Select video source Composite or SVideo) Video --> Capture Pin Ensure: Frame Rate: 29.97 Output: 720 x 480 Hit OK Video --> Compression (9:15) Can choose none, Lagarith Lossless Codec, UTVideo Audio --> Raw capture format --> PCM: 48000Hz stereo, 16-bit Hit OK Capture --> Timing ( 11:50) Enable: Drop frames when captured frames are too close together Insert null frames when captured frames are too far apart Sync audio to video by resampling the audio to a faster or slower rate File --> Set Capture file (13:03) Capture --> Capture Video Hit PLAY on VCR Stop recording: Capture --> Stop Capture (or ESC key) File --> Exit capture Edit Video (14:47) File --> Open Video File -->  {the one you just recorded} (Window on left is without processing, right-with processing/editing)  (15:10) Cut out a section of Video: (15:31) Move to the beginning of what you want to edit/cut out & hit the Home key Move to the end of what you want to edit/cut out & hit the End key Press the DELETE key & it will cut out the section Check/Remove for video interlacing (mouse teeth): (16:01) Video --> Filters --> Add --> Deinterlace Select: Interpolate using Yadf algorithm AND depending on video capture device, select Double frame rate, top field first  (choose this for Roxio capture device) OR Double frame rate, Bottom field first 18:22 of video shows how to determine if you choose the right one SAVE DEINTERLACED VIDEO  (20:12) Video --> Compression Choose a lossless or no compression Lagarith lossless & Huff YUV Codecs are good File --> Save Video  (20:45) Play new video file in Windows Media player (does a good job playing 60 fps) to see if it looks smooth ENCODE NEW VIDEO FILE INTO MP4 Open HANDBRAKE  (22:56) Source --> Open a File Select the file you just saved Make sure Container is MP4 VIDEO Tab Frame rate (FPS), select 59.94 Select Constant frame rate Change Content Quality to 18 Click Start to start encoding

Does what I needed it to do. This is perfect, really simple instructions and it works very well right out of the box. the information in the reviews was very helpful. got our home videos converted to digital format. The s/w is not always perfect, after 3 hours of watching/ recording during the final step of digital file creation it can say that it failed to create the file, but if you just retry it works. So, its not bad at all. At the end of the day, got all of our cassettes converted to digital file in a hard disk.

Worth it for the price. I used this device to transfer all of my old home VHS tapes with little to no issues (Probably 30-40 half-hour tapes, some 30+years old.) The software is buggy (at least on Windows 10) so I only used it for recording. It crashed constantly if I tried to do anything else: editing, color correction, even saving a "project." I don't know why you would use this outdated software to edit and trim instead of a video editor anyway, but other than that for the sole purpose of capturing video and audio it worked for me. No problems with the hardware, either. The video quality looks identical to the tapes, take that however you may. Overall I would recommend this.

Vidio transfer. Haven't used it yet, looks good

Pleased with this purchase. I wanted to convert some family movie VHS tapes. It does a great job. I would have given 5 stars if I could have chosen the file format I wanted to save in.

Good but not the best. Software quirky but it does convert analog to digital satisfactorily


Meh. This product is ok and overall it did what I needed it to do. . . Eventually. The editing software really only lets you cut scenes out of the video. It is difficult to get it to stop where you need it to to cut the clip just right but it's do able. I bought this to save my parents 7 VHS wedding tapes to a flash drive for them. I also wanted to 'chop them up' into rehearsal, ceremony, receiving line, etc. About half way through the program was having issues and kept saying 'unknown error the program will shut down now' and then closing (thankfully it still saved my work) I called their customersl service number and got a lady in India that was incredibly hard to understand. She took my email address and sent me a test email. Once I got that she told me tech support would contact me soon by email. It's several days later now and still nothing. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and it appears to be working as it should again. I spent less than $40 on this, and overall I would buy it again but not for a penny more. I am glad I got this vs. just the cord so I could chop up the videos because most free video editing software will put a water mark on your video but thankfully this does not.

Software download was a mess. Overall it seems to be recording well and everything seems to be working now. But fresh out of the box two big problems. The first is that you'll soon see that you need your own cables to connect a VCR to the cables sold with this package. It would have cost them very little to have the appropriate cables in there but instead you need to order them. Nowadays few people will have those lying around already. The other big complaint is that I downloaded the software that they said onto my brand new PC computer with latest operating system. Then as soon as you try to run it it tells you that's out of date and you need to download a new one. And there are all sorts of security problems with downloading the new one and it first the old one doesn't want to run either until you redo your security settings. But after doing that and restarting my computer and ignoring the update it seems to be working okay. But for goodness sakes, I have no idea why they wouldn't have the latest software to download on their download page! And the security problems, you think they could figure that one out. But once you get through that it's relatively easy to record whatever you want to play on your VCR

Works, but with some issues/difficulties. The product did transfer our VHS tapes from the player, Hi8 8mm tapes from the recorder, and 60DV tapes from player. Very slow, takes three times to save compared to length of video. Had some color issues even using the software enhancement features. The most frustrating part is no way to close the software when done using it. Have to ctrlaltdel, open task mgr, end task of Roxio software!!! Why? Yes, it works, but perhaps a more expensive option would have been better.

Easy to install but crashed. This was easy to install but kept crashing and some options not working. Not sure if I did something wrong or my system so will try on another

It's really about the included software!?!? The adapter is just generic, but works with the included software. That said the software hasn't been updated for some time, but worked with Windows 11. I purchased and returned other units that while seen by the operating system, the included software would not work with Windows 10 or 11. The price is terrible for a product that has not been updated in years. I needed it, so I paid the price. That said the software is slow to process the recorded videos. That is not including the playback time of the original video. If it's an hour long, then it takes an hour to copy. That is not a Roxio software problem. The post processing time on a high end gaming computer is slow, that is a Roxio software problem. I neither received nor asked for incentives of any kind for this review

Unreliable and Buggy Product not worth your money. I purchased this item to convert 40 VHS tapes full of family memories ranging from my kids births to their weddings and numerous family gatherings. Based on my poor experience with this highly unreliable and buggy product, I definitely believe this tool is not worth what I paid for and I recommend people don't buy it and instead purchase a similar tool from someone else. I plan to return this buggy product and buy a different version from a competitor so that I can convert all my tapes correctly and reliably. Sadly, for a company this big, their level of technical support has been extremely poor, the application they included with the adapter is very buggy, limited in functionality, and it constantly crashes very easily. Worse yet, either because of these crashes or because the application erroneously stops the conversion midway, the user is given the false impression that either the end of tape has been reached or the entire recording has been converted, when in fact only a small portion of the tape was processed. My first issue started with the installation of the software, which I tried to do on two different computers, and both gave me the same error message (missing cp.msi file for Cinema Player), an error that stopped the installation on its tracks and reversed the partial setup. I called for technical support but they could not help me. They kept insisting both on the chat window and by e-mail, that I send them a screen snapshot of the error messages, even though I sent it to them twice via the chat window but got nothing back in return to address my issues. All I wanted it was for then to provide the missing MSI file so the installation could finish correctly, which of course they could not do or simply lacked the understanding of what I needed to do. I figured out on my own that by uninstalling all Roxio products from my laptop, I was able to reinstall and use the new app on that unit. It is still broken on the desktop computer I want to use for the actual conversions, as my laptop lacks a DVD burner and I refuse to do the same uninstall steps on my desktop. The most frustrating and challenging part has been dealing with a “painful” and highly unreliable tool, one that easily crashes when there is other significant activity going at the same time on in the same computer. Things like Windows activating screen saver, or the users opening File Explorer across the network, looking at windows Settings, downloading an app from the Store or installing a program, more often than not will crash the app without completing the conversion. Yet, nothing tell you that the tape was partially converted and more remains Which it means, that to ensure the entire contents of the tape are fully converted, the only alternative left is to closely watch monitor the conversion of each 4-hour tape without doing too much work on the same unit to ensure nothing is dropped to minimize the impact of restarting the process multiple times. This would make this conversion process take a lot longer and we could not do an unattended load. From my perspective, the recommendation is simple: buy a product from a company that provides better support and a tool that works consistently, and provides more functionality that this bad product; otherwise, you will be wasting your money

Why Online?

When you are looking for product reviews or product information like features and specs before you take an action to buy it, you may see similar things here and there that major online stores top the list. Why so many people prefer shopping online?

Nowadays, being with digital stuff, people can have more options in a more intutative way easily by internet, no matter they use pc, smartphones, or tablets. Buying Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS is just a piece of cake if you go for online shopping that you could do shopping anytime you wish and you could easily make a cancellation if you find it not good as expected.

You can view all brands easily online for the product Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS before making a purchase. You can also make a price comparison with only a few clicks or touches, then sit down and go through the details while enjoying your cup of coffee. In other words, you can save money and time by shopping online.

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Aspects You Should Foucus on When Buying Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS Online

Is Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS urgently needed? Well, shopping online requires some research that you need to ask yourself some questions. To help you with that, we cover all the important ones and put up a list.

Go through the following list and feel free to do your own research while buying the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS.

  • Is the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS worth the money?
  • What advantages and disadvantages does it have?
  • Does the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS you choose have any eye-catching or leading features?
  • What are the features or specs of the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS that make it outstand?
  • Does the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS come with a warranty?
  • Does it have any cons or defects that existing customers have found out?
  • Where can you get enough information for Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS?
  • Where can you get the best Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS?

Easily, you may come up with more questions than those on the above list, just ask yourself. Research and then research again, until you get the answers or you are satisfied with it.

Benefits of Shopping Online

There are many benefits for you to shop online. We have put up some for your reference when shopping online. Let us see what benefits online shopping offers:

Best Price

Online shopping has been well-known for offering products at the possible best prices. As an online platform, it cooperates with many dealers, manufacturers and sellers to offer daily good deals directly, which leaves no room in the middle and reduce additional cost.

Easy to Compare

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High Reliability

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You can receive best ever customer service from online shopping because competition is too fierce, which makes you feel very good to shop online.

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Vast Variety

You can have a vast variety of products to choose from if you go shopping online. If model A / brand A does not meet your requirements, you can easily turn to model B / brand B, or any other you like, which makes online shopping flexible.


No specific location, time or transportation is required for online shopping. Instead, all you need is just a pc or a smartphone with internet connected. Online shopping is so convenient that you can sit down enjoying your cup of tea or coffee, make your choice and pay it with just few clicks or touches, then wait for your delivery.

How to Choose Your Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


First, check the price tag for a possible best deal. You can make a price comparison between different sellers or platforms and choose the one that you are satisfied with.


Second, before you buy the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS, you should take the brand of the product into account. You may learn to seperate the products for different brands to make a right decision.


Third, a warranty is a must for the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS. Nobody likes to spend money on anything that does not last long, right?


Another thing to check for your Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS is functionality. You can accomplish that by checkcing the features and / or specs. The more features / specs you see, the more functions your Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS could offer.


Moreover, you must check the dimensions for your Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS because wrong size may result in wasting time and money. It is highly recommended to learn about the dimensions of the product before any action.


In addition to the above, you should check the color for your Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS as well. Does it offer color options? Do you like the color of the product? Then check if the color you have selected is available.

Existing Customer Reviews

The last thing to check is customer reviews. No matter how many the features are, no matter how powerful the specs are, you must verify that by lookig into existing customer reviews generally listed right after the features and specs, or before the bottom of the page. See what they say about the products, how they feel and probably an update after one or two months' use. Finally, make a decision to buy or not to.


This is a basic wrap up for buying Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS online. We hope you will find this helpful. You can follow this shopping guide to get the possible best deal for your own online.

Furthermore, you can do more research yourself to learn more about the best Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS. If our shopping guide helps you, please share it.

Wish you get a great deal!

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